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Title: Mini Lesson on the Mounts
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:02 AM)
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~ The Mounts ~

The Mounts are raised areas within your palm which, like astrology, are linked with the qualities associated with the planets.
The brain transmits messages through the nervous system, which are picked up by the millions of nerve endings within the palms.
Extra blood is required to feed the nerve cells which are most frequently receiving signals from the brain. The sensitive nerve endings and the extra blood supply to these nerve cells require extra protection. The body responds by forming raised pads of skin over the top of the sensitive areas. These raised pads of skin are called the Mounts.


Imagine your palm as a living landscape, with a valley in the centre surrounded on all sides by hills. The Hills (mounts) are rich in
nutrients from the plentiful supply of rain. Now imagine rivers, (lines) originating from the hills, making their way down into the valley bringing with them nourishment from the fertile soil in the hills.

This living landscape is your palm. The mounts in your palm are the hills, rich in nutrients caused by the brain messages reaching the delicate nerve endings and the extra blood supply that is produced as a result. The lines in your palm are the rivers, rich in the nutrients from the mounts, etching their way down from the mounts, carrying the qualities of each mount into different areas of the palm.


If you cup your hand slightly and look down through your wrist into your palm, you will be able to see the mounts as slightly raised areas, looking very like hills rising up around your palm. Sometimes mounts are flat. receiving few signals from the brain. These mounts do not require extra oxygen from the blood and the mounts do not need this extra padding . In some hands there is normal development, the mount being neither flat nor overdeveloped. This reveals that the qualities of the mount are being displayed by the person at a normal level. When the mount is very raised it reveals that a large amount of energy is being sent via the brain to that particular area and as a result, the body has had to form a vast amount of padding for extra protection. This overdeveloped mount may be coloured quite red because of the extra blood supply.



Venus -

Positively expressed Venus is associated with love, passion, appreciation of beauty, attraction, emotion, harmony, music, peace, flirtation, serenity, grace, kindness, sensuality, tranquillity, family, femininity in both sexes, the lumbar region, throat and kidneys, partnerships, the arts, social life, adornment, clothes and fashion, friendships, social arts, refinement.  Negatively expressed Venus can also be lazy, unreliable, indecisive, in love with love, weak, gushing and dissatisfied.

Normal Development:
Sympathetic, loving, warm, graceful, passionate, beautiful, attractive, generous, joy of life, a seeker of new experiences, appreciation of music, good health and immunity.
No Development: lack of sympathy, cold, lack of physical passion, selfish, mean, ungenerous, no desire to see out new physical experience, lack of force, less immunity and resistance to ill health.
Over Development: Great physical passion, large sexual appetite and high libido, can become aggressive and brutal if skin is coarse and red, particularly when combined with over developed active Mars mount, robust health, good immunity.

Luna -

Luna is associated with receptivity, premonition, good memory, imagination, maternal instinct, protection, sensitivity, spirit, reflection, dreams, images, illusion, emotions, impulses, feelings, intuition,  moods, passivity, fertility, birth, motherhood, digestive system, stomach and breasts, body fluids, personal habits, the home, family, rhythm, and vacillation. Positively expressed Luna is imaginative, maternal, protective, sensitive, passive, patient, sympathetic, receptive, shrewd in business matters, with a good memory, and tenacious.  Negatively expressed Luna can be touchy, fussy, unreliable, have faulty reasoning,  moody, changeable, restless, unreliable, gullible, narrow minded and reluctant to forgive.

Normal Development: Instinctive, intuitive, creative, imaginative, fanciful, fantasy, dreams, potential, gut feelings, perception
No Development:
Lack of intuition, lack of creativity, dull, reasoning overpowers instinct and intuition, lack of perception, unimaginative.
Over development: Strong attraction to the sea, ability to visualise, strong instinct and intuition, restless, fanciful, vacillating, extremely creative, can be cold and selfish, strong protective instinct, instinctive of nature's cycles, moody.

Jupiter -

Positively expressed Jupiter is associated with breadth of vision, knowledge and advanced studies, the liver and lungs, the pituitary gland, universities, further education, foreign countries, languages, integrity, a sense of justice, temperance, ambition, enterprise, initiative, aspirations, hope, wishes, priesthood, confidence, prophecy, joy, pleasure, charity, mercy, vanity, and can be  optimistic, generous, jovial, fond of gambling, expansive, knowledgeable, philosophical, speculative, religious, loyal, kind natured, and  compassionate.  Negatively expressed Jupiter can be blindly optimistic, extremist, wasteful, trusting to luck, non detailed, self indulgent, a gambler, extravagant, lawless, tactless and conceited.

