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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 01:14 AM)
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All Spells beginning with the letter
will be posted under this thread as they are found.
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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 01:14 AM)

Fire Powder for Abundance
Each of the herbs, essential oils and colors listed in this recipe were chosen because they correspond to such values as Abundance, Blessing, Fertility, Joy, Luck, Prosperity, Success, and Wealth. Use these powders to attract overall abundance in your life.
* Herbs:
    * Basil
    * Bay
    * Carnation
* Essential Oils:
    * Bergamot
    * Orange
    * Rosemary
* Colors:
    * Gold
    * Green
    * Red
To create this wishing powder, simply gather together the ingredients listed (herbs, essential oils, and colored glitter & confetti), a bowl for mixing (I recommend a plastic bowl with a lid since it is much easier to shake a powder together than to stir), and any measuring cups or spoons you prefer to use. You may also like to purchase a mortar and pestle to help break up large chunks of herbs.
Once you have all your equipment ready, measure each ingredient into the bowl. Cover your bowl tightly with its lid and shake vigorously until the ingredients are well blended. To empower your magickal powder, visualize what you would like the powder to accomplish – money in your bank account, your perfect soul mate, or the excited face of your best friend when you present her with a special birthday wishing powder. Hold this image in your mind at least until you have finished shaking. Ideally, you will be thinking about this purpose throughout the whole creation process – from gathering ingredients to packaging the finished powder – to give your magick as much energy as possible. You may even wish to chant a special incantation over your powder!
To package your finished powder, you may measure it into small plastic zipper bags, pour them into small glass vials or plastic tubes, or even store them in the bowl you used to create them. The possibilities are nearly endless! Just remember to label the powder once you've packaged it and include a list of ingredients and instructions for use.

The Forget Me Not Spell

For this Spell you will need these ingredients:
A square of white cloth (a handkerchief will do)
A sprig of mint
A photograph of you and your lover, together
A pair of your lover's underpants
A pair of your sexy underwear
A piece of scarlet ribbon

The best time to cast this Spell is on the night of a Full Moon.

Gather the Spell ingredients together, and find a quiet spot in your home where you can be alone.

Place the white cloth on a flat surface and then put the mint, the photograph, and your lover's underpants on top of the cloth.

Take a bath or shower and, after patting yourself dry, put on your own underwear and repeat this chant:

'My love will protect you.
My love will surround you.
You'll never forget my love is true.'

Now take off your underwear and place them with all the other items. Gather up the four corners of the cloth as if you're making a bag, then tie up the ends with the scarlet ribbon.

Keep your Forget Me Not bag in a safe place. Put it in your lover's luggage when he goes on a trip.

Find a lost familiar

Light white candles of any size. Make sure you have a hair, feather (etc) of your familiar, before you say the spell. The spell may be done in any part of the moon phase, but sooner reciting of the spell will result in sooner finding of the familiar. Here is the spell:

What has been lost I call to thee
Much more than just good company.
Goddess and God, please lend your ears
Please help me find what I hold dear.
Blessed be! So mote it be

Drop the piece of your familiar into the first flame. Write down & memorize the spell. Burn the piece of paper and chant the spell until it is nothing but ash.

- Submitted by insano_neko

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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 01:15 AM)

Finding lost objects

Keeper of what disappears,
Hear me now -- open your ears.
Find for me what I now seek,
By Moon, Sun, Earth, Air, Fire and Sea.

- Dorothy Morrison

Say or chant

"I now invoke the law of three what once was lost returns to me"

Feng Shui Spell

by: Cerridwen Iris Shea

To tap into the ancient magic of feng shui, start with a bulletin board. With colored ribbon or tape, divide it into a bagua (an octogram divided into nine sections). Paste lists, pictures, and talismans in the appropriate areas, asking your favorite goddess of movement or change to help guide you. On every New Moon, remove what you no longer need. During the waxing Moon, add new ideas. Use it as an inspiration for actual changes in your home and life. The energy you put into the constant movement of items on the board will start to manifest in your life.

