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Title: Substituting Herbs in a Spell
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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 00:30 AM)
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Substituting Herbs in a Spell
The following is a list of herbs and their basic associations. These can also be used as substitutes. For example: If a spell calls for
thyme, it is possible to substitute sarsaparilla in it's place, same goes if a spell calls for orange blossoms, you can subsititute vervain, or magnolia that falls under that catagory that the spell
falls under.

Love: Cube berries, orris root, spikenard, vanillin, vervain, violet flowers, laurel, Adam and Eve root, Beth root, horse chestnut, thus thus, ladies thumb, lavender, lotus, lovage, magnolia, mistletoe, passion flower, patchouli leaves, lesser periwinkle, queen Elizabeth root, quassia chips, rose buds, herba mate, sweet bugle, skullcap,rose hips, orange blossoms, five-finger grass, heratease herb.

Passion: Myrtle, absinthe, aloes, cloves, darniana, dill seed, coriander, dulse herb, sweet basil, juniper berries, saw palmetto berries, Canada snake root, fennel seed, grains of paradise, satyrion
root, snake root, verbena root, liquorice stick herb, patchouli leaves.

Money: Buckeye, clover, fenugreek, high John the Conqueror root, low John the Conqueror root, nutmeg, marjoram, ruler's root, smart weed,
tonka been, thyme, bayberry herb, echinacea, five-finger grass, Guinea paradise seeds, Irish moss, kelp, lemon verbena, scented lucky beans, silver weed, comfrey, colts foot, black snake root,
rattlesnake root.

Luck: Alfalfa, angel's turnip, ash tree leaves, basil, blessed thistle, camomile, galangal root, grains of paradise, mustard seed, peony, yellow dock, wonder of the world root, Jezebel root, May apple (mandrake) root, little John chew, tonka beans, Irish moss, queen of the meadow root, quince seeds, parsley, five-finger grass, swiss leaves, silver weed, seven barks, sacred bark, John the conqueror root, four leaf clover, Jamaica ginger root, rosemary, sumbul root.

Success: Cinnamon, yellow dock, squill root, John the conqueror root, silver weed, Jezebel root, prince's pine, red clover, buckeye, Irish moss, five-finger grass, elm bark, thus thus, May apple (mandrake) root, scented lucky beans, tonka beans, sweet flag root, vervain leaves, golden seal herb.

Health: Vervain, thyme, sassafras leaves (and root), peppermint, horehound, hops, eucalyptus, fever few, asafoetida, catnip, dandelion leaves, sarsaparilla, life everlasting, holy herbs, heal-all herb, golden seal herb, betony, hyssop, pumpkin seed.

Protection From Evil: Vetivert, bold leaves, mandrake root, garlic, snake head, gilead buds (balm of), stone root, basil leaves, bay leaves, asafoetida, quince seeds, lucky hand root, five-finger grass, dragon's blood reed, blood root, brimstone, frankincense, high John the conqueror root, sacred bark, Saint John's wort, African ginger root, black cohosh, grape vine, fern, rattlesnake root, plant of peace, wolf bane root, caraway seed.

Cursing: Balmony root, blueberry, cruel man of the woods, Guinea pepper, knot grass, black mustard seed, pepper tree leaves, poke root, poppy seed, rue, tormentillia, twich's grass, valerian, wormwood, chicory root, flaxseed, jimson weed, mullein, red chincona bark, skunk cabbage root, yohimbee root, pepperwort.

Psychic & Spiritual Development: Five-Finger grass, anise seed, burning bush, celery seed, lemon balm, gotu kola, mugwort, acacia, marjoram, parsley, cinnamon, mint, thyme, sage, rosemary, frankincense, bethel root, buchu leaves, bugle weed, calendula flowers, eye bright herb.
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