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Title: A Mini Lesson on the Heart Line
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:14 AM)
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~  The Heart Line  ~

Did you know that even if you have not studied palmistry, there are some very simple and easy to read signs within the hands that you can look for to give you an insight into the personality?  When considering the feelings and emotions, the line to look for is the Heart Line.  This line crosses the palm below the fingers, starting on the edge of the palm below the little finger and crossing the palm to end anywhere beneath any of the other fingers. The heart line can be straight, or it can curve smoothly or deeply upwards


Here the short straight line ending below the middle finger reveals a cold, unemotional nature with an inability to express love except in a rather selfish manner.  Sexual conquests  are more important than true love and this person is more likely to mentally consider the practical aspects of marriage rather than basing the marriage on love and the expression of that love.  Warmth, love and sharing are likely to be missing, sexual gratification being far more important.  The owner of this line could be a Casanova, after only one thing and may not wish to be tied down to one relationship.   This is not a good sign for a long and lasting relationship based on love




The straight line which reaches between the area below the middle and index finger reveals a person who has strong emotional feelings but prefers to think and analyse his feelings carefully before considering any expression of those feelings.  There is plenty of warmth and caring in this person but he is unlikely   to demonstrate these affections in a spontaneous or impulsive manner.  Rather than being carried away on a tide of emotion, this thoughtful person will stop and consider, analyse and rationalise his feelings before  any effort is made in demonstration.   Unlikely to be sexually impulsive, he will consider first and act later



This long straight line belongs to a person who has a nurturing, caring nature with plenty of love to give out to the world.  Pointing and reaching up to the area below the index finger, pride takes a part in his relationships and he is likely to be devoted to those he loves. 

Romantic, with high expectations and high standards, this person can be emotionally intense and very involved in a relationship.  Perhaps a little possessive, occasionally even smothering, he will be loyal and supportive and will make any partner feel protected and safe





The straight heart line which reaches right across the   palm belongs to a person who devotes his feelings to a cause.  Emotionally he throws himself in to whatever he is attracted to which means that everything else takes second place.  Anything which catches his imagination will be certain to take pride of place in his life, but unfortunately this can often mean work and career.  If you are a person with a partner with this formation, it is highly possible you will feature second in his life, with his career or vocation very much taking first place. 











Sweeping sharply up to the middle finger, this person reveals a highly demonstrative and physical drive but a certain lack of emotional feeling. While this person may not experience the benefit of the warm, sharing pleasure of romantic, idealistic emotional love, he will certainly make up for it in his desire to express himself physically. He may be outgoing, impulsive and spontaneous, exude animal magnetism and be sexually athletic but he will never understand the idealism of the more romantic types












The heart line that curves up to end between the middle and index finger reveals a physically and emotionally demonstrative person. Spontaneous, impulsive and enjoying the physical aspects of love, this person reaches out for romance and affection. He will also be able to take a practical viewpoint towards relationship. Romantic, but practical then, in all affairs of the heart he will show common sense and reason. Strong feelings are revealed in this formation but it is unlikely that the owner of this line will ever be foolish enough to be carried away by sentiment and emotion. He will always be realistic in his expectations of love.










When a curving heart line sweeps up to end on the area just below the index finger, a very idealistic, romantic nature is revealed. This person loves to the exclusion of common sense. He sees love through rose coloured glasses and believes his partner to be the person of his dreams. His expectations are high, he takes pride in his partner and when he finds her, puts her on a high pedestal where nothing can take away the image he has created in his mind. To him, love is beautiful sunsets, sharing experiences where nothing and no-one can take away the magic. However, the higher the pedestal, the easier it is to fall off and the harder you fall and so if or when the magic is taken away, the person with this formation suffers very badly indeed. To him, his whole life has been let down. Such an unrealistic view of relationships will always result in a dream ending rather too abruptly, bringing the person rather ungraciously back to earth with a bump








A curving heart line reaching right into the crease at the base of the index finger reveals the most caring, romantic, sensitive, emotional person that can be found. No other person can be as devoted to their partner than the owner of this line. Expectations are extremely high, there is a feeling of pride in the relationship where the partner can do no wrong. However, this person can be so possessive and protective that he can make his partner feel totally
smothered, and although being loved by a person with this formation can be wonderfully romantic and warm, for the more practical lover, it can all become too overpowering



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