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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 06:17 AM)
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All Spells beginning with the letter
will be posted under this thread as they are found.
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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 06:19 AM)

Planning Your Garden Spell

As days grow warmer and the Earth becomes fertile, our focus turns toward our summer gardens, window boxes, and patio pots. As you purchase your herbs and vegetables for planting, infuse each with magical energy. Herbs contain practical and magical properties; enhance these with your intention. Plant during the waxing Moon to support growth and invite the power of each herb to flourish and expand as you tenderly give it a new home. Add a coin or two to the soil to invite plenty and to honor the earth element of pentacles. Plants nurture us and support our growth, both physical and spiritual. By recog-nizing the mystery within this green gift from Nature, we become a more intimate part of life's cycle.

Psychic Housecleaning Spell

    In March the forces of nature begin to stir. The brook beyond my
garden is free of winter's grip and the water is rushing again. It's
time not just for spring cleaning, but for psychic housecleaning as
well. Over the winter our homes may collect unwanted energy. By using
some of nature's elements we can ritually cleanse our living space.
Begin by opening all windows and doors to let the spring air in. Go
through your house and pour bottled spring water down each drain.
Visualize trapped negativity being rinsed away. Light a pale blue candle
that you have blessed, and moving clockwise about your house, pause at
each door, window, and fireplace. Use your power hand to trace the shape
of a cross or pentagram before each opening. End the ritual by placing
some potted hyacinths in a special place. They have a protective quality
and will bring the scent of spring indoors.

        By: James Kambos

To protect and bring peace and harmony to your home:

Take equal parts of Betony and Lavender (or what ever you prefer),
blend them together in a mortar. After mixing well, charge the herbal
mixture. Using a small amount, sprinkle across the doorstep. All the
while, you should be concentrating on the vivid barrier and repeat
the following incantation:

"This doorstep with its welcome ways,
be guarded by a shield of rays.
to guard this home by day and night,
protect it with this door of white.

Let nothing enter not of good,
and those within do as they would.
The aura left by herb and spell,
will safely seal this entrance well."
~source and author unknown

To Banish Negative Forms From Your Home

Begin with a purification bath. Light the twin candles on the altar
and burn a protective and/or cleansing incense. Fill your chalice
with fresh water (be sure to consecrate it) and blessed salt. Kneel
or assume the Goddess position as you say:

"Naked come I into this sanctuary
With love and faith
From those who have gone before.
Innocent am I in understanding
Holy and pure in my love of all good and blessed things.
Supreme Goddess, ruler of light,
Lord of all
Hear my prayer,
Help me now to dispel this thing of unholiness
This creature of darkness,
Who dooms itself to shame and unhappiness.
Save him if it is thy will to do so.
Send him to the light.
Mercy is the song I sing;
Forgiveness the word most precious.
In thy everlasting grace I say this.
In humility I ask this.
So mote it be."

Take up the chalice of salt-water, face the east wall, dip your
fingers into the water, raise your hand and say:

"Powers of the East
Powers of the daystar rising
And all fresh beginnings
I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship warmth and love."
Then sprinkle some extra water and proceed to the south. Say:
"Powers of the South
Powers of the summer sun
Which warms our bodies and our minds
I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship, warmth and love."
Repeat in the west:
"Powers of the West
Powers of the purifying and cleansing waters
From which all life comes.
I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship, warmth and love."
Repeat in the north:
"Powers of the North
Powers of the earth, the ground
On which we stand.
I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship, warmth and love."

Then proceed around the room sprinkling water over all the
thresholds,windows, and doorways and in all corners.


Add more incense to the burner, take up, and do the same thing,
using the same verses substituting "fire and air" in place of "salt
and water." As before, proceed around the room censing all the
thresholds,windows, doorways, and in all corners.