Normal Development:
Confident, proud, ambitious, self worth, idealistic, devotion, integrity, honour, leadership qualities, religious, spiritual, optimistic, benevolent, expansive, good self esteem.
No Development: Poor self esteem, lack of confidence, preference to be led rather than lead, lack of assertion, awkward in others company, difficult to get to know.
Over Development:
Vain, domineering, overbearing, extremely ambitious, over confident, pompous, bossy, tyrannical

Saturn -

Saturn is associated with the skin, teeth, bones, gall bladder, spleen, crystallisation and acid formation in the joints, old age, perseverance, restriction, intolerance, tenacity, resolution, matter, darkness, discipline, wisdom, responsibility, method, conditioning, repression, law, logic, institution, solitude, severity, fear, caution, hesitation, selfishness, building, structure, prison, pessimism, depression, and sorrow.  Positively expressed Saturn can be prudent, responsible, cautious, serious, practical, solid, constructive, patient, thrifty, reliable, trustworthy, with good endurance and self discipline.  Negatively expressed Saturn can be fearful, cranky, irritable, mean, limited, uninspired, dull,  selfish, despondent, narrow minded, severe, aloof, acquisitive, materialistic,  dogmatic, heartless, cruel, and depressive.

It is preferable to see no development of the actual Saturn mount, but with perhaps the two mounts on either side slightly displaced towards Saturn. This ensures that caution and responsibility are exercised in conjunction with the qualities of the mounts on either side. Occasionally you may find a central Saturn mount which is rather raised. This implies that caution is being taken to excess, creating a perhaps gloomy, pessimistic and despondent nature. An easy way of determining Saturn is to look at the middle finger itself. If it stands only a nail above the index and ring fingers, it is of average height, revealing a good sense of responsibility. If however, the finger is over long, towering well above the two adjacent fingers it reveals a particularly over cautious, sombre personality. If it is so short that the two adjacent fingers challenge its length, then you will know that a sense of responsibility is lacking, making the person frivolous and uncaring of how actions today may affect the security of tomorrow. This will be further confirmed by the complete absence of a fate line.

Apollo -

Apollo is associated with the Sun and the heart and spine, fatherhood and children, creativity,  illumination, light, soul, charisma, personal magnetism, strength, ruler-ship, majesty, authority, gold, dignity, originality, honour, fame, glory, fortune, extravagance, pride, arrogance, vanity, fire, and energy.  Positively expressed Apollo is magnetic, charismatic, talented, successful, dignified, faithful, powerful, proud, creative, generous, big hearted, affectionate, and magnanimous.  Negatively expressed Apollo is arrogant, extravagant, domineering, overbearing, resistant, pompous, condescending, and bombastic.

Normal Development:
Creative, artistic, sense of appreciation, optimistic, inner self expression projected outwards, happy, talented, charismatic.
No Development:
No particular artistic talent or appreciation, self expression not overly important, does not reveal a particularly charismatic personality.
Over Development: Vain, ostentatious, pompous, over bearing, flashy.

Mercury -

Mercury is associated with the intellect, the brain, the urge to acquire knowledge, co-ordination of the nervous system, respiratory system, mental perception, the thyroid, day to day travel,  the mind, thought, reasoning, understanding, knowledge, interest, learning, gossip, language, communication, wit, eloquence, nerves, medicine, hermetic knowledge, magic, skill, invention, imitation, tricks, dishonesty, superficiality, fickleness, subtlety, and when positively expressed can be expressive, intelligent, clever, shrewd, talkative, perceptive with good reasoning powers, versatile, attentive to detail, and intuitive.  When negatively expressed Mercury can be slick, nosy, critical, nervous, inconsistent, hypercritical, inquisitive, lacking a sense of purpose, argumentative, bitingly sarcastic and cynical.

Normal development: Astute, quick thinking, nervous energy, mental agility, effective communication of all kinds, business sense, interested in health and science.
No development: Not particularly astute, inability to communicate as effectively as normal development.
Over Development:  Highly astute and quick witted, much nervous energy, ability to communicate on all levels with ease, shrewd business sense.


Mars is associated with the muscular and urogenital  systems, gonads, adrenal glands,  red blood corpuscles, kidneys, the masculine influence in both sexes, aggression, heat, action, weapons, sharp tools, power, energy, dynamism, drive, thrust, vigour, fortitude, virility, violence, brutality, rape, murder, aggression, war, and action.  Positively expressed Mars loves challenge and competition, is energetic, impulsive, courageous, passionate, direct, decisive, freedom loving, a strong leader, defender of the weak, over sexed.  When negatively expressed Mars can be restless, foolhardy, thoughtless, arrogant, rude, aggressive, irate, brutal, selfish, quarrelsome, over hasty, boisterous, cowardly, obscene, stubborn, angry, and overbearing.

Active (Lower) Mars -

Normal Development: Enjoys a challenge, reasonably assertive, aware of power, good sense of drive and force.
No Development: Lack of force, afraid of a challenge, not particularly assertive, lack of courage.
Over Development:
Thrives on challenge, very assertive, forceful nature, could be brutal and aggressive if hands are coarse and red.

Passive (Upper) Mars -

Normal Development: Resistant to difficulties, plenty of courage, ability to cope under pressure.
No Development: No courage, fearful, no resistance, strong sense of pain, falls under pressure.
Over Development:
Extremely resistant, very courageous, not afraid of pain, will stand up and resist

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