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Abracadabra- (ab"ra.ka.dab'ra, )n.[L] A word from the Jewish mystical tradition of Qabala. Its root is the name of the Gnostic deity Abraxas, meaning "hurt me not". It is said to possess magickal powers, especially of protection from illness.

Absent Healing-  A form of faith healing that involves the projection of positive energy to an ill person (or animal) by a healer who is not present at the time of healing.

Adept-(a.dept') n. An individual who through serious study and accomplishments is highly prficient in a praticluar magickal way.

Acolyte- (a-ko-lite) The rank of a novice, a beginner, as used in many traditions, and which may also denote the lowest rank within a tradition.

Aeromancy- (') Divination by the stars.

Aetna-  Aetna is the Roman Mountain Goddess after whom the Italian volcano Mount Etna is named. Many Cultures, fire is female; in most, mountains are considered to be so; thus people living near volcanoes often perceive the fiery mountains as particularly powerful Goddesses. Some legends say Aetna was the wife of the smith God Vulcan. Under her mountain, his hidden thunderbolts could be heard, making a constant dull roar.

Air-  One of the four ancient and alchemical elements, which corresponds to the East Watchtower of the magick circle.  The spirits of air are known as Sylphs

Aisling- (i~ling) Ireland: Dream or Vision. In the many Irish tales having this title, the person who dreams sees a speir-bhean or vision-woman from the Otherworlds, pronounced "ash-leen".

Aka-(a.ka') The cord between the astral body and the physical body, most likely this concept is derived from the biblical reference to a "silver cord" connected the body and the soul.

Akasha- (a.kash.a') The fifth element of magick and the occult, this is the spiritual ether, often called the "Otherworld".

Akashic Records- Edward Cayce's concept which states that somewhere there is a universal hall of data about past lives, magic, healing, and spirituality. It does not exist on the physical plane but rather on a more psychic level. Some believe it can be accessed on the astral plane, others feel it can only be accessed through a visualization journey in the mind.

Alba- The Isle of Skye; Scotland

Alchemist- (alk.e'.mist')One who practices alchemy.

Alchemy- (alk.e'.mee')A form of high magick which stems from the middle ages noted by the attempts of alchemists to make lead turn into gold.

Alexandrian Tradition- A form of Garderian Wiccan practice developed by Alex and Maxine Sanders in Britain in the 1960s.

Alignment-(a.line.ment') Synchronization of mental and spiritual vibrations with a god, goddess, or astronomical body. Often the complete balance and centering of the chakras is called an alignment.

All Hallow's Eve-  Another name for the Pagan festival and Witches' Sabbat of Samhain, whitch is traditionally celebrated on the last day of October.  (also see SAMHAIN)

Altar- al.ter')A small working area and shrine many pagans maintain, where they perform most of their ritual and spell work.

Amulet- am.U'.let')An object charged with personal energies through ritual or meditation often used to ward off a certain force or person.

Anaphrodisiac- a substance, such as camphor, that reduces sexual desires 

Anathema (a.nath'  A sorcerer's curse or an offering to a pagan deity.  It is also the word used in the Roman Catholic Church as part of the formula in the excommunication of heretics.  To anathematize os to place a curse upon.

Anglo-Saxon: English of c.5th - 11th centuries.

Anima / Animus: Jungarian concept that ANIMA, is the buried feminine element in a man's psyche & that ANIMUS is the buried masculine element in the female. This then fits to the Pagan views that Self and/or Soul, is both male & female, and with the concepts of reincarnation.

Animism ( The spiritual belief that everything in nature, animate and inanimate, possesses an innate soul in addition to a body.

Ankh (angk) A cross with a loop at the top used as a symbol of generation or enduring life.  It is used as a common talisman used for protection and/or fertility.

An-shet-  Another word for a Witch's magick wand.

 Anointing (  To smear or rub with sacred oil or uncruous substances to consecrate in a sacred rite A symbolic cleansing, a clearing away of negitivity, to make the anointed object spiritually pristine.