Take the fire candle (or a candle for this purpose) and your athame
and, starting at the door or entrance, walk slowly CLOCKWISE through
the house, through each room pausing at each door, window, and mirror
and moving the candle across it, also pentagramming each window,
doorway, and mirror with the athame. Proceed room by room spiraling
clockwise. All the while chant the following:

"By the One Power
I hereby consecrate this space
To the Goddess and the God,
According to free will
And for the good of all;
I hereby release,
In all time and all space,
Any negative cause, effect, manifestation, form or essence,
Any negative event, thought, energy, idea or vibration,
And transform it to
And replace it with
Only positive, joyous good
In keeping with the Universal harmonies
Of the Goddess and the God.
This space is divinely protected
This space is perfectly safe.
Nothing and no one can enter this space
Unless I (or my loved ones) allow them to.
This space is sacred
Consecrated and dedicated to positive living
For myself and my loved ones
And for the work of positive magic.
No harm can come to this space, or anyone in it."

As you draw each pentagram say:

"Only good can enter here
No negatives can enter
All harm is sealed out."
When you are back at the entry point conclude:
"Love lives here
Health lives here
Abundance lives here
(Name self and loved ones) live here
We claim this space for ourselves, for the mutual good
And so mote it be!"
~source unknown

Protection Bottle
You will need:
1 bottle with cork stopper
1 tbsp. Sage
1/2 to 1 cup salt (seasalt)
1 tbsp. Anise
3 gloves of garlic
1 tbsp. Black pepper
9 bay leaves
1 tbsp. Fennel
7 tbsp. dried Basil
1 bowl
4 tbsp. Dill seed
In the morning, ideally on a bright and sunny day,assemble all items.
Place the salt into a bowl and say:
" Salt that protects, protect my home and all within it "
Add the rest of the ingredients, one by one, saying the above phrase.
Change the first word to whatever herb you sre putting in next, for
Gloves of garlic that protects, protect my home and all within it.
Mix together the herbs and salt with your hands and fingers, all the
while lending energy to the potent protective items.
Visualize your home as a shining, safe, guarded, secure place of
Pour the mixture into the jar. Seal tightly and place in your home
with the following words:
" Salt and herbs, nine times nine
Guard ye now this home of mine
Positive in, negative out
So goes the white light in and about "
So Mote It Be!

Poppet Magic Healing Spell
Toxic emotions can bring on health concerns. It is essential to
clear the air after any kind of argument or misunderstanding. One
way to clear the air is by using poppet magic. For this, go to a
craft store and buy a small rag doll without features or hair. Pin
to the doll the name of the person who has been causing you
problems, as well as his or her astrological sign on the doll's
chest, near the area of the heart. If you have a picture of the
person, all the better; you can scan the image and pin it to the
doll's face. Light a white candle, saying:
Peace we make,
disquiet friend.
With this prick
our troubles end.
Peace is the way.
Love is the power.
Our problems flee
this very hour.
that is the key.
Heal our love.
So mote it be.

To Protect An Object
With the first and middle fingers (or your Athame, if you have it with you),
trace a pentagram over the object to be protected. Visualize electric-blue
or purple flame streaming from your fingers (Athame) to form the pentagram.
Say this as you trace:
'With this pentagram I do lay
Protection here both night and day.
And to the one who should not touch
Let the fingers burn and twitch.
I now invoke the Law of Three:
This is my will, so mote it be!'

Spell for Physical Body Change

Requires: Small piece of paper, Quartz crystal, Some string

Procedure: Take the small piece of paper and write your name on it. Draw on it what body or body part you want changed and what you want it to look like. The picture could show the entire body or just the part.

Now hold the paper in your hands and imagine the body/part changing from what it looks like now to what you want it to look like.

Then fold it up any way you like and tie it to the crystal. Then once more visualize the body part changing.

Put it away and every evening until the body is changed take it out and visualize it changing again.

When the change is done tear the paper up and scatter it to the wind.

This spell is very good for changing aspects you don't like. It took a few days to see results so don't expect an over nighter

Psychic Spells

A Psychic Herb Jar is an herb jar to enhance your powers physically and mentally.
Fill one jar with the following:
Cinnamon (for dream magick)
Nutmeg (for good luck)
Allspice (healing)
Ginger (lunar magick)
Basil (protection)
Fennel Seeds (spiritual healing)
Garlic (spiritual purification)
Marjoram (protection)
Sage (spiritual purification)
Cloves (protection)
Mustard Seed (protection)
Before you do any scrying-of any kind-inhale the scent deeply and shake the jar gently.