Five Points of the Pentagram Protection Spell

Get drawing paper, and draw a large pentagram on it, without drawing a circle around it. Take five votive candles, and place them at each corner of the star. Get your broom, and light each candle saying this:

With each corner that I light,
this star of all stars so bright
will show my way and my path
to protect loved ones from anger and wrath.
Let this path be one of ease,
as we walk through the trees
with this fire I command tonight,
blessings upon those who walk it right.
So mote it be.

Face outward, and sweep your broom one full circle counterclockwise around your pentagram. Finish your pentagram by drawing a circle around it.

Fresh Air Spell

Color of the day: Ivory
Incense of the day: Hyssop

This spell is to create a room-cleansing mist to cleanse a space of
negative energy and create a positive atmosphere. Make a “tea bag” by
adding equal parts of rosemary and sage to a piece of cheesecloth. Tie
the bag and toss it into water that is just at the brink of boiling.
Allow this infusion to steep until it’s partially cooled. Remove the
cheesecloth bag and pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle. Sprinkle
in a few drops of peppermint and orange essential oil and add a sprig of
dill and a pinch of sea salt. Place the bottle on your altar or a table
and allow it to cool completely. If you wish, make a circle of quartz
crystals around it and focus your intent on specific issues you wish to
manifest. Spray the mixture into the air of any room you would like to
freshen with positive energy.

By: Ember

Feed the World Prayer

Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Mulberry

World Food Day was established in 1945 by the United Nations to
create awareness of all the people worldwide who suffer from hunger each
day. All over the globe, nations come together by hosting week-long
events in observation of this special day. Our world has the means to
feed us all, and yet hundreds of millions of people are chronically
malnourished. Take a moment today to reflect and pray for abundance for
all. Annapurna is the Hindu goddess of food. She is empowered with the
ability to feed everyone who hungers. She also symbolizes the divine
aspect of nourishing care. She carries a jeweled vessel containing food
and a spoon to distribute it to those who are impoverished. Call her
light into being today by saying this prayer:

For those in need,
Use your vessel
To nourish and feed
All who hunger
In body and soul.
Food for the world
Is our ultimate goal.
Blessed be!

Make your offering by committing a day this week to feed someone in

By: Igraine

Feast of Sekhmet

Color of the day: Rose
Incense of the day: Alder

Sekhmet is a ferocious, lion-headed goddess—part of a triad, along with
Bast and Hathor. In one of her furies, she killed men who displeased her
and drank their blood until the gods mixed it with enough wine to put
her to sleep. When she awakened, she couldn’t remember why she was so
angry. In honor of Sekhmet, honor the positive aspects of controlled
anger. Ask Sekhmet to guide you in channeling your anger for use in
positive change, rather than lashing out at anyone causing harm. Drink a
glass of red wine or a red non-alcoholic beverage in her honor.

By: Cerridwen Iris Shea

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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 01:17 AM)

Faithful Lover Spell

Color of the day: Brown
Incense of the day: Marjoram

Today traditionally celebrates Fides, the Roman goddess of faithfulness.
Ask her help to strengthen a relationship. Take a picture of you, one of
your beloved, and some red yarn. Place the pictures facing each other
and say: “In our eyes we see the love that can be between each other.”
Wrap the red yarn round the pictures three times and say: “Tied to each
other, our hearts are linked in faithful thoughts and actions.” Place
these in a white envelope and seal it. Draw a picture of an eye on the
front. Say:

Great Fides,
Encourage the love inside,
Faithfully it will grow.
If not to be,
Soon reveal to me,
Through this all-seeing eye
So that I will know.

By: Nancy Bennett

Forgiveness Spell

Color of the day: Ivory
Incense of the day: Clary sage

Forgiving someone who has hurt you is not something you do for the
person who did you wrong. Forgiveness is something you do for yourself,
and for yourself alone. This is why forgiving someone who wronged you is
so difficult. A spell that will help this process is to take a daisy on
a windy day, and to pluck each petal while saying:

While what you’ve done
Is not forgot,
I’ve let you go,
I hate you not.
Should your shadow
Cross my door,
Your presence won’t
Touch me anymore.
I am free from all my anger,
And I treat you as a stranger.
In this time and in this hour,
I forgive you, and now
You have no power.

Watch the petals float away, taking your pain along with them.

