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Title: Herbs during Pregnancy
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(Date Posted:02/13/2009 01:07 AM)
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Herbs during Pregnancy

(I believe this was written by Lady Cinnamon for the now defunct magazine Full Circle)

Herbs can be helpful and harmful to a developing baby and the mother.
Here is a guideline to those helpful and harmful drugs.


1) Billberry  vein and capillary support, aid in kidney function, and a mild diuretic for bloating
2) Blue Cohosh  helps to prevent and stop false labor; for final weeks of pregnancy, to ease and/or induce labor.
3) Burdock Root  helps to prevent water retention and jaundice in the newborn.
4) Chamomile  aids in digestive and bowel problems and aids in relaxation.
5) Echinacea  aids the immune system
6) Ginger Root  aids in controlling morning sickness.
7) Lobelia – aids in the relaxation of the mother during delivery and helps to speed up the delivery of the placenta.
8) Nettles  guards against excessive bleeding due to the fact that it contains Vitamin K, improves kidney function, and helps prevent hemorrhoids
9) Peppermint  after the first trimester, may be used to help digestion, soothe the stomach, and overcome nausea; it is an overall body strengthener and cleanser.
10) Red Raspberry An all round excellent herb for pregnancy. It is a uterine tonic, anti-abortive, and helps prevent infection. Aids in preventing cramps and anemia. Prevents excessive bleeding during and after labor and aids the birth process by stimulating contractions.
11) Wild Yam  for pregnancy pain, nausea or cramping, and will lessen the chance of miscarriage
12) Yellow Dock  aids in iron assimilation and will help prevent jaundice in a newborn.

The following herbs should only be used under the supervision of your doctor or a medical practitioner and only in combinations
Black Cohosh
use only in final weeks of pregnancy, will ease and/or induce labor

False Unicorn
use only in the final weeks of pregnancy, will ease and/or induce labor

Golden Seal
large amounts can cause uterine contractions

this herb can cause abortion; may be carefully used in final weeks.

The following are laxative in nature and should be used sparingly.
Strong laxatives or large amounts can cause cramping and stomach problems.

1) Aloe Vera
2) Barberry
3) Buckthorn
4) Cascara Sagrada
5) Mandrake
6) Rhubarb
7) Senna

Harmful -

the following herbs should be avoided during pregnancy

1) Angelica  can cause uterine contractions

2) Cinchona  this herb and its alkaloids have oxytocic (agent that stimulates contractions accelerating childbirth) effects

3) Coffee  avoid caffeine, as it irritates the uterus; excessive amounts in sensitive individuals can cause premature birth or miscarriage

4) Eucalyptus Oil  this oils should be avoided during pregnancy as it is difficult for the kidneys to eliminate.

5) Juniper  a too strong vaso-dilating (an agent that widens blood-vessel openings), diuretic effect

6) Lovage  causes uterine contractions

7) Ma Huang (Ephedra)  This herb should be avoided as it has too strong of an
anti-histamine effect

8) Male Fern  to strong a vermifuge (expels or repels intestinal worms)

9) Mistletoe can cause uterine contractions

10) Mugwort  stimulates uterine contractions and can be toxic in large doses

11) Pennyroyal  can cause abortion

12) Poke Root - it is a powerful emetic

13) Rue  can cause abortion

14) Shepherds Purse  too astringent; may be used for after birth bleeding

15) Tansy  can cause uterine contractions

16) Wild Ginger  an emmenagogue (a substance that facilitates and regularizes menstrual flow) that causes uterine contractions

17) Wormwood  stimulates uterine contractions and can be toxic in large doses

18) Yarrow a strong astringent and mild abortifacient ( a substance that induces abortion)
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