Psychic Awareness
Put a cauldron of water on the alter. Light white candles and appropriate incense.

Open the door to my inner life;
Reveal the past to me.
Open the door to my inner life,
That my way may be made free.
Send me the light of your cosmic fire;
Make my path bright clear.
Give me a sign, that's no will of mine,
To show me your presence is here.

Follow this by meditation and divination with the cauldron. Sometimes this must be done for several nights leading up to the Full Moon before your "Inner Doors" begin to open.



*Purple bag or cloth
*Vervain, Dragon's blood resin, Rosemary, Frankincense, Galangal or ginger root, High John oil,
personal power oil or Dragon's blood oil
*1 Clear quartz crystal
*A personal talisman
*Purple Candle

I suggest making up your own directions and spell for this one because it is a very personal pouch.
Add ingredients or objects that have meaning to you.

One suggestion:
Try to sew on some small semi-precious stone chips or stitch a personal symbol

Personal Energy Maintenance Spell

For protection and to maintain your personal energy field, visualize
yourself surrounded by an egg of energy. See this egg fill with light
as it surrounds you completely. In your mind, take a good look at this
egg. Inspect the front, the rear, and the sides, and examine the
spaces over your head and below your feet. If you notice any holes or
anything other than a clear, strong shell, fix it. See the outside of
your egg as strong yet flexible. Ask that this shell only allow in the
most beneficial energies, while it allows unwanted energy to flow
freely out and away from you. If you like, cover the shell with
outward-facing mirrors for added protection. Inspect and repair your
shell regularly.

Prayer In Times of Stress and Confusion

O Goddess, Mother of the green earth, blue waters, and silver moon; be with me now in my time of need.

Stress and confusion have taken over my life.

I feel the weight of life's burdens pulling me down.

I am afraid,

But, I know you hear me now.

Your loving kindness is making the weight easier to bear.

My God, Father of the dark forests, and shimmering mountains,

Impart to me some of your spiritual strength

So I may get through this time of crisis,

And get back to my normal life once more.

Blessed Be.

Adapted from:

From: The Wiccan Prayer Book by: Mark Ventimiglia

Phone Magick

When you think about your favorite magical tools, do you ever consider the telephone? Here's a few ideas which may make a common household object seem very, very magical!

Focus and Direct Energy:

Focusing and directing energy is a basic principle of magic. That's exactly what you do when you make a phone call. You are sending your intent via waves of electricity going through copper wires. In some cases you are using pulses of light going through fiber optics. But in either case, you are directing energy exactly where you choose.


Many use bells in magic to project energy through sound waves. Why not use the ringing of a telephone? When you call someone, you fill their home with the ringing of a bell. This could easily be used to send someone a house blessing. In fact, with their permission, you can "attach" virtually any kind of blessing to your phone call. A simple wake-up call could be a wish for a good day; a call to a sick friend could direct healing energies. You are limited only by your imagination!

Answering Machines:

Many spells involve "charging" an item, or storing energy within something to accomplish a specific purpose. Is this storage of energy all that different from recording sounds on a cassette tape? When an answering machine stores a message, it can also store the magical energy someone wishes to attach to their message. Callers are creating a charm of sorts. Ever sense something out of the ordinary before you play back a message? When a caller leaves their voice on your machine, they are charging a physical, tangible item located within your home with a bit of their energy. When you play the message, the energy is released. You can use this in several positive magical ways. For example, the message becomes a bit of that person, so it enables you to better touch them magically, the way a possession or piece of clothing would. You can also use your own message greeting as a protective device, stored within your machine to safeguard your home from incoming negativity.


Magic in color? Phones come in many colors. Own more than one phone? Which of the phones in your home best fits your intent for that specific call? Perhaps the red one? The white one? Another aspect of color in phone magic are the four colored wires that all phones use: black, yellow, red, green. Now that you know this, try using them to suit your need. Which one works best for you?


Some people use cords in magic; they believe its knots & tangles store energy. Why not the phone cord? You could wrap it around an object you use in the spell. Or you could recognize the knots and tangles in your phone cord as a part of your own daily life. Over the course of the days, little by little, the cord slowly took its twisted shape. As you untangle the cord, you can untangle the tensions or knots in your own life.

