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Title: Flower and Tree Faeries
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(Date Posted:02/13/2009 01:08 AM)
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Flower and Tree Faeries

Alder:  The fairies who associate with the alder tree are known as "dark fairies" and are very protective.  When they leave the tree they often leave in the form of a Raven.

Angelica: The faeries of the angelica strengthen the aura and they bring good fortune and strong energy. They stimulate intuition.
Apple:  Apple trees are sacred to many gods, goddesses and most all faeries.  They are however also the reputed home of unicorns. 
Basil: The basil faerie takes the form of an elf. It holds the knowledge of integrating sexuality and spirituality.
Birch:  This is the "lady's tree" indicating it is associated with faerie queens.
Black-Eyed Susan: The faerie of this flower is a catalyst for change. It can help shed light on the dark areas of the soul and it can show one how to make proper changes.
Buttercup:  Faeries from this flower bring healing energies and can be beneficial in helping rediscover self worth
Carnation:  Carnation flower faeries give us healing energy. Contact with them strengthens the aura and restores love of self and life.
Chrysanthemum: The flower faeries of the mum touch the heart; they stimulate vitality and help strengthen overall life force.
Clover:  Clover faeries assist in finding love and fidelity. They reveal themselves to individuals who show kindness toward nature. Water infused with clover can be used to enchant ones eyes in order to see faeries.

Daffodil: The faeries of this flower bring clarity of thought; and they teach one to achieve deep levels of meditation and realisation of inner beauty.

Daisy:  The daisy is a favourite flower of wood nymphs and can awaken creativity.
Faerie Lantern: If you wander upon these flowers, you will be "faerie charmed." They affect imagination, awaken feminine energies, and hold knowledge of re-expression/re-awakening of sexual energies.

Gardenia:  Gardenia faeries stimulate peaceful feelings and help increase telepathic ability. They are extremely protective, especially of children.
Geranium: The faeries of this flower awaken happiness, and bring opportunities for happiness as well.

Heather: Heather faeries stimulate self expression, and they are especially helpful to the shy and introverted.
Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle faeries are very powerful and can teach one how to charm others. They are also helpful in overcoming one's past.
Iris: Like Iris the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow, these faeries manifest in all colours of the rainbow. They stimulate inspiration and psychic purity.

Jasmine:  Jasmine fae love to give pleasant dreams. They also help one develop mental clarity.
Lavender: The faeries of this herb may teach you how to use its healing and magical powers. The best time to connect with them is on Midsummer's Eve.
Lilac: Lilac faeries can reveal to you past lives and how they are harmonised within the present.

Lily: These faeries link one to the mysteries of new birth; they help in the development of purity and humility.
Marigold:  Marigold faeries help one to develop clairaudience, or the ability to hear in other realms. These faeries are very powerful and hold know of the mysteries of love and sacrifice.
Oak:  The faeries of the oak tree awaken prophetic visions.
Orchid: Orchids harbour nature spirits that have a dynamic effect on sexual energy. These faeries have knowledge of the spiritual aspect of sexuality.

Phlox: Phlox faeries take the form of an elf; they awaken latent artistic abilities.
Poppy: This flower will bring visions of the faerie realm.
Rose: Pink rose  faeries can teach one how to harmonise  male and female aspects of the psyche; white rose faeries bring spiritual purity; red rose faeries assist with fertility and love matters; and yellow rose faeries teach one how to recognise and express truth.
Rosemary: These faeries will help combat negative energies from others. They can also teach and help facilitate out-of-body experiences.
Sage: Sage faeries produce altered states of consciousness; they also hold knowledge on how to slow the aging process.
Snapdragon:  Snapdragon faeries can be very protective of humans. Plant snapdragons around the outside of your house for protection.
Thyme:  Although there are no certain faeries associated with thyme, this herb is known to draw the fae into bedrooms.

Tulip: Faeries found sitting inside tulip cups hold knowledge of the hidden significance of people, places and events.
Violet: The violet is sacred to all faeries, especially the faerie queen. They awaken greater psychic sensitivity and often reveal themselves in dreams. Gather the first violets you see in the spring; they will bring you luck and the assistance of the faerie realm.
Willow:  Willows are favored by dryads and water fae.  They often open communication and vision.  The Willow is also associated with the Celtic goddess Brighid
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RE:Flower and Tree Faeries
(Date Posted:02/13/2009 01:08 AM)

Flower Familiars

Many people are accustomed to the concept of the Witches’ familiar spirit. Most people think of this in terms of an animal or spirit companion. In this article I will present an older form of the familiar, that which dwells as the spirit within a plant. Since ancient times, the belief in a "mana" or "numen" spirit has been widespread. It is this indwelling consciousness that gives a plant its occult powers and properties.

