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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 06:10 AM)
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All Spells beginning with the letter
will be posted under this thread as they are found.
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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 06:16 AM)

Egg-Coloring Spell

    As Ostara approaches, a bit of egg magic gains potency. T0 do some
egg-coloring magic, hard-boil some white eggs. Draw symbols on them
using a white crayon or wax pencil. These symbols--runes, hearts, dollar
signs, or words--should represent what you want to manifest in your
life. Mix food colors to dye the eggs, and add a bit of salt and vinegar
to some boiling water. Let the water cool slightly, and add the food
coloring to the water. Dip the eggs in the dye with a spoon. If you
wish, you may repeat the dipping in order to create more vivid colors.
The symbols you drew on the eggs in white crayon will stand out against
the vivid colors. Dry the eggs on paper towels, then refrigerate them.
Each day thereafter, peel and eat an egg and reflect on the wishes that
you hope to manifest. As you feed yourself this nutritious, high-protein
food, an ancient symbol of sacred fertility, spend a few moments
imagining its good and magical qualities giving you the power and will
to achieve your desired goals.

To Overcome Bad Habits

Color of the day: Red
Incense of the day: Basil

St. Martha, whose feast day is celebrated today, won fame for subduing a
dragon that terrorized the villagers of Provence back in 48 CE. Ever
since, people in need of strength have prayed to her. For this spell,
you’ll need a green candle, a small dragon figure, and a likeness of St.
Martha. Arrange these items on your altar. Place the image of Martha in
the south quadrant of your altar, the direction of will. Write down the
bad habit you wish to rid yourself of on a slip of paper. Hold the paper
in your dominant hand as you light the candle. Say: “St. Martha, I ask
for your aid and protection. As you did overcome the dragon, I ask you
to help me overcome my [name your habit].” Now visualize your day
without the drag of your habit. Remember, it’s important to replace your
bad habit with a different, more healthy activity. Spend at least five
minutes at the start of your day and five minutes at the end of the day
doing this visualization. Carry the dragon as a reminder that you’ve
overcome your addiction.

By: Lily Gardner

Organizational Change

Color of the day: Purple
Incense of the day: Rose

Being disorganized is nothing to be proud of, but if messy is the only
pattern you’ve known, getting your act together requires the challenging
process of changing how you think. This may take repetition until it all
sinks in. Take three cards out of a tarot deck: the Strength card, the
High Priestess card, and the Star card. Strength represents your power
to change. The High Priestess represents your will to change. The Star
represents the change achieved. Clear a space in your messiest area and
set these cards out. Every day for two weeks, take a moment and
visualize yourself inside each of these cards. As each day goes by, the
influence of the symbols in the card will affect the way you think,
until pulling yourself and your clutter together will be a small matter
to you. Aid the spell by seeking out new methods of time management.

By: Diana Rajchel

An Offering to the Sea

Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Eucalyptus

August is vacation month, and many of us spend time by the sea
reflecting on her great mystery. The sea celebrates the union of Earth
and sky. Her magical moondance of ebb and flow in step with wax and
wane, inhale and exhale, is the very breath of spirit. We can sit by her
side and witness the wheel turning, our own cyclic nature, and the power
to transform our lives. To honor her mystery, rise when the Sun rises.
Have an abalone shell to use as your altar. As you walk to the beach,
gather small objects such as a seed pod, a bird’s feather, a perfectly
round stone that looks like the Full Moon, a twig in the shape of a
rune, wild sweet peas, or sparkling sea glass. Give each object a
purpose or symbolic meaning as you place it in your abalone shell. When
you have reached the beach find a perfect spot that feels right to you.
Cast a circle with driftwood. Sit down and place your sea altar before
you. Raise your face to the warm Sun and greet the gods and goddesses of
the sea. Ask them to accept your offering for their blessing of positive
change and transformation.

By: Igraine

Odin's Quickness Spell

Color of the day: Brown
Incense of the day: Lilac

Wednesday belongs to the god Odin, and is ruled by the planet Mercury.
It concerns such matters as transformation, contradiction, cleverness,
and creativity. To gain quickness of mind and tongue, you may call upon
Odin. For this spell, you need a medallion with a symbol of Odin on
it—such as a valknott, Odin’s Horn, othala rune, or raven. Capture the
energy of the day by reciting this charm over the medallion—once at
dawn, once at noon, and once at dusk:

Grey-bearded god
Of Wednesday’s wit,
Lend me, when
I have need of it,
Raven’s wondrously
Clever tongue
Of which the skalds
Of old have sung.

Wear the medallion next to your skin when you need extra cleverness.

By: Elizabeth Barrette

An Oak Tree Spell

Color of the day: Crimson
Incense of the day: Carnation

Ever since King Charles II of England hid in an oak tree to protect
himself from political enemies during the 1600s, this day has been known
as Oak Apple Day. Images of oak trees, acorns, oak leaves, and branches
are displayed everywhere. The oak tree has had a long association with
magic since the days of early Britain. Any part of an oak tree can be
used in fertility, health, protection, or good luck spells. Here are two
such spells. For good fortune, bind together two oak branches with red
ribbon to form a cross and hang them outside your home. To bring a wish
into your life, take three branches each of oak, hawthorn, and ash. Tie
them together with raffia or twine. Think of your wish and cast them
upon a fire to release the spell. Or keep your bundle of wood and burn
it in a ritual fire at Litha, the Summer Solstice.

By: James Kambos

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