Sympathetic Magic:

Is there a person you want to (literally) hang up on? Just disconnect them from your life? See this as a magical event the next time you slam down the phone!

Crystals, Gems and Metals in Magic:

Phone wire is made of copper. Its circuitry is made of tiny silicon chips; silicon is a mineral found naturally as a common stone, like quartz. Properties of these items can easily be found in magical reference books. How are these metals and minerals special? How do they work for you?


Some people use the magic within numbers. What could be more personal than your phone number? While many people share your birthday or your age -- your area code/phone number is never, ever, duplicated anywhere in the world! It is truly unique. You can even interpret a phone number as a means of divination. Does your spell involve a person? Use their phone number. Does it involve a place? Use its area code. Have a magical name or special magical word? You can now pick your own vanity number, using the new "500" area code, available for as little as three dollars per month.

Cordless and Cellular Phones:

Many use a wand or athame to direct the energy they send forth. Is this any different than the way an antenna works for a transmitter? For a receiver? A cordless phone fills the air with waves of energy radiating throughout your entire home. Cellular phone waves go for miles! Why not use their energy release as a means to carry your intent?

A Personal Touch:

Many use personal items to help in magic (like a lock of hair, a bit of clothing or photo) as a means to help their magic reach another person. The person's unique essence left within this item helps become an addressing mechanism to aim the intent of the spell directly at that person. This "address" helps direct your energy, like a blood hound hot with the scent! Why not have the person you are working with on the phone during the spell? A phone conversation is actually a two-way exchange of energy. Use their essence this way.

Linkage to All:

The phone network is the perfect analogy to how all things in the universe are connected and interwoven. It is a physical link connecting you to others. When you hold your phone in your hand, you touch your neighbor -- whether next door or around the world - - through a physical link of telephone cables, usually made of copper. Recognize this connection and use it to enhance your magic. (You may even notice that one major "Telephone & Telegraph" company even uses a logo that shows a round blue symbol of the Earth -- entirely linked by lines of communication.)

Other "Ordinary" Household Items:

A very accurate definition of magic calls it "things not understood by science -- yet." Remember that magic doesn't necessarily exclude the things that are understood, things that you touch everyday. Now that you see the phone in a new way, what other everyday items in your home can be magical tools? Can you see the pilot of your stove or furnace as your perpetual candle flame? Can pondering your electrical outlet help link you to new sources of energy? Can the hot and cold knobs on your faucet help you understand balance between opposites? Again, you are limited only by your imagination!

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From: USA

(Date Posted:02/04/2009 06:20 AM)

This is a very powerful protection ritual/potion for a child, past or present. It is also simultaneously a healing potion for a child, because it creates a safe space for a child's soul to heal and then, to grow up strong and well.
To make this potion and deliver it I would consider a sacred service.

Potion to Protect The Innocence of a Child

Protect the Soul of a Child Potion Carrier or Receptor Base:

Water for drinking
OR oil for anointing
OR a receptive stone, such as a milky quartz or rose quartz pebble




Star Stone
Essences Burner


3 days to make, 7 days to apply.

1. The Dedication Ritual
One of the four core components of this potion is a tear cried for the child. This is what completely personalises the potion to the specific child.
There is always a good reason why someone would create a protection potion of this kind for a child present or past, here or now; such things are not done when there isn't a serious problem and one that cannot be fixed with aspirin or another serving of green vegetables.

To gather the tear, find a darkened room and place two white candles on a suitable surface.
Light them.
Look to the space between them to SEE the child, with all senses, all eyes, on all levels and all layers.*
* Do NOT use a photograph for this. It is a disturbance rather than a full representation of all the child is/was/will become.

Allow compassion, grace, love and desire for assistance to rise to the point where you cry for the child.

A single teardrop caught on the leaf of a plant or the petal of a flower, or any absorbent material is more than enough.

Place the teardrop and the receptor oil/water/stone in an essences burner for 24 hours exactly.

