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Title: A Mini Lesson on the Poison Line
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:10 AM)
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Palmistry Basics - The Via Lascivia  
(Also known as the Poison Line

As seen from it’s Latin name, the Via Lascivia was traditionally associated with lust, drunkenness and debauchery! Running across the Luna mount at the base of the palm and originating on the percussive edge, it flows in towards the palm in the direction of Venus. Years ago this line was associated with sexual energy and indicated a powerful libido. It was believed that if this line connected to the Mercury line, the energy would be channelled out as free sexual expression. However, if no connection was made to the Mercury line, the sexual energy would overflow, leading to a build up of eroticism within the person. Finding no outlet for this pent up energy, the person would become susceptible to sensuality and hedonism which could only find a release through drugs, alcohol and generally promiscuous behaviour. It was considered that the appearance of a Girdle of Venus would heighten the already over sensitive sexual energy, making the person prone to even more promiscuous behaviour.

A strong straight line was thought to reveal a sexually motivated individual but if the line curved so that it effectively cut off the whole area from the rest of the palm, the person’s sexual energy would be pent up and repressed.

Should the line actually touch the Mercury line, the sexual energy would flow as free, healthy, sexual expression. Of course, if the Mercury line was defective in any way, this sexual expression would become frustrated and unhealthy.

Should the line continue across the palm to link with the Apollo line, heavy financial losses could be expected as well as a propensity for gambling. Reaching the fate line would reveal that pent up energy may override reason and therefore block the person’s career or direction in life. The worst formation of the line was if it linked with the life line, where it was believed to represent sexual indulgence, possible nymphomania and therefore certain sexually related health problems.

Modern society now takes a slightly different view from the attitudes of the Victorian times, and it is now believed that the line may reveal a tendency to allergic reactions from certain chemicals and poisons. However, even now, the link with addiction remains as the palms of drug addicts are frequently found to have a via lascivia which actually crosses over the life line.

NB: The addiction line begins low in the palm, originating from the percussive edge, and moving across the palm to cross the life line.

It is important not to confuse the addiction line with an influence line which originates deep on the Venus mount, either stemming from the family ring or from a vertical influence line, crossing over the life line in the direction of Luna. This would indicate an influence from another person which may involve travel, possibly overseas.

When the Via Lascivia is short and complete or fragmented, it is believed to indicate an intolerance to certain food, alcohol, drugs, pollens or pollution. Care must be taken to avoid those things which create a reaction. The longer the line, reaching as far as the life line, the more likely is a person to try to escape from life by taking substances which he may come to depend on. When the line reaches the life line, warning bells should sound as there is a possibility of dependence. And as stated above, should the lines actually cross the life line, addiction may have already become established.

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