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Title: A Mini Lesson on Finger Length
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 06:03 AM)
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~ Finger Length ~

Are you a quick thinking person, summing up situations in a flash, or are your thought processes more careful and detailed?  Did you know that the length of your fingers in relation to your palm length gives the hand analyst some information about how speedy your thought processes are? The average fingers, when closed downwards, reach about three quarters of the way down the palm. If your fingers don’t reach this far down your palm, you have short fingers. If your fingers reach more than three quarters of the way down your palm, you have long fingers.

Many people have average length fingers, being neither overly short nor overly long.  Occasionally you will come across a hand where the fingers appear particularly short, or particularly long.  The shorter the fingers, the more the short fingered characteristics will apply. The longer the fingers, the more the long fingered characteristics will apply. There are many different variations of long or short fingers and therefore many degrees of the following interpretation.


Here is a hand with short fingers


If you have short fingers your thought processes are extremely quick. You have gut feelings about things, and you prefer to listen to your intuition. You like to get things done quickly as you don’t have a lot of patience. You get bored thinking about detail, it’s so laborious and tedious! You prefer to think and act quickly, you are able to take things in very swiftly and can get an overall view of situations in an instant. You find it easy to stick to deadlines, but you will miss out some detail if necessary. Some may say you skimp on detail, but at least you get the job done. Your mind ticks over rapidly and instinctively and you are as quick as a flash in getting to the point.



Here is a hand with long fingers


If you have long fingers you do not rely heavily on your instincts but like to take time to think about a situation before you act on it. You live in a world where detailed mental thought overpowers your instincts. You like to think carefully about things and look at all the small detail which is not immediately apparent on the surface. You have tremendous patience and can spend hours getting something right. Deadlines are a problem, because you are not happy if you have to skimp details which you consider to be important. A job is not worth doing if it can’t be done properly. You don’t have grand ideas and schemes like the short fingered person, because you tend to get bogged down with the minor details, there just isn’t time to plan a large scale project but if a job has to be done well, then you are the man for the job. You may appear to think more slowly but it’s not because you are slow, its because you like to know all the details before you make up your mind about something.

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