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Title: Some Campbell Studies and Observations
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:19 AM)
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Some Campbell Studies and Observations

My own studies have provided me with these tentative conclusions regarding certain fingerprints and certain other features of the hands

1. Persons with whorl prints (figures 7 and 8) as their thumb (finger No. 1) will tend to fight rather than fly whereas those with loops (figure 4) will tend to try to avoid the fight. People with composites (incomplete whorls or double loops) (Figures 9, 15 and 22) will tend to suffer from self doubt when it comes to completing their own plans and often fail to complete through hesitation or reverse their own decisions. In addition to this, those with loops together with a transverse creased between the proximal transverse crease and the wrist that runs from the ulnar edge of the hand to the thenar crease on the right hand, and possibly on the left hand at the same level in the center of the hand touching the thenar crease, will tend to become physically ill at their stomach when pressed into confrontation or arguments. The location of the print on the right or left hand will aid in determining in what activities in life the expected behavior will more likely manifest. This will also be influenced by the more currently predominant portion of the brain used to control personal relationships and this in itself can often be determined from the hands through a subsequent, pressure sensitive test.

2. Persons with whorl prints on their index fingers (finger No. 2) tend to be goal oriented whilst those with loops, especially ulnar loops, are more process oriented (drawn toward addressing immediate concerns of life). Radial loops will indicate more "mothering" qualities, good team players and support people. In the ulnar loop the lines that loop begin and end on the little finger side of the hand. The radial loop lines begin and end on the thumb side of the hand. If that loop has a cornel in it (sometimes referred to as a peacock's eye) the tendency will be the desire to be the mothering leader, needing a crew to work for her or him, such as a ship's captain. These people take the lead with an audience.

3. Persons with whorl prints on their middle fingers (finger No. 3) tend to be judgmental in that they look at appropriate behavior as "their way or the highway." They may tend to write their own rules. Those with loops tend to be more "live and let live".

4. Persons with whorl prints on their ring fingers (finger No. 4) tend to be highly concentrated when at work, and do not take interruption easily. Those with loops on the same finger tend to handle interruption far more easily and can handle tasks with many interruptions but they may be less focused on any single task at hand. (Excellent knowledge to have concerning receptionists and any supervisors in positions that require constant interruptions.)

5. Persons with whorl prints on their little fingers (finger No. 5) tend to interrupt conversations to bring out matters they believe are important even if those matters have nothing to do with the current topics under consideration. Those with loop fingerprints on the same fingers will tend to go with the flow of the conversation and make efforts to fit in even in uncomfortable situations. (Excellent knowledge to have of potential comptrollers and quality control engineers.)

6. Persons with brachytactyly affecting the medial phalange of the 5th finger (a noticeable short middle phalange on the little finger) have a very difficult time making "small talk", i.e. making talk just to be sociable. (Good quality to look for when its all business, but might fail in situations where "sociability" is a strong requirement.)

7. Persons with interrupted fingerprints (forming no patterns, Figure 24) on their 3rd (middle) finger are likely to have balance problems when they close their eyes and may have problems with personal location orientation. Gloria brought this home to me. She was accompanied by her Chiropractor when I examined her for the second time. She had this type of print. She could never predict from day to day where she would be (very undependable) and would actually loose her balance when she closed her eyes. This may suggest some very interesting neurological possibilities that should still be studied.

8. Persons with plump proximal phalanges on the palm side of their 4th (ring) finger tend to be good hosts or hostesses, liking to entertain while those whose phalange is flat there would rather go out to dinner than entertain.

9. Persons with very few lines on their hands tend to be more anxiety prone, and less able to express their emotions. While appearing very strong, they could be more prone to sudden brake downs, apoplexy and serious reactions to heavy and prolonged stressful situations.

10. The hand on which the fingerprint will be found will dictate the area of life the behavioral reaction is more likely to be displayed, with the left hand markings relating more to the personal, sensitive, home, and sentimental, nurturing family areas of life (except perhaps in some left handed and mixed handed people) while the right will probably relate more to the activities of the subject connected to his or her survival and security, including nest building.

This author(110) has had some success in using the suggestions of both Hutchinson and Jaegers on palmar patterns. On fingerprints, we have tried to keep it simple. The thumb whorl represents the person who hates to loose and thus would more likely fight than fly. The ulnar loop indicates the opposite approach of a person who would rather go around the obstacles in life. The intertwined double loop or composite indicates one who has a hard time separating wishful thinking from that which he or she may know but have no firm grounds to support that knowledge. These people may vacillate if required to act on hunches. They may find some success using the dowser's techniques to remove their doubt. The arch indicates the hard worker who will undermine the opposition with the same effort as the historical military engineer would undermine fortification walls. The whorl on the index finger will indicate the goal oriented person while the ulnar loop indicates the process oriented person, that is one who would rather work in a job that is concerned with immediate needs. This fits with the versatility and adaptability nature seen in that loop as well as its tendency toward boredom, or lack of concentration. The radial loop adds a different quality, one with more team spirit, of one who is a nurturer or motherer, and turns his or her attention to protecting those persons close and things dear to him or her. Key words describing persons with whorls on the index finger is that they are goal oriented planners, with simple arches, they are implementers, with ulnar loops are processors of the immediate needs and with radial loops they are motherers.

Occasionally one runs into a double loop that parallels the center line of the finger going longitudinally straight back and forth towards the end of the finger. We have found this a good sign of the bargain hunter and might indicate a good buyer when found on either the index finger and perhaps also if found on the middle or ring fingers. The whorl found on the middle finger indicates a person who might say: "Its my way or the highway." At one time we thought it would mean this person was judgmental according to social norms, but we have come to accept through observation that the whorl judgment may be a very personal one if that suits the subject. The loop on the middle finger indicates a more live and let live attitude. The arch on the same finger indicates one who will "chew over matters" to see what "tastes right" before making a decision.

A whorl on the ring finger indicates strong concentration in activities. Don't interrupt this person when on the phone. They become quite upset, flustered and possibly angry, when their concentration is broken. They need to be allowed to complete their tasks before starting the next one. By contrast, the loop on the same finger indicates one who can take interruption with equanimity, and would be a far better selection for a busy receptionists' position. A whorl on the little finger represents one who will speak up even if what she has to say has nothing to do with the conversation, so long as it appears to that subject to be of importance. These are the natural comptrollers, quality control engineers and whistle blowers of society. The loop is more likely to represent one who would go along with the flow of the conversation and blend in.

We find in the peacock's eye a sign of the performer. In each area it is found, the person will more likely concentrate his or her talents if there is a prospective audience. Otherwise, they will have the roving interests represented by the loops.
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