2. Now, remove the teardrop and place a star stone to the essences burner for a further 24 hours exactly.
This requests that this potion be made over three days and always at the same time, so allow in your planning for this.

3. To finalise the potion, place it outside where it has a clear view of the sky for moon and sun energies, once more for exactly 24 hours.
When the 3rd 24 hour period has passed, bring the potion back inside and seal it by drawing or affixing a star to the bottle/container.
Now, it is ready for use.

Use this potion on the child in a ONE DROP QUANTITY each day for a week. This holds the same for offering for example, one drop in a glass of water before bedtime, or a drop of oil on your fingertip for a surreptitious anointing on any part of the child's body.

After the week has passed, throw the rest of the potion and the bottle away.

It is done and it will stay done.

You can do this potion/ritual for your own self (inner child) and for other adults too, not just for children.

Prayer to the Moon

Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Lavender

For those who live close to nature, the phases of the Moon are an
invaluable guide for mundane and magical activities. Plants are not
gathered during the waning Moon, for it is believed that their sap or
essence moves into the root, making them dry or brittle. Therefore,
plants were commonly gathered during the waxing Moon or at the Full
Moon, when their power was at its highest. Here is a prayer to the
bright face of the Moon:

Glory to you forever,
Bright Moon, on this night.
You are ever the glorious
Lamp of the poor.
May your luster be full to every person in need,
and may mine be a good intent toward all who look upon her.

By: Sharynne NicMhacha

Preserving Our Resources

Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Neroli

Mabon is the second harvest festival in the wheel of the year, an
opportunity to say thanks once more for the bountiful harvest. The
resources of our Earth are precious and finite. In this spirit, this
date has been declared Car Free Day in many places in the world. Car
Free Day events highlight the many problems caused by our dependence on
the private automobile, including air pollution, global warming, stress,
and safety issues. In honor of the harvest of the blessings of Mother
Earth that sustain us in the year ahead, plan today to go about your
life without the use of your vehicle. Consider taking public
transportation, riding your bike, or walking as you tend to your day’s
schedule. Encourage the promotion of this as a community-wide event in
your city as others have done around the world. Celebrate the Earth by
giving back to her.

By: Winter Wren

Protective Smoothie

Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Ginger

For protection with an added antioxidant boost, make yourself a
berry smoothie today. In a blender, mix half a cup of milk and four
ounces of vanilla yogurt with one cup of frozen blackberries,
blueberries, and raspberries. Throw in a small handful of ice and blend
until smooth. As it blends, imagine a protective shield surrounding you,
and try this chant to raise some extra energy.

Fruit of blue and
Red and black,
I ask you please
To watch my back.
Berries of the
Earth and Sun,
Bless me until
This day is done.

Drink deeply and feel the blessings of the sacred smoothie filling
you, body, mind, and soul.

By: Kristin Madden

Spells for Protection

Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Juniper

As we near the cold, dark days of winter, this is a good time to protect
your household from theft, fire, and the demons of depression. Be sure
you’ve cleared your house of disorder and unneeded possessions before
you begin these spells. Make a garland of sprigs of marjoram and juniper
boughs and hang it on your front door to protect you and yours from
hostile spirits. A bunch of hazel twigs tied with a woman’s hair will
protect the house from fire. Keep this charm on your mantle if you have
a fireplace, or in a cupboard by the stove if you don’t. Prayers for
safe-keeping can be written on bay leaves and thrown in the fire for
further protection.

By: Lily Gardner

Practical Giving

Color of the day: Green
Incense of the day: Jasmine

Today is Eid-al-Fitr, a holiday celebrated by Muslims at the end of
Ramadan. This day is marked by a feast and gifts made to the poor. The
nature of these gifts is highly practical, such as clothing, money, and
food. To honor this day, choose an organization that assists the
impoverished and give them a small but useful-to-them gift that you have
endowed with the energy to bring about positive change in the world. If
you are unable to sacrifice money, then light a white candle and kneel
before it, seeing your own neighborhood or your own city becoming
healthier, stronger, and safer. Once the candle is finished burning
down, bury the wax in a park or other area near the part of the city you
feel needs the most help.