The purpose of the following technique is to raise or grow a plant as a "familiar spirit" or a magical plant for spellworking. In ancient times, a circle of small stones was set around the chosen plant to "bind" the numen spirit there. Then a hole was dug toward the roots (being careful not to damage them) and a chosen power stone was set in place to "charge" the plant with the intent of one’s magic.

Over the passing of the centuries the method has evolved somewhat. Today it is a bit different, but equally as effective. You can begin with a seed or young sprout/plant. Prepare the soil for planting in a secluded area, one that is appropriate for the needs of the plant. Take the stone or crystal that you have selected to fit your purposes, and place it three inches deep in the soil.

Fill in the soil over the crystal and plant the seed (or plant_ as is appropriate. Lay a circle of eight marking stones around the plant site. At each of the four quarters (of the stone circle) place a crystal or stone of the same type you buried in the soil. The other four stones may be of the same type, or may be assorted. If you have selected stones or crystals possessing occult powers make sure that they are harmonious in nature to one another. The spacing for the stones is determined by the physical needs of the plant, so allow for the growth of the plant.

If you planted a seed, wait seven days after the sprout appears to proceed with the following. If you used a young plant, wait seven days after planting. Remove the stones between the quarter stones and plant a seed at each point. Next bury the quarter stones where they lay, at least an inch deep. The seeds may be of the same type as the plant within the circle, or an assortment of plants.

Each day, for seven days, place both palms on the ground within the circle, forming a triangle with your fingertips (index fingers and thumbs touching). The stem of the plant, or the buried seed, will be in the open center of the triangle. Using your imagination and visualization, sense your power flowing out through your arms and into the soil. The "source" of the power can begin from one (or more) of your personal power centers, or you may employ personal techniques for drawing/raising power.

It is important to talk to the plant and send it visual images. Communicate your needs and desires to the plant through mental pictures. This is the foundation stage, and it is vital that you "inform" the indwelling spirit with the intent of your magical charge. This will align the entity and create a rapport between you and the plant. It is in this stage that both you and the plant become familiar to one another.

As the plant grows, you must take good care of it. This is essential to the relationship you are forming. Learn as much as possible about the needs of the plant. Water and fertilize it as is suited to its natural environment. Check it daily for insects and protect it from damage of any kind. For a deeply intimate connection with the plant during its routine care.

On a magical level, what you have accomplished through these techniques is as follows. First you’ve amplified the power level of the spirit numen or mana through placement of the stones or crystals. Secondly, you have extended its power and influence to the other plants around it. This is because the seeds within the ring became alive under the emanating influence of the center crystal/stone and the plant. They were bathed in the cross-quarter current of energy, controlled from the center entities, through the quarter crystals you placed.

Whenever you need to use the leaves, flowers, or roots of the plant for spells or potions, use only the circle plants (never the center plant). The center plant is the familiar. The other plants are simply extensions of its power. This is the principle for contagion magic. Whatever is in close proximity with another thing, or mixed with something else, takes on some of the neighboring power. This is also one of the reasons for employing stones or crystals in creating a plant familiar.

The final step in creating this plant familiar is to establish your link and strengthen your rapport. To do this you must sit comfortably in front of the plant at the north quarter facing south. In the Old Religion, north is the place of divine power and the south is the realm of the astral forces. Sitting in this position makes you the bridge between these worlds, from which you can direct the flow of energy.

Stare comfortably at the plant and then allow your vision to slightly blur. In this state observe the general shape of the plant. Do not force or rush the process. Try to leave your mind blank and receptive. Eventually the plant will transmit an image to you mentally as you gaze at it. You will receive this "formed through" as a physical distortion of the plant. Its shape will shift and transform so that it begins to resemble something else. It may appear as an animal, insect, or some other creature.

Whatever shape is revealed to you will be the familiar spirit, the magical bond between you and the consciousness of the plant. The familiar will five you extra power in any magical work whenever you summon it. House plants can become protective entities for your home through this technique. Plants given as gifts can be very useful for magical purposes as well. You can harvest the leaves and flowers of the circle plants and make magical sachets for friends and loved ones.

To summon your familiar, simply imagine your plant n its setting and visualize it becoming the transmitted image of the spirit familiar originally revealed to you. Mentally draw it to you and allow it to merge within your thoughts. Do this by picturing it moving to you in the way the creature would animate itself in nature. Choose a "word of calling" or a "beckoning gesture" to accompany the summoning visualization. Then mentally receive the creature into you r body and spirit through your forehead. Experience the entity form, imagining that you are that creature. See yourself as the entity form, be the form, and act like the form. This is how it becomes a familiar spirit. Once you can perform this successfully, then you truly possess a familiar spirit.

Written by Raven Grimassi

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