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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 01:12 AM)
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All Spells beginning with the letter
will be posted under this thread as they are found.
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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 01:13 AM)

Elemental Abundance Spell
Each pool, stream, mountain, lake, rock, comet, well, star, tree, flower, weed, and so on, has its own energy vibration, just as animals and people do. Like vibrations meld together to create a collective unconscious. In the elemental world, these collective energies are known as the sylphs (air), the gnomes (earth), the salamanders (fire), and the undines (water).
Moving through history we find that almost all cultures and civilizations viewed earth, air, water, and fire as the four elements, with this belief first put into focus by the Sumerians. The gnomes, salamanders, sylphs, and undines were considered superhuman in nature, born from the four rivers flowing from the belly of the Great Mother and representing the four fluids of the divine feminine: water, blood, honey, and milk, corresponding to water, fire, air, and earth, respectively. Using this information, I created the following Elemental Abundance Spell.
* Four small bowls (fill one with water; one with dragon's blood, red powder, or red pepper; one with milk; and one with honey)
* A picture of yourself
At midday (when the sun is the strongest), go outside and draw a pentacle in the dirt, sand, or snow with your finger.
At the top of the star, place the picture of yourself. Going clockwise, place the bowls in the following order: Right arm of the pentacle - east - air - honey. Right lower arm of the pentacle - south; fire; dragon's blood. Left lower arm of the pentacle - west - water. Left upper arm of the pentacle - north; earth; milk.
As you say the following words, touch each point containing the corresponding element with your hands.
'Spirit of myself, I call prosperity to myself.
Spirits of the north, by my will and my desire, I call forth the blessings of the gnomes.
Spirits of the east, by my will and my desire, I call forth the blessings of the sylphs.
Spirits of the south, by my will and my desire, I call forth the blessings of the salamanders.
Spirits of the west, by my will and my desire, I call forth the blessings of the undines.
Spirit of the life force, that which pulses and surrounds me, I ask for positive abundance and prosperity in my life. My choices and possibilities expand every day.'
Moving counterclockwise, touch each point again, saying:
'Milk, water, blood and honey (repeat seven times)
I banish all negativity from my body and soul.'
Now, moving clockwise, touch each point again while saying:
'Honey, blood, water, and milk (repeat seven times)
My choices and possibilities expand every day.
With harm to none, so mote it be!'
Leave your offering as it stands. Make the following affirmation:
'From this day forward, positive abundance and prosperity flow into my life. My dreams come true.'
To enhance this spell:
* Perform on a Sunday in the hour of the sun or the hour of Jupiter.
* Perform on a new or waxing moon.
* Perform when the moon is in the latter half of Leo, a good time to enhance ambitious personal goals.
* Perform by your garden or favorite yard area.
* Perform during dusk or dawn on Midsummer or Lammas.

Emotional Strength Spell

Items Needed:

Incense = cedarwood
lime, mustard seed, Rose, Tangerine
Yellow candle

Light the incense, and candle.
in a small pot (one that will fit on your altar) combine lime, mustard seed, rose (pedals, or oil), and tangerine.
Hold the cup in both hands and say:

My emotions be stable,
my fears be gone.
this bowl I've filled
so my troubles be gone.
It will last while I need it
the strength is now mine.
with the powers that be
so mote it be.

Now place bowl upon the altar .

Ease Another's Sadness

What you'll need: 4 white candles, 2 gray candles, 1 dragons blood incense

Instructions: On a monday night at mifnight, light the incense and place the candles around you. Light the candles while saying a protection spell (preferably the one you usually use.) Then recite 3 times:

Let (full name) feel joy, not pain
Give him/her strength through hard times
Don't let them be sad
Fill them with positive energy
So mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be

A Spell To Enhance Positive Magic or the Learning Thereof

Make an empowered altar mat. Start with seven purple strips of cloth
And thirteen white strips, all of which should be about 1-1 1/2
Inches wide and 7 inches long. Weave the strips together in an over-
Under pattern, the thirteen going left to right and the seven moving
Top to bottom. While you work, sing a magical song or add a chant to
Store power within the mat. One example is "Weave the cloth, weave it
Well, all the while I weave my spell. Wrought with magic that I
Impart, weave the power with my art." The finished mat can become
Part of your altar or make an effective covering for one of your
Magical tools.

As a side note, you can make these mats more durable by starting with
A base material of colored construction paper and by laminating the
Finished product. In this form, this spell is an excellent project
For children ages six through nine. Laminating materials are
Available at most photocopying stores.

General Uses :
Energizing mystical, supernatural, or metaphysical functions and

Timing :
For increasing positive magic, use waxing to full moons. Months of
September, November, and December. Moon in Capricorn. Wednesday

Exorcising Lemures

Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Ginger

In ancient Rome, the feast of the Lemures was celebrated on this
day, when rites were performed to exorcise the lingering, restless
spirits of the dead. Romans offered beans and salt cakes to banish these
malevolent ghosts known as the Lemures (or larvae) from their homes. To
dispel negative energy that may be lingering in your home, begin by
cleaning and clearing away all unnecessary clutter. Starting at the
highest point and northern corner, sprinkle salt around the perimeter of
every room, moving counterclockwise and downward. Say a prayer to your
chosen gods and goddesses to eliminate any unwanted energy. Ending at
your entranceway, draw a banishing pentagram on your front door to seal
the magic.

By: Igraine

Embracing the Weird

Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Clove

All too often, we dismiss things that are harmless but different as
“weird.” Yet weird ideas, and harmless weird people, are intrinsic to
the progress of our lives, and nowhere-near-the-box thinking is the only
way some of the serious issues we face will be resolved. Use this spell
to teach yourself to appreciate the creativity of others. Take a paper
grocery bag and cut out the wide sides. Cut eyeholes in each sheet of
paper, and take a pen or markers and create a mask. Make each mask
resemble the person or type of person you want to understand better.
When you have some time alone, look through the mask, imagining the
world from that person’s perspective, from behind that person’s eyes.
Imagine you are that person, and explore that. How do you feel? What has
changed? Look at yourself in a mirror through the mask—how do you look
to yourself?

By: Diana Rajchel

Eternal Flame Within Spell
Color of the day: Brown
Incense of the day: Sandalwood
With the coming of February comes the Sun. It is growing stronger with
each day. We also now honor the Irish goddess Brigid who holds the
eternal flame of inspiration, transformation, and personal sovereignty.
To ignite Brigid’s eternal flame within yourself, you will need a white
candle, preferably
a large one with a firm foundation. You’ll also need matches and an item
that reminds you of a specific goal you want to achieve in the coming
spring and summer. Sit on a chair or on the floor, placing the unlit
candle in front of you. Take time to center yourself, focusing on
connecting with Brigid’s powers, while you also visualize her fire
rising within you. When you are ready, light the candle and say:
Blessed Brigid of the golden flame,
Hear me as I call your name;
I invoke your spirit to burn in me,
All I will, precious Lady, so it must be.
Keep your eyes open and gaze into the hazy yellow color of the flame’s
aura. (If you’re sitting too close to the candle, gazing into the flame
itself can harm your eyes.) Visualize the powers of inspiration,
transformation, and personal sovereignty burning within you. When you
feel you’ve been successful, offer your thanks to Brigid and extinguish
the candle. Keep it covered and in a safe place so you can enact this
spell whenever you feel you need the power of Brigid in your life.
By: Edain McCoy

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