By: Diana Rajchel

Fresh Start Spell

Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Lilac

Today is the New Moon, a time for beginnings and fresh starts. Now
that summer is here, use this opportunity to boost your energy and
passion, and to move forward in your life. For this spell you can burn a
white candle for the New Moon and a green candle to represent all the
boundless and growing energy of the summertime. Light the candles and
repeat the charm.

On this magic night of the July New Moon,
Success in my new projects Will begin soon.
A white candle for the Moon, And starts that are fresh,
Green for luck and energy, May my spell be blessed.
Now spin the magic around, Flow out and about,
Prosperity in and
Negativity out.

By: Ellen Dugan

Festival of Cerridwen

Color of the day: Turquoise
Incense of the day: Carnation

Today is dedicated to Cerridwen, a Celtic goddess of fertility, magic, and shapeshifting. Her name means “White Sow,” and that animal is her special symbol. Cerridwen also keeps the cauldron of rebirth, in which souls are rejuvenated before moving on to a new life. Honor Cerridwen with a feast involving her symbols. Serve a rich pork roast or barbecued ribs, along with foods that pigs adore, such as corn, nuts, and truffles. Decorate the table or altar with images of white pigs. Include a cast-iron cauldron if you have one. Invoke Cerridwen with words such as these:

Crafty one,
Come and see
What we’ve done.
Great White Sow,
We call you—
Be here now!

By: Elizabeth Barrette

Spell for Freedom from Fear

Color of the day: Coral
Incense of the day: Violet

Every Fourth of July there’s lots of noise: explosions, firecrackers. This can be frightening. I often wonder how many people sit home, cringing, as the world outside explodes. This spell uses numerology, aromatherapy, and affirmation to conquer fear. Begin your morning by grounding yourself in front of the mirror and saying, “I am safe. I am free.” Modify the affirmation to your needs, but keep it positive—talk about courage rather than fear. Add numerology to your spell by using three sets of four (twelve) repetitions. In this way, your affirmation is both solid (four) and dynamic (three). Keep some tea (or a teabag) with you, and whenever you feel afraid, inhale the scent of the tea while repeating your affirmation. Courage herbs include black cohosh, tea, borage, thyme, and yarrow. To ease anxiety and bring peace, use lavender or vervain instead.

By: Deborah Lipp

St. Francis' Day

Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Magnolia

St. Francis of Assisi wrote about praising the creator through “Brother
Sun,” “Sister Moon,” and “Mother Earth,” and about honoring the four
sacred elements and the joy of rebirth. Use this day to pay homage to
your deity through nature. Spend some time outdoors, feed the birds, go
hiking, or simply meditate on the sacred qualities of the natural world
and how each part is vital to our survival. Make an offering by setting
out birdseed or planting a tree. Use this chant for meditation if you

Earth, air, fire, water,
All unite to make a whole.
Body, mind, heart, blood,
Build the world and the soul.

By: Ember

Spell for Friendship

Color of the day: Gold
Incense of the day: Marigold

Today is Friendship Day! Lemons are associated with friendship; to
sweeten them, how about lemon candy? Take six lemons. Visualize them as
shining Suns that brighten friendship. Send energy into them, saying,
“Friendship is here. Warmth and kindness are here. Blessed be.” While
you cook, visualize glowing friendship coming from the lemons. Peel the
lemons and cut peels into strips. In a saucepan, cover peels with water
and boil for twenty minutes. Drain, rinse, and set aside. Bring one cup
each of water and sugar to a boil, stir, and reduce heat. Cook until you
have a syrup. Add peel to syrup and cook five minutes over medium heat.
Drain. Roll peels in one-third cup of sugar, coating both sides. Let
stand on a drying rack for a few hours. Make gift packages labeled “For
Friendship Day” and give to each of your friends or potential friends.

By: Deborah Lipp

Feast of the Furies

Color of the day: Black
Incense of the day: Sage

The Greek furies (or Erinyes) hounded transgressors in order to gain
retribution for those wronged. They chased Orestes after he murdered his
mother and her husband in the House of Atreus cycle, and it took
Athena’s intervention to save him. I don’t find the furies frightening;
I find them helpful. The furies give no quarter and take no prisoners.
If you invoke them to do harm because it suits your ego, they will turn
on you and there is no escape. But their energy can also be harnessed as
a positive catalyst in your life, especially if your life is in danger.
Even if you do not need their help right now, honor the positive side of
anger. Go to the furies with an open heart and a clear conscience.
Because sometimes, you need anger in order to survive.