By: Diana Rajchel

Pagan Grace

Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Marigold

Many Pagans grew up “saying grace” over meals in a mainstream religion,
and later abandoned the habit. Yet the idea of giving thanks for
blessings received is profoundly Pagan, for we honor the spirits in all
things, including plants and animals. Hunters in traditional Pagan
cultures would say a prayer for the animals they killed; gatherers and
farmers would address the plants they harvested. It is appropriate to
practice thanksgiving in contemporary times as well, for all the bounty
of our lives. So here is a Pagan prayer suitable for saying grace:

Earth and sky
And rain and sun,
We give thanks
For all you've done.
Garden, pasture,
Seed, and brood,
Bless us with
This gift of food.

By: Elizabeth Barrette

Pillow Charm

Color of the day: Orange
Incense of the day: Heliotrope

Get a good night’s sleep with this simple dream pillow enspelled with
the Earth’s energy. In a small bowl, place one teaspoon each of vervain,
lavender, and patchouli, and one quarter-cup of buckwheat. As you add
each ingredient, pause a moment to imagine yourself waking up
well-rested and eager to greet the day, then add the herb and mix it
with the rest in the bowl. Hold a small piece of smooth obsidian in your
hands for a moment, charging it to bring you pleasant dreams. Add the
stone to the bowl of herbs for a moment, then stuff a small, tightly
closing drawstring bag with the mixture. Tuck in a safe spot under your

By: Laurel Reufner

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From: USA

(Date Posted:02/04/2009 06:22 AM)

Prosperity Charm

Color of the day: Pink
Incense of the day: Yarrow

Select a coin or dollar bill and place it in a glass or clay bowl or
jar. Cover it with earth and place a piece of aventurine or clear quartz
on top. As you assemble the spell, imagine you are building a foundation
for financial success. The fertile earth will increase your prosperity
and the stone will further magnify it. Set the bowl in a northern corner
of your home and repeat the following:

My prosperity will
Grow and flower,
Increasing my
Financial power.
Bills are paid
With funds to spare,
Money both
To save and share.

Keep the bowl or jar in place as long as you feel it is necessary.

By: Ember

Spell for Peace

Color of the day: Black
Incense of the day: Sandalwood

Yama, the Hindu god of death, is honored today. Cover your altar with a
black cloth. In the south quadrant of your altar, make an offering to
Yama of a dish of cooked rice and a pot of rainwater. Sit before the
altar and think about those who have gone before you. Remember that your
thoughts send vibrations throughout our interconnected universe, so wish
your relatives well. Now focus on your breath. Inhale for five counts,
holding the word “peace” in your mind as you inhale. Exhale for five
counts, seeing yourself breathing peace out into the world. Meditate in
this fashion for twenty minutes. At the end of your meditation, bow to
Yama and say: “May the good of this practice benefit my ancestors, and
all of us living in the world today.”

By: Lily Gardner

Peaceful Home Spell

Color of the day: Lavender
Incense of the day: Clary sage

Having a harmonious home often depends on the surroundings outside your
home as well as within. To attract good neighbors, light a white or blue
candle and recite the following:

Let good neighbors
Come our way,
Keep the noisy ones at bay.Bring the quiet,
Peaceful type,
Ones that we are sure to like.
Let us live here happily—
For the good of all,
So mote it be.

Visualize your ideal neighbors and allow the candle to burn completely.
Bury the cool candle wax outside in the yard, garden, or in a flower pot.

By: Ember

Personal Cooling Spell

Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Nutmeg

Late July can be uncomfortably hot. Here’s a spell that will help you to
keep cool. When feeling overheated, draw a cool bath. Add cooling
ingredients like fresh mint, lemon balm, or a green tea infusion.
Consecrate the bathwater with your athame, wand, or hand, saying:
“Water, be blessed. Water, soothe me. May this water banish
uncomfortable heat. Water, drive away the harsh heat of summer. So mote
it be!” (Make sure you banish “uncomfortable heat,” not “heat.” You
don’t want hypothermia!) In the tub, ground and center. Now visualize
the heat pouring off you into the water. Before you empty the bath, put
some of the water into a sealed container. Drain the water, saying,
“Water drains and I am cool. Uncomfortable heat is banished.” Next time
you’re overheated, pour out a little water from the container,
visualizing your heat draining away, saying, “Water drains and I am
cool. Uncomfortable heat is banished.”

