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Title: Mini Lesson on the Children's Lines
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:06 AM)
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~ Children's Lines ~

Palmists are divided in their view about the accuracy of child lines within the palms. Some palmists insist that child lines have always proved to be accurate, while others will say they have not found them to be sufficiently accurate to warrant mentioning them. The illustration shows two areas to look at. The first sign, the traditional sign for children, is found as vertical lines around the marriage or affection lines. These vertical lines may be above, below, or actually cross the marriage line, and are believed to represent the number of children a woman may have if she chooses. Strong lines are said to represent boys, while finer, weaker lines are said to represent girls. I personally have not found these to be accurate. However, I have found that these lines do appear to suggest that children will feature in the life in some way or another. A teacher, with or without children of her own, may have many of these lines. So also might a woman who, though not having children herself, finds she spends much time with children, perhaps nieces, nephew’s, etc.

I have also found that these vertical lines reveal an ability to conceive, that the woman is fertile, and capable of having children if she wishes. I have found that when none of these lines exist at all, it is possible the woman may have trouble conceiving, and may be unable to have children of her own.


A far more reliable sign in the hand are the tiny influence lines which branch down from the inside of the life line. These would appear anywhere in the child bearing years, usually somewhere near the top of the middle section. These lines are tiny and short, and represent responsibilities coming into the woman’s life, which, during childbearing years, could well be children. However, if a tiny branch appears lower down the line, a new responsibility comes later in life, such as looking after an elderly relative.



A line often appears at the base of the thumb, which may be ringed in places. This is called the family ring, and represents family members. Any line stemming from this family ring and crossing the ball of the thumb represents an influence in your life. Appearing high up, this influence could come from parents; halfway down the line, it may come from a personal relationship or partnership but could also be one’s children. If the line is strong, and deeply etched, this person makes a big impact on you, and is called a loyalty line.


If the line reaches right across the Venus mount but does not quite reach the life line, this person puts a fair amount of pressure on you. If however, the influence line cuts right across the life line, this person will exert sufficient pressure to cause you some worry in your life.

The appearance of an Apollo line (any line rising up the palm towards the ring finger) implies that some contentment, happiness and fulfilment will be felt in life. For a woman who is very keen to have a family, this line could appear as a result of the happiness and fulfilment this woman feels when starting a family.


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