By: Cerridwen Iris Shea

Freya's Love Spell

Color of the day: Pink
Incense of the day: Thyme

Tonight you can combine the energies of the waxing Moon phase and the
loving energies of a Friday (which is Freya’s day and connected to
Venus) in your spell work. This is the perfect opportunity to work a
spell that draws romance and attraction into your life. It also boosts
your own confidence as well. To begin, light a pink candle and repeat
the charm:

Rosy pink candle
Burning warm and bright,
Lend your magic to mine
On Freya’s night.
May I walk in beauty
Each and every day,
Bring romance into my life
In the best possible way.

By: Ellen Dugan

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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 01:18 AM)

Feast of the Divine Trinity

Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Heliotrope

The ancient Greeks observed the rites of Eleusis, whose inner mysteries
are lost to the mists of time. Yet fragments remain that can be used to
reconstruct new rituals. This day was the feast of the divine trinity,
honoring Demeter, Kore, and Iacchos. For this ritual, it’s best to have
three celebrants: an older woman for Demeter, a younger woman for Kore,
and a man for Iacchos. Together they represent life, death, and rebirth.
Bedeck the altar with flowers, golden apples, cider, and barley cakes.
Iacchos the torch-bearer should light golden candles, while Demeter and
Koré share the bounty of food and cider in communion with all that is.
Music and dancing make a traditional conclusion to the festivities.

By: Elizabeth Barrette

Fortuna Luck Spell

Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Bayberry

Fortuna, goddess of fate and change, was honored today, and so if you
are looking for a bit of luck or a change in your life, now is the time
to take a chance with “she who brings.” Gather together the following
lucky items: a shamrock (or shamrock pin), a horseshoe (you can make one
out of cardboard and tinfoil), and three coins. Place them on a green
cloth. Imagine what you wish for: more money, a new job, etc. See
yourself happy in that setting, smiling and enjoying the change. Then
place your hand over the items and say:
Blessed Fortuna,
Smile upon me,
Guide me to my goals.
Change things for the better,
Allow me to control.
My destiny, my destiny,
My destiny,
Three times spoke,
So mote it be.
Gather the items in the cloth, tie it, and keep it close for the next
few days. Now, go out and seek your new fortune!

By: Nancy Bennett

Festival of Epona

Color of the day: Pink
Incense of the day: Mint

Honored in the Celtic lands long before the coming of the Romans,
Epona is known as the Celtic goddess of horses and the protector of all
animals. With that in mind, this is an excellent day to honor our animal
companions and friends. Spend extra time with your animal companions.
They need quality attention and play time just as much as human friends.
Invoke the blessing and guardianship of Epona upon them as they journey
with you through life. For those who love animals and at this point in
their life cannot have an animal friend of their own, consider this as
an opportunity to spend time with animals who do not have human
companions of their own. Consider spending volunteer time working with
animals at the local animal shelter or doing fundraising in support of
no-kill shelters to help animals find their home in this world. Epona
will smile upon you.

By: Winter Wren

Feast of the Triple Goddess

Color of the day: Indigo
Incense of the day: Patchouli

According to a calendar of traditions marked only as “old European,”
today is the feast of the Triple Goddess. Specifically, it’s a day to
acknowledge and celebrate the turning wheel when Virgin becomes Mother.
Celebrate the aspects of the goddess today, Maiden, Mother, and Crone,
in everyone you meet. Smile. Radiate love and joy. See beyond clothing,
religious representation, skin color, and surface accoutrements into the
souls of those around you. Expect to experience the Goddess in everyone
you meet, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

By: Cerridwen Iris Shea

Fairy Cheer Charm

Color of the day: Turquoise
Incense of the day: Balsam

Although folklore often portrays them as tricksters, the fairies are
generous to those who befriend them. They are especially fond of things
they can’t easily make or obtain themselves, such as cream and butter.
Rich yellow butter also draws on the power of the Sun. For this spell,
you need a small piece of real butter—organic butter, if you can get it.
Put the butter on a plate, and set it outside in the morning. (If you
don’t want to leave good dishware outside, use a leaf as a plate.) Then say:

Fairy folk, so full of cheer,
Bring a happy presence here.
Grant to me a sunny fate,
As the butter on this plate.

