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Title: The Elements of Spells
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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 00:31 AM)
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The Elements of Spells

To perform a Spell effectively, you must call upon energies from around you. These energies emanate from the Elements known as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. If called upon correctly, these Elements represent portals through which energy is brought to you during the Spell. Properly harnessed, these energies will allow you to perform the Spell and achieve the desired results. Each Element is described by unique properties:

The Element "Earth" is solid. It is stability, security, safety, unyielding, nature, substance, body, endurance, survival, practicality, the mother, green, midnight, Winter, dark, weight, excessive, stubborn, passive, contentment, thought, grounding, physical. In the Spells, the Element of "Earth" will lend this "stability" to create the desired result.

The Element "Air" is gas. It is the carrier, breath, life, wandering, knowledge, new beginning, movement, yellow, the dawn, Spring, light, joy, sensual, intellect, intuition, new outlook, clarity, freshness, winds of change; a reminder that there is no death, only change. In the Spells, the Element of "Air" will become the "carrier" to achieve the desired change.

The Element "Fire" is energy. It is flame, purification, active, cleansing, transformation, passion, heat, red, noon, Summer, sun, hot, brilliant, determination, drive, will power, success, solar, sexual, primal, raw, power. In the Spells, the Element of "Fire" will provide the "drive" to achieve the desired result.

The Element "Water" is liquid. It is emotions, love, truth, compassion, sensitivity, reflective, deep, dissolving, surging, nurturing, sensual, blue, dusk, twilight, Autumn, calm, dream, the beginning and the end. In the Spells, the Element of "Water" will lend its "compassion" to achieve the desired results.

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