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Title: A Mini Lesson on the Head Line
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:09 AM)
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~  The Head Line  ~ 

The Head line represents the mental constitution, so that energy running through this line reveals the way a person things, his brain power, concentration and memory, intellect and reasoning ability.  A long, clear, deeply etched line, free of defects, is by far the best sign to see as it indicates a person who can think clearly, with excellent reasoning powers, good concentration and judgement and the ability to consider a wide variety of subjects.

Head lines can vary tremendously in their length, point of origin, quality and direction. Frequently the head line in the active hand may be totally different from the head line in the passive hand. The passive hand represents the inner person, created by the genetic make up, revealing the person’s potential thinking patterns as well as the early years of life. As a person ages, the thinking pattern may change in accordance with life experience, frequently causing a new way of looking at life in general. The head line in the active hand represents these changes, revealing the thinking patterns that the person has adopted not only at the present time, but also the thinking patterns that may continue to be used in the future.

In some hands, the head line may appear to be missing. Just occasionally the head and heart lines merge, fusing into one crease across the middle of the palm. This is called a Simian Line. (A link to an excellent site on the Simian line can be found in the Links section of this site.)

The head line always originates from the thumb or radial edge of the palm, running towards the percussive edge ending somewhere in the palm below the Apollo or Mercury mounts.

Sometimes the head line starts so high in the palm that a very wide gap can be seen between the beginning of the head and life lines.
Sometimes it originates slightly lower down, forming only a small gap between the head and life line. It may start actually tied to the life line, fusing with the life line for a short or long distance. Just occasionally it may begin on the Mars mount, inside the life line. All of these origins reveal something about the way a person thinks.

When the gap between the head and life lines is wide, the person may be liberal and broad minded, spontaneous, impulsive, self reliant and a little reckless

A person whose head line begins with a narrow gap will be confident, broad minded and tolerant but will not be quite so rash, impulsive and reckless as the person with a wider gap.  He or she will listen to and respect others views and take not of expected behaviour but will also be aware of a need for independence and self reliance.

Many head lines are slightly joined at their point of origin with the life line.  Here the implication is that the person will be reasonably cautious and careful, will value others views, values and experiences, and will generally keep within the bounds of expected behaviour, while at the same time, retaining independence.

A noticeably tied origin of the head and life lines hints at a person who tends to rely on family a great deal.  This person tends to conform to what is generally expected of him, and may find it difficult to find his own independence.  This feature may hint at a rather shy, cautious nature, and a possibly fearful approach to life with a strong need for security.  It may take some time for this person to break free and find his independence

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