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Title: A Mini Lesson on Fingerprints
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:18 AM)
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~  Finger Prints  ~


The Loop

Loop fingerprints reveal people who are versatile and adaptable and who have a lively, enquiring mind.
These people are happy to exchange ideas with others

The Whorl

Whorl patterns belong to those who like to be in control and in charge of situations.
They have their own way of doing things and dislike conforming to other people’s views and opinions.

The Arch

If you have an arch pattern on any of your fingertips, you are the sort of person who is practical, down to earth and capable. You have a conscience and will tackle things that others tend to put off. You may also have a tendency to bottle up your feelings!

The Tented Arch

Tented arches are quite rare and may only appear on one fingertip. If you have one of these you find it easy to become swept up with inspiration, and can be taken over by your feelings. It can sometimes reveal a rather highly strung nature.

The Composite

Composite patterns like this form an ‘S’ shape and reveal people who can be extremely fair when dealing with others as they have the ability to see both sides of a situation. This can cause real problems when trying to make decisions, they may have trouble deciding which way to go!

The Peacock's Eye

A Peacocks eye is like a whorl inside a loop, and is quite rare. Analysts believe that if found on the ring finger, the person may be protected from danger, having lucky escapes. If found on the index finger it has been linked with penetrating perception. Much work is still needed on this formation.

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