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Title: A Mini Lesson on the Girdle of Venus
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:11 AM)
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~ The Girdle of Venus ~

The Girdle of Venus is situated above the heart line, forming a complete or fragmented ring below the Saturn and Apollo fingers. This line frequently causes confusion to the inexperienced eye as it can appear in many forms.

Sometimes the Girdle forms a complete ring around the base of the fingers.


Sometimes the Girdle is fragmented so that many small striations appear above the heart line, appearing as horizontal lines crossing the mounts. To add to the confusion the line or lines may be completely straight and not form a semicircle

The Girdle of Venus does not appear in every hand, but when seen, no matter which form it takes, it acts as a blockage and obstacle to the energy running up the palm, particularly from the Saturn and Apollo lines. As the energy hits the barrier caused by the Girdle, it overflows into the rest of the palm, resulting in higher sensitivity and nervousness. Frequently the Girdle appears in hands which are already of a nervous or delicate types where the lines are already many in number and delicate in appearance.

Acting as a sister line to the heart line, it is concerned with the emotions and affections. Obviously when nervousness and heightened sensitivity are added to heart felt emotion the person becomes highly strung and over sensitive to such an extent that every casual remark or criticism is taken to heart. Imagined slights affect the individual deeply causing depression, suffering and brooding. Thus a vicious circle is set up where every emotion is distorted and twisted and every sadness magnified.

When the Girdle is extremely fragmented and broken, these feelings are intensified so that the person may attempt to escape such overwhelming emotions and nervousness. In his confused state, searching for the nearest escape route, he may latch onto alcohol or drugs to ease his suffering.

The Girdle of Venus found in an already delicately marked hand creates nervous excitability and intensified emotions. When the Girdle is extremely broken and fragmented so that many horizontal lines cross the top of the palm below the Saturn and Apollo fingers, the delicate nature suffers to a great extent. This person can become a sufferer of nervous depression and ill health and is often unhappy and discontent with life. Unfortunately people with this formation often need some kind of help or counselling in order to overcome their highly over sensitive emotions, particularly if they are not to succumb to the escapism found in drugs.

Many years ago, traditional palmistry associated the Girdle of Venus with sex, lust and general debauchery. In those days, love was a free licence to sex and so any line relating to love and the emotions automatically implicated the act of sexual relations. Of course, attitudes have changed considerably since then and palmists no longer associate debauchery with the Girdle of Venus. Many palmists, having read the traditional interpretation of the Girdle and then, seeing it in the palm and perhaps a little unsure of it’s implication, have implied to their clients that they may be lustful and over sexed! This interpretation is rather inaccurate, although the Girdle is in fact still thought to have some connection with heightened sexual feelings. What the Girdle does indicate is that the person has a heightened awareness of feelings, emotions and sensitivity and that obviously includes sexual relations. But it is important to remember to always look for other signs in the hand for similar implications. For instance, if the Girdle features in a hand which features a pale, undeveloped Venus mount with a life line hugging the mount closely, it is highly unlikely that the Girdle will refer to the physical aspect of sex. Such a a person will not have a high sex drive ensuring that sex is not too high on their list of priorities! However, if the Girdle features in a hand which has other features of a high sex drive, such as high colour with prominent Venus or Mars mounts, the chances of the Girdle relating to heightened sexual relations and awareness is high.

Nowhere in the hand is it more important to relate the line to the personality rather than trying to relate the personality to the line!

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