The fairies will consume the essence of the butter and grant you a
joyful day. In the evening, bring the plate back indoors.

By: Elizabeth Barrette

Find Your Love Match

Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Yarrow

Have your altar set up with symbols of the four elements. You’ll need a
pink candle and an ashtray or fireproof tile. Draw a picture of yourself
(or whomever you’re doing the spell for) and a picture of your ideal
lover (someone you haven’t yet met). Cut each picture out in a heart
shape. Place the two pictures one on top of the other, facing each
other. Roll the two pieces of paper up together, and tie the bundle with
pink or red thread or ribbon. Consecrate the bundle by the four
elements, sending power into it. Visualize love, attraction, and
magnetism. Say, “This love match is soon to be!” while sending more
energy into the bundle. Light the pictures on the candle and burn them
in the ashtray. See the energy released into the world to do its work.
Scatter the ashes outdoors.

By: Deborah Lipp

Festival of Libertas

Color of the day: Amber
Incense of the day: Juniper

Libertas began her career as a goddess of freedom and later became the
goddess of the Commonwealth of Rome. On this day, to honor Libertas,
take a stand to protect your personal freedoms and the freedoms of those
around you. Do you see an injustice? Sit down and write a letter to the
newspaper, your political representatives, or blog about it. If you’re
fortunate enough to live in a place of freedom and tolerance, do
something to help those who don’t. Log on to PEN ( and write
a letter in support of an artist whose freedoms are compromised. Honor
Libertas with action.

By: Cerridwen Iris Shea

Feline Blessing
Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Basil
For this spell you will need an envelope decorated with Egyptian symbols
of good luck and blessing, some clippings of your cat’s hair and your
own, and a picture of your most beloved feline familiar.
Set up this altar in the Sun, near an area where your cat likes to bask.
Spread your altar with cat stuff—her favorite toys, catnip, etc. Place
the picture and hair in the middle and say:
Beloved cat,
beloved friend,
May our friendship
Never end.
  From whiskers’ edge
To tip of tail,
May Bast protect
Without fail.
Nine times nine
Your life and mine,
In Bast’s blessing,
Seal the envelope with both sets of hair and picture inside. Place it
high on your mantle or shelf near the heart of your home (or somewhere
special to your cat). Open the catnip, invite your cat up for a cuddle,
and have a purrfect ending to this spell.
By: Nancy Bennett

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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 01:19 AM)

Fairy Protection Spell

Color of the day: Amber
Incense of the day: Hyacinth

The month of May is traditionally associated with the fairies, and
interactions between this world and the fairy realm are common at this
time of year. In Celtic folklore, human beings venture forth to meet
with both mortal and fairy lovers. If you desire this type of
relationship, carry talismans of protection that will allow you to
return to this world. These Scottish lyrics tell of a union with a fairy
lover—use them if you dare!

Bannocks and cream
I’ll give to thee,
Wine of the wort
I’ll give to thee,
Well I’ll love thee,
Under the plaid,
If you come home with me
To the fairy knoll.
I was last night
In the meadow,
Drinking ale with the
Beguiling one.
I left my love in the doorway
Of the fairy bower
With eyes like a star
And a voice like a
Stringed instrument.
My green-clad love
Of the mist.

By: Sharynne NicMhacha

Fresh Start Spell

Color of the day: Scarlet
Incense of the day: Cedar

Use this spell to create a fresh start whenever you feel the need.
Light two candles, one red and one white, and keep them in a place
where you can watch them burn. Visualize anything in your life that
you want to change or be cleansed of—such as bad memories or a bad
habit. Imagine the red candle consuming and the white re-energizing
you with pure, white light.
Consuming fire take away,
Obstacles that block my way;

Cleanse me with
The purest light,
Renew me,
Make my spirit bright.