Aphrodisiac: a substance that produces sexual excitement.
Apparition-  The appearance of a person's phantom, living or dead, seen in trance, a dream, or in the waking state as the sesult of astral projection or clairvoyance.
Aquarian Age- The period of 2000 years (approximately) during in which the sun rises into the astrological sign of Aquarius. Its starting point has been debated as the either the beginning of the 20th or 21st century. It is seen as an era of coming peace, wisdom and enlightenment. ca 2000-4100.
Arachne-  (a-rak-ne) 1. Reputed to be 13th sign of the zodiac as symbolized by the Spider, between Taurus, and Gemini. It governs intuition.
2. A Greek story of the mortal girl, Arachne, and her boastful challenge to the goddess Athena in a weaving contest. The competition involved the creation of a tapestry. Athena finished first, with her tapestry demonstrating the fates that befell those who dared compared themselves with the gods. Arachne made a tapestry equal to that of Athena's, but in response to hers, showing the gods indulging in acts with mortals. Angered, the goddess attacked the woman repeatedly, and the terrified Arachne hung herself. Athena then turned her into a spider, forever gifted with an ability to weave its web. [This Greek tale is told by the Roman poet Ovid in Metamorphoses.]
Aradia- . 1. A female Christ figure in Italy who taught around 1353. She was imprisoned more than once, escaped several times and eventually disappeared. 
2. Leland's Aradia, a book detailing information of the Old Religion of Italy.
3. The daughter of Diana and Lucifer (Light Bearer/God of the Sun), a name for the Goddess used by Italian Witches or Strega, and is commonly used in many Wiccan traditions today. She is considered the Queen of the Witches. The Italian goddess Diana's daughter, said to be the origin of all witches. The book "Aradia, Gospel of the Witches" was written by Leland about Aradia and the practice of witchcraft

Arcana-(ar.kA' na.) The two halves of the tarot deck.The major arcana consists of 22 cards showing dominant occurrences in our lives.The minor arcana consists of 56 suit cards (commonly called the lesser arcana) that assists the major arcana cards,or shows smaller influences in our lives.

Archetype-(ar'ki.tIp"" Symbolic imagery seen in visions, dreams, meditation, and mind quests. Used to interpret the meaning of the vision thereby betting understanding and communicating with the subconscious.


Ardaynes- the traditional Laws of the Craft, some for individuals & others for covens.

Arthurian Tradition- A Welsh tradition of paganism based on the lore of King Arthur (the "Once and Future King"), Merlin the Magician, and Guinevere.

Asatru- (a.zot' ru)Modern worship of the old Norse gods.

Aspecting-(as.pek.ting) An advanced magical practice which is seen most commonly in a coven as opposed to solitary. The practitioner attempts to manifest an aspect of the Goddess or the God. This is seen in the pagan ritual of Drawing Down the Moon as well as in other pagan religions such as Vodou, where the priest often allows the deity to speak through his or her body.

Asperger-(a.spur'jer) A bundle of fresh herbs either carrying dew or dowsed with spring water, used to sprinkle the water during ritual purification.

Astral-(a'.stral) Another dimension of reality.

Astral Plane- A plane parallel to the physical world, traveled through by the astral body during projection.

Astral Projection/Travel- The proccess of separating your astral body from your physical body to accomplish travel in the astral.

Astrology- a'.strol.o.JE)The practice of revealing the future by interpreting the arrangement of stars and planets in relation to astrological theory and the zodiac.

Athame- (a-tham-ay or a. th'm-ay) A Wiccan ritual knife. Generally double edged with a black handle, but not always. This knife is seldom used for physical cutting, if at all, and need not be sharp. It is *never* used to draw blood and Wicca do not draw blood or use blood in ritual. Its primary use is as an energy directing device, much like the wand, though with different common uses. compare: Boline, Wand

Attune-(at.tUn') To bring different psyches into harmony.

Augury(a'gU-ri)- Divination based on "signs" or omens.

Aura-(ar'a) An energy field which surrounds living beings. An aura is most often visible only to those born with the skill to see it, or those who developed this ability. A visible aura contains various colors and tells about the spiritual and emotional persona of the plant, human, or creature surrounded by it. However, an aura can also be felt, heard, or sensed through other means.

Autumn Equinox-  Also known as Mabon.  It is one of the eight Greater Sabbats of Witchcraft. It occurs on or about the Twenty-first day of September (depending on when the SUn enters Libra)  This is the time of the final harvest, when earth settles down for the approaching of the winter months.

Avatar- an advanced soul, who chooses to return to a physical body, in order to teach less evolved souls. Ex.: Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, & Zoraster

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