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Title: A Mini Lesson on the Apollo Line
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:12 AM)
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~The Apollo Line~

The Apollo line, also named the Sun line, may originate from any point in the palm, heading towards the Apollo Mount. This line is not often found in it’s true form, that is, Running from the palmar base to the Apollo mount, but is more often found starting higher up the palm, sometimes only appearing on the actual Apollo mount itself. In many hands the line is missing completely


 The Apollo line is traditionally associated with creativity, fulfilment, success, fame and fortune. In fact Apollo’s association with the Sun represents inspiration and creativity resulting from the inner expression of the soul. At best, the expression brings out an inner vision of creativity and beauty which is recognised as brilliant talent resulting ultimately in success and therefore fame and fortune.

Although the existence of such a line, particularly when well formed, may indeed represent a major talent often found in celebrities and artists of all kind, it can also reveal a person who, in expressing his inner soul, has a most magnetic personality. Such a person openly demonstrates creativity, happiness, optimism, contentment and fulfilment in life and is often talented or particularly appreciative of art, beauty and creativity in general.

Whenever the Apollo line is seen it implies that the person is channelling energy towards the qualities associated with Apollo. Therefore the stronger and longer the line, the more the person attempts to use his soul’s inner expression in every aspect of his life. True expression of the soul, with it’s inspiration and light, has a magnetism about it which seems to draw others to it and therefore a person who is demonstrating such qualities will have a charismatic, magnetic personality which others will respond to. The expression of the inner self naturally leads to fulfilment and contentment so that if a person asks if he will be happy with his life, the appearance of this line will tell you yes, he is happy. Not because he is lucky, but because he is looking within himself to find the true happiness which can only come from his own inner expression.

Inspiration from within can take almost any form and can lead to the utmost fulfilment and happiness in it’s expression. The artist, dancer, musician, comedian, designer, hair dresser, carpenter, bricklayer…… all can be found with inspiration creeping into their work. Fulfilment can come from a successful marriage, the birth of a much wanted baby, a successful career, the recognition or expression of one’s talents. The list is endless. The appearance of an Apollo line always indicates that the qualities of Apollo are taking an active part in a person’s life.

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