By: Ember

A Fertility Spell

Color of the day: Orange
Incense of the day: Eucalyptus

Whether you want to be fertile in body or in another aspect of your life, now is the time to call out and honor Flora and ask her for her blessing. For this spell you will need to purchase a plant that most represents your need. For instance, an orchid according to Chinese tradition is a symbol of many children. Poppy will bring fertility in money matters, while bachelor’s buttons will assure you of “alone” time in abundance. Place the plant in an eastern window and say:

New beginnings in the east,
Bring fertile beginnings
To my quest.
Flora, please make
My desires complete,
Let them grow as I bequest.
Here is my wish for fertility,
Three times spoke,
So mote it be!

Whisper to the plant your wish three times, and water it. Lovingly do this every time you tend it. As it grows, so will your wish be sown.

By: Nancy Bennett

Friday Night Love Spell

Color of the day: Rose
Incense of the day: Alder

The lucent Libra Moon is close to full and Fridays promise romance.
Venus is surely in attendance. It is a perfect evening for a little sex
magic! In the Tantric tradition of yoga, couples practice postures to
encourage a vibrational flow between them. They build a loving bond by
engaging routinely in this very simple exchange of energy. To foster
love and intimacy in your relationship, light a red candle next to your
bed. Mist the sheets with lavender water to create a sense of calm. Lie
down together side by side, facing in the same direction. Position your
heart chakra next to your partner’s. Visualize a ray of green light
emanating from this heart center known as Anahata, uniting your bodies
as one. As you lie quietly, silently chant:

Lovers entwine,
Combine, align,
Our hearts like a poem pulse
In rhythm and rhyme.
Weaving our bodies
Together like vine,
Binding forever
Our love for all time.

By: Igraine

Full Moon Messages
Color of the day: Pink
Incense of the day: Cypress
The winter Moons are a wonderful time for divination and spiritual
self-study. December’s Full Moon is known as the “Cold Moon,” or “The
Moon of Long Nights.” As the light of the Sun becomes weaker, night
magic and the power of the Moon becomes more potent. This water spell
combined with the energies of the Full Moon will enable you to scry with
better success. First set up your scrying altar in a private space where
you’ll be undisturbed. Cover the altar with black cloth and fill your
cauldron half full of spring water. You may decide to place a quartz
crystal or a piece of obsidian in the bottom of the cauldron. Place a
silver candle next to the cauldron. Next draw a warm bath. Light a few
candles and add three drops of lemongrass, three drops of mimosa, and
three drops of magnolia to your bath water. These oils are powerful aids
for psychic ability. Swirl the oils around with your receptive hand.
Lean back in the tub and soften your gaze. As you breathe in the
essences, feel the watery parts of you being drawn to the Moon. Imagine
the tides, the sea creatures, yearning toward the Moon. You are yearning
toward the Moon. You, too, are a creature of the Moon. The Moon has a
message for you. When you feel you must leave the bath and discover the
message, approach the scrying table. Turn the lights off and light the
silver candle. Cast a magic circle around your space, then seat yourself
at the table. Keep a soft, unfocused gaze. Empty your mind of doubt and
worry. Just breathe and watch. You will see images. The Moon has spoken.
By: Lily Gardner

A Frost Moon Spell
Color of the day: Crimson
Incense of the day: Apricot
November’s Full Moon, the Frost Moon, beckons us to look deep within.
Occurring during the month when the Sun is in Scorpio, the Frost Moon is
a potent time to look beyond the obvious. Nature seems to be dying. Dry
leaves click as they skitter along country lanes and suburban streets.
And during the chilly nights, the ebony darkness is pierced by the eerie
sound of a hooting owl. But take a closer look and you’ll see nature is
only resting. Tree branches are covered with buds containing next year’s
flower and leaf. In the following spell take advantage of this
transitional period to set your goals for the future in motion. Cut
three bud-covered tree branches and tie them together with green ribbon.
After dark, stand outdoors beneath the Frost Moon. Carry with you the
bundle of branches and a silver coin: they symbolize growth and success.
Looking at the Moon, speak your most secret wish. With deep reverence
raise the coin and branches and speak this charm:
All nature is still,
But as the world retreats into darkness
My wish will be nurtured,
And eventually fulfilled.
Keep your coin and branches until the spell does its work.
By: James Kambos