By: Deborah Lipp

Protection from Crime

Color of the day: Purple
Incense of the day: Vanilla

The goddess of robbers, Furina, (which is the name of a venomous snake),
was honored on this day at the Roman festival of Furinalia. This reminds
us to put up our guard against any criminal activity. This can easily be
done while you are out in the world by a simple visualization. Imagine a
golden helmet emanating from the crown of your head. See it very clearly
in your mind’s eye. One by one, draw four shields down across the front,
back and sides of your body, closing around you like a suit of armor.
Affirm your safety by declaring: “The shields of Athena protect me!”
Protect your home by placing sardonyx, a stone of strength and
protection against crime, around your house and garden to ward off any
would-be robbers. Create a gem elixir with this crystal by placing it in
water and charging it in the Sun for twelve hours. Keep it preserved
with a good dose of alcohol. Before you leave the house, spray it over
your body to cast a glamour of protection around you.

By: Igraine

Peach Wood Prayer Stick

Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Geranium

Peach wood has many magical uses. It has been valued in Asia for its
ability to repel negativity and to make magic wands. This spell uses
peach wood to create a prayer or spell stick. August, when peaches are
in season, would be a perfect time to do this. Obtain a slender branch
from a peach tree (this may be deadfall or removed in a respectful
manner). When the Moon is in a waxing phase, pray over it and carve your
initials into it. Think of your magical purpose, then hide the stick
until the Full Moon. At this time, cleanse the stick in the smoke of a
protective herbal incense such as sage. Your peach spell stick is ready
to use. Include your peach stick in any spell by holding it as you speak
a charm, or use it to direct power to a specific location. Peach wood is
especially good for love, fertility, or good luck spells.

By: James Kambos

Power of Hermes Charm

Color of the day: Brown
Incense of the day: Bay laurel

For blessings in travel and communication today, place one celery seed
in each shoe. Visualize the god Mercury or Hermes before you in golden
light with winged helmet and shoes. Say, “Hermes, thrice blessed, I
thank you for your presence in my life. Grant me ease of travel and
communication. Help me to be quick and clear of mind and speech. Allow
me to wing my way through challenges with grace.” See him reach out and
touch your shoes, filling you from the feet upward with his golden
light. Feel that you are now filled with the blessing of the winged
messenger. Any time you feel frustrated or at a loss for the right thing
to say, take a deep breath and recall this feeling. Allow his blessings
to flow through you.

By: Kristin Madden

Psychic Sweeping Ritual

Color of the day: Black
Incense of the day: Hyssop

Energy patterns in our homes tend to get gunked up, making them
uncomfortable places to live. Practicing feng shui and clearing out
clutter can go a long way toward alleviating that; however, a little
psychic sweeping is just the thing to quickly remove that gunky buildup
and make you more at ease in your own home. To begin, place a lit white
candle on either your altar or the center of your table. Next, mindfully
sweep your home. Remember to get in all the corners where energy can
pool and to get behind the furniture. Pick stuff up off the floor and
tuck it away. Sweep toward a doorway and immediately remove anything you
sweep up to a location outside the home.

By: Laurel Reufner

Prosperity and Love

Color of the day: Silver
Incense of the day: Narcissus

This is the eve of St. John’s Day, the Voodoo Midsummer celebration, and
a day to perform spells for love, abundance, and protection. An old
spell the British cast on this day is to walk around a church,
clockwise, seven times at midnight. Sowing hemp seed as you walk, say:
Hempseed I sow,
Hempseed I sow,
Let him that is my true love,
Come after me and mow.
Look over your left shoulder and you should see an image of your lover.
(Best to be mindful of the law if you try this old spell.) A voodoo
charm for love and abundance is to make a string of pearls and little
bells, visualizing a life rich with abundance and love. Now, make an
offering of honey to Erzulie, goddess of love and abundance. Into the
honey, put five cinnamon sticks, five cloves, and five pumpkin seeds.
Light a vanilla candle and ask Erzulie for her blessing. Wear the string
of pearls and bells as a talisman.

