Light & Shadows of Chalandor Book of Shadows
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Labrys (la.brees)  In Goddess worship, the ancient and sacred symbol of a double-headed axe used to represent the Goddess in Her aspect as a lunar deity.

Lady- a term of respect for a Priestess, usually one who leads a group of other Wicca practitioners. THE LADY: means the Goddess.

Lamen- A disc of metal with magickal symbols inscribed on it, worn around the neck during rituals.

Lammas- A pagan sabbat which takes place on August 1st.

Lemniscate- a mathematical symbol for 'infinity'; it is a horizontal figure 8, that is the #8 lying on its side... this term comes up in reference to Tarot, & traditionally found on the cards:

I.Magician, XI.Strength, & the 3rd time, on the II.Pentacles which formerly was the 'key' card bearing the deck maker's signature. This no longer holds true, on newer, revised decks.

 Law of Three-  Most Wiccans believe in the “Law of Three,” that is that what you do -good or bad- comes back to you multiple times. Some mean this literally, others mean it symbolically: that you will repeat the experience as many times as necessary to learn the lesson it offers, “three” here simply meaning “multiple times”.

Left-hand Path- A term for people who feel that they are justified in using magick for purposes that are not constructive to other human beings.

Levitation- The supernatural phenomenon involving suspending a body in midair without physical bolster.

Ley-Lines-  Invisible lines of energy believed to run through the Earth, connecting various sacred sites and many locations of magickal or spiritual importance.  In China, ley-lines are called Dragon Lines.

Libation-  In Wicca and other Neo-Pagan religions, water or wine which is ritually poured on an alter, on the ground, or on a sacred fire as an offering to the Goddess, the Hornes God or other deity.

Litha- The Summer Solstice festival, June 21.

Lithomancy- Divination by stones.

Livewood- refers to a tree in which a DRYAD or Wood Sprite type Being, is believed to dwell.

Livestone- refers to stones, mountains, cliffs, etc. in which a nature Being is believed to dwell

Loa- An ancestral deity in the Vodou religion.

Lord- a sometimes used term for a Priest. THE LORD: is the God.

Lughnasadh, Lunasa- (LOO-na-sa)  *Festival of Lugh*- The Autumn festival on July 31. It is a Gaelic word, the name of the month of August.

Lycanthropy-  The transformation of a human being into the form of a wolf.

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