Foxglove Healing Spell
Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Pine
Foxglove, a plant long associated with the fairies, blooms at this time
of year. It is sometimes also called “fairy’s thimbles” or in Scottish
Gaelic Lus-nam-ban-sith, the “plant of the fairy women.” Certain parts
of the foxglove can be used for healing remedies, but they must be used
very carefully. The plant was also associated with Witches and with a
variety of magical spells for love, protection, and success. Use this
charm when gathering foxgloves:
I will pluck the fairy wort from the fairy bower with expectation to
overcome every oppression.
Fairy wort, fairy wort, I envy the one who has you. There is nothing the
Sun encircles, but to her is a certain victory.
By: Sharynne NicMhacha

Fresh Beginning Spell
Today marks a fresh beginning. Use this time to reflect on your
accomplishments from the last year, and set goals for the year to come.
What were your New Year’s resolutions last January? How many of them did
you keep? If you’re like most of us, you managed to keep some but not
all. Here is a spell to improve your chances this year.
You’ll need a piece of parchment paper and a pen—preferably a quill pen
with a bottle of ink to dip it in. Write out your New Year’s
resolutions; four is a good number. Sign your magical name underneath.
Then say:
Out with the old
And in with the new!
Remind me what
I have sworn to do,
And give me the
Strength to follow through.
Roll up the list and tie with a brown ribbon, for grounding. Keep it on
your altar until next year.
By: Elizabeth Barrette

Candles-Straight or votive candles in the following colors:
one black (break up blockages, remove negatives), one gold
(fast luck, happiness), and one green (sucess, material gain).
Oil-Pine or peppermint.
Herbs-Dragon's blood or ginger.
Incense-Jasmine, peppermint, or pine.
Stones-Carnelian and lapis lazuli.
Other Supplies-None.
Timing-On the full moon or waxing moon cycle.
Advice-No magical spell will work unless you do your part
to help. This means you must actively seek a new job, not sit
back and wait for it to fall into your lap.
Spellwork-Light the altar candles and the incense. Anoint the
black candle from the end to the wick, the others from the wick
to the end. Place the black candle on the left, the green in the
center, and the gold on the right. Put the carnelian between the
black and green candles, and the lapis lazuli between the green
and gold candles. Light the candles in the same order as you set
them out. Say the chant. Sit for several moments, thinking of
the type of job you want. Leave the candles to burn out
completely. Dispose of the wax afterward.
Doors to new opportunities open before me.
No obstacles stand in my way.
Only the best of employment comes to me.
Good luck draws a new day.
"A Little Book of Candle Magic", by D.J. Conway
during the waxing moon
You will need:
2 green candles
1 large coin (50 c piece)
piece of green paper
teaspoon of alfalfa seeds (removes money worries)
peridot stone (encourages money to flow)
Burn cinnamon incense for luck, light the candles and place the coin and
seeds on the paper as you say:
"As the moon doth grow money flows money comes fast not slow"
Fold the paper so that everything is enclosed and repeat the charm three
times holding the package and concentrating hard.
Put the package into the top drawer of the desk where you do most of your
Further tips: Bury coins under the front doorstep or place under the doormat
to encourage money.
Growing pots of mint around the office will help ensure success.

Fairy Invitation
Color of the day: Orange
Incense of the day: Almond
Don’t forget the fairies of winter. During the darkest days of the year,
why not work a little charm and invite the benevolent fairies of winter
to stay in your house through the Winter Solstice festivities? They can
hide out in the greenery and take refuge in the Yule tree and enjoy the
holidays with you. According to tradition, a family who kindly invited
the fairy folk out of the cold was rewarded with prosperity in the
coming year. Stand at the threshold at sunset—a classic between time—and
invite them in. You will notice this spell is worded carefully to avoid
fairy mischief. Happy holidays!
Gentle fairies of the winter Hear my call,
I invite your caring presence To my hall.
You are welcome within,
So long as you stay
Mischief free!
You may rest here with us And enjoy the revelry!
By: Ellen Dugan

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