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Title: A Mini Lesson on the Fate Line
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:13 AM)
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~The Fate Line~

The line running from the base of the palm up towards the Saturn (middle) finger has been named the Saturn line, the line of fate or the line of Destiny. Whichever name is used, it will always be found in the middle of the palm pointing in the direction of Saturn. The fate line may start in the middle of the palmar base, from Luna or Venus or may even start higher up the palm. As long as it runs in the direction of Saturn it is always known as the fate line. Sometimes there may be two fate lines running parallel in the palm.

The fate line can be seen to run up the middle of the palm with energy flowing up towards the fingers. This middle position of the fate line effectively separates the palm into two distinct sections, drawing energy from both the conscious (radial side of the palm) and the subconscious (ulna side of the palm). The fate line balances up these two areas bringing the qualities together to create a path or direction in life. Naming this line the line of destiny implies that fate is already decided, that there are no choices and that decisions are already made. Do we have no choice over our future, our direction, the path that we carve for ourselves in order to reach our aspirations and goals?


The fate line is influenced by Saturn, the mount which tells us we should plan ahead for our future and be responsible with our lives, in order to create some stability and purpose. The fate line, reaching up towards the Saturn finger represents our purpose and direction, enabling us to have a goal we can work towards, ensuring that instead of just existing in the world, we try to achieve some direction, purpose and reason for living. The beginning of the line at the base of the palm is the starting point of life, the point of birth, and from this moment on, in order to become independent, we have to make choices about life. What are we going to do with our life? Where is life heading? Do we want a career? What are our expectations? Which path are we going to tread? Are there any qualities we can draw on?

Each one of us is born with certain qualities we can draw on to help find a direction, and these qualities will be revealed in the individual features of the hands. What is important to us? Is it ambition, material success and security, creativity or personal expression? Do we know what we want out of life when very young, or do we determine possible options as we develop and become more aware of our talents. Perhaps we have no idea which direction our lives are heading! Or perhaps we find it impossible to assert our independence due to family or personal restrictions.

It does seem true to say that some people appear to find their direction with little effort or difficulty, a way of life just seems to fall into place without too much effort. Were these people born lucky or did they make huge determined efforts to make something of their lives? These people are often born with a well developed fate line, implying perhaps that their map of life already existed at or before birth. All then that is left to do is to follow it! This certainly implies that destiny is already decided, that at conception certain qualities are provided in the character in order to follow a particular direction which is already mapped out. And yet these same people might disagree with you if you dare to suggest that they have not had to work hard for what they have. They will put it down to a determination to succeed. “Life is what you make it” they will say.

A fate line often develops during the late teens, when a person becomes aware of his skills and talents. As the character unfolds it allows an insight into future possibilities. In understanding these needs, he may then decide to set about making these dreams and ambitions a reality. In his search for purpose, security and stability, he creates his own path in life, sending energy up the palm towards Saturn.
And as this energy flows, the fate line develops within the palm, revealing the determination and desire to be responsible and secure with a definite purpose to his life. Again, in being aware of his qualities and needs, is this person lucky or just plain determined? Is he using free will or is he at the mercy of fate? Does he make his own choices or was he actually born with a purpose which he has ultimately to fulfil? There are many theories and philosophies concerning free will and destiny!

What palmists do know is that a strong fate line reveals a determination to succeed in finding a definite purpose and reason to exist as well as a determination to find stability and security.

Whether the fate line exists at birth or develops during the teenage years, there is no doubt that at some point in the early years, the person will be sufficiently responsible to endeavour to create some meaning to his life. But just occasionally the fate line is missing altogether. Does this mean that there is no pre planned route? Or does it mean that the person with no fate line has to work harder than most to find a path to tread in life? Often a person who cannot find his particular niche or direction seems to either be lacking a fate line altogether or has a fate line with many defects.

Sometimes though, the lack of a fate line reveals someone who does not wish to follow a conventional route, he may prefer to take more risks, try new adventures and just see where life takes him, and while many may feel this to be irresponsible, it has to be said that with determination and effort this person can make tremendous headway in the world. Many self made men have not had a fate line.

No-one is totally certain if we actually do have free will or if we are just leading out pre planned existences. Destinations may already be mapped out, but perhaps we have a choice in how we reach them. One thing we do know is that lines in the palms can and frequently do change. And as we already know that lines are created from energy which flows through us, as well as the energy created by electrical impulses sending messages to the palm from the brain, then it seems fair to assume that we do actually have some control over our direction and various destinations. We can change the signals if we really want to. So whatever is read in the fate line, just as in any other line in the hand, never assume that destiny is already decided. The palms represent a living person, capable of changing at any time. The lines, in being created by the person, can be just as easily changed by the person.


Commencing from a variety of positions at the base of the palm, the line runs up the palm, towards the middle (Saturn) finger.

Some examples of the fate line origin are shown below –

Here the fate line begins from the centre of the base of the palm.  This reveals an independent start in life, a person who has his or her own views of the direction they would like their life to take

A fate line originating from the Luna mount hints that the person may be influenced by a dream or vision he has always had.  Occasionally it can hint of the influence of another person, perhaps a teacher, friend or partner, who may inspire this person to take a particular life path. Sometimes this position can indicate a person whose life centres around the public in some way, or who spends a great deal of time in the public eye

When the fate line touches the life line as it begins its course up the palm, the implication is that the family play quite a large part in influencing the subjects life path. This may be taking up a career that has remained a family tradition, or of having some kind of step up from the family or a particular family member. It can also sometimes hint at some kind of restriction as a result of family circumstances, especially if the fate line begins in a central position in the palm, only to veer across to touch the life line as it moves up the palm

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