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Title: A Mini Lesson on Finger Shape
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:04 AM)
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~ Finger Shape ~

Besides the finger length, a hand analyst will also look at the smoothness of your fingers. Some fingers have incredibly smooth contours while others have a distinctly knotty look around the knuckles. These knotty knuckles are discovered when you try to push a ring over the top of the knot, only to find the ring is still loose when in place, but also impossible to pull off again without the help of a little soapy water!

Here is a print with smooth joints or knuckles on the fingers

Can you see the smooth contours of the fingers, with little development of the knuckles? This person reacts very quickly to information. If you have smooth joints on your fingers like these, you do not reason things out but act on impulse and first impressions. Your intuition is highly developed and at times your thinking can be most inspired. The ideas just seem to flow. You can mentally pick things up speedily and get a quick mental grasp of something. You don’t reason out what you do or say. It’s more intuitive than that. You just speak or act. The thought is already there and you can grab it out of the air. You tend to take a lot for granted because you have speedy reactions and a mind that works quickly. You are not inclined to think and ponder. You tend to act on the spur of the moment and don’t think too much about detail. You appreciate the nicer things in the world. One of your greatest gifts is the ability to ad lib. You are never caught out by surprise when something doesn’t go the way it is planned. You are already there. In any artistic occupation you can be inspired, your words will come form the hears, your music will have the greatest inspiration because you feel, you don’t analyse. Spontaneous, inspired, intuitive, you have freedom of expression, it just flows.

The print below demonstrates knotty joints or knuckles on the fingers

This hand print reveals knotty fingers with the knuckles well formed. These are knotty fingers or ‘philosophical’ fingers revealing a mind which likes to ponder, consider and analyse information before taking action

If you have fingers like these, when anything enters your mind you have to really consider the pros and cons. You really have to think and analyse carefully because you don’t like to rely on your first impressions which you feel may be wrong. It is unlikely that you will be too impulsive or get carried away because you like to use your common sense. You like to know the truth, the real truth and you have to delve deeply to discover real truth. It’s easy for some people to be carried away impulsively with an idea but you like to reason things out first. You don’t like to arrive at quick decisions, you like to ponder and consider the options. However, once you have made up your mind, you usually stick to it, because you will have thoroughly considered the facts and arrived at the right decision for you. Some say you have a philosophical mind, and it is true, you do like to analyse life, situations, ideas, everything in fact. Nothing escapes your orderly mind.

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