Planting Magic

Color of the day: Red
Incense of the day: Geranium

Today is Earth Day, a day to raise consciousness about humanity’s impact
on the planet. More specifically, this day addresses how our day-to-day
practices affect our long-term changes for survival. The single most
appropriate action anyone can do on Earth Day is to plant a tree. Every
freshly planted tree helps refresh the oxygen supply in the atmosphere,
filters pollution, and undoes a portion of the damage that industrial
toxins cause. Since not everyone can plant a tree, particularly those
who live in apartments, the next best thing someone can do to honor this
day and to honor the magical life is to start a small indoor garden. A
small box and a plant light can help grow small herbs such as peppermint
that you can use in tea and in regular practice—and the small plants
still filter the air within your apartment, making your own space healthier.

By: Diana Rajchel

Pagan Activism
Color of the day: Maroon
Incense of the day: Ginger
Today marks International Anti-Corruption Day, the anniversary of a
conference against corruption held by the United Nations in Mexico,
2004. The intent is to send the message that combating corruption is the
responsibility of all governments. There are traditions of Witches who
have a history of combining magic with activism, and today is the day to
tap into that activist spirit. What is your cause? Whether you care
about the rights of women in oppressive regimes or about reducing the
smog index in your own city, today is a day to take action and put some
magic behind it. Write a letter to your editor, or to your
representative. Make a phone call. Then light a candle and speak to Lady
Liberty. Ask her to tip her scales towards justice. Place the candle in
a window, where other people can see the light you’re sending out in the
By: Diana Rajchel

Peace Invocation

Color of the day: Lavender
Incense of the day: Lily

One of the greatest accomplishments of the magical path is a deep
connection with a sense of peace. Peace brings us increased awareness
and vision, harmony and understanding, wisdom and ability. When you seek
a deep connection with this inner place, create a spiral on your third
eye with hallowed water, and hold a sacred stone over your heart.
Breathe in and out deeply nine times, intoning this modern adaptation of
a traditional Scottish prayer:

The peace of the gods,
The peace of all humans,
Be upon each thing
Which my eyes take in,
Upon my body,
Which is of the Earth,
Upon my spirit,
Which came from the old ones.
Peace between neighbors,
Peace between kindred,
Peace between lovers,
The deep peace of joy,
The peace of the old gods,
The peace of the fairy bowers,
The stillness of peace,
The breath of peace everlasting.

By: Sharynne NicMhacha

Protection Charm

Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Hyssop

Every culture has its beliefs about the use of amulets, which are
objects placed in the home or worn or carried on the person for
protection. In Scotland, bracelets of leather, copper, braided hair, or
red coral were often worn for protection. Necklaces of lucky stones or
pebbles protected against drowning, lightning, or robbery. Silver coins,
iron objects, and the berries and twigs of the Rowan tree were also
commonly used, as well as herbs like rue. Here is a protective charm to
recite whenever you want to intensify your protective field:

Power of silver,
Power of stone,
Protect me fully,
And my home.
Power of Rowan,
Power of rue,
Bless and shield
All that I do.
Power of thread,
Power of bone,
My power intact,
And left alone.

By: Sharynne NicMhacha



These are hung by your bed to encourage a restful sleep and sweet
10 Cardamon pods 1 tsp. Salt 15 cloves
1/2oz peppermint 1/2 oz rosemary dried peel of 1 lemon
Light a white and pink candle, place them on your work area (kitchen
table, counter top).
Crush the cloves, cardamon and salt to a fine powder. Blend with the
herbs and put in bags.
As you are making the bags concentrate on peaceful memories and
beautiful thoughts.
When you hang the bags by your bed say out loud:
Sleep be with me Peaceful sleep Restful sleep
Let my mind be eased Let my body be calmed
Wings of darkness Let the sight of night and dream
be clear, be quiet Let my troubles drift away and let me dream

Spell to Protect an Object

Trace a pentagram over the object that you wish to protect while saying:

With this pentagram
Protection I lay
To guard this object
Both night and day
And for him who should no touch
May his body shiver and quake
I now invoke the law of three
This is my will, so mote it be!

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