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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 00:41 AM)
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All Spells beginning with the letter
will be posted under this thread as they are found.
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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 00:42 AM)

Bathroom Magic

By: Sam Stevens

Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the most magickal rooms in your house; Your make up box and medicine chest can be treasure chest of tools , the bathtub and shower are wonderful place to conduct cleansing and attraction rituals, and the toilet can be a handy mechanism for flushing away negativity.

Here are some examples of positive magick that can be performed in your powder room. First of all, though make sure your bathroom is clean and also make sure that you don¹t have a mirror facing or reflecting any drains or toilets. Feng Shui wisdom says that this doubles your chances of having your money go down the drain.

Would you like to attract a life long partner? Wiping down your mirror with a mixture of Rose Water and Orange Blossom water (found in most speciality cooking stores) is said to make you attractive to the opposite sex. If you don¹t have that, using your favourite perfume might work just as well...

You can also practice a little feng shui around your bathtub to attract a partner, by placing two rubber duckies in the southwest corner of the tub. Ducks represent mates in Chinese lore. You can also buy little glasses and soapdishes that already have little ducks floating inside them if you want to be more subtle...

Need to do well in that job interview. Spearmint (a herb ruled by mercury) is supposed to make you more eloquent, witty and charming. Toothpaste or mouthwash flavoured with spearmint might help you find exactly the right words to say to impress your boss.

Trying to win the heart back of that difficult ex boyfriend? Carve his initials into a bar of soap. It is best if the soap bar is pink or red in colour. Picture the soap as being the hostility or issues between you, and as the soap dissolves, as you rub it all over your body, picture all resentments and hatred between you getting smaller and smaller. An advanced version of this spell would be to actually carve it in the shape of the person, carve the initials and run it under the tap on and off for a couple of days until the bar is completely dissolved.

Another glamoury spell, (a spell to make yourself beautiful) involves taking a copper scrubber and rubbing your body (gently) down with it while you are in the shower. Copper is the metal of Venus and said to change your vibration so you can attract a lover.

One can also use various bath gels and soaps to achieve different magickal results. Remember, the magick is all in the intention while you use the product. For instance, a honeysuckle flavoured bath or soap can help keep a lover or fiancee faithful. Jasmine soap can be used to help keep you and nobody else on a lover¹s mind. Orange soap is for joy, fun and wild abandon. Mint soap is for sexual attraction, intelligence and charm. Rose scented soap can be used to attract new love or keep present love still attracted. Rosemary scented soap or bath gel is used to improve business or communication. Lime flavoured soap or gel is used to stop obsessive thoughts, chill out desire and help you concentrate on the tasks at him.

If you are feeling really sick, or like you are under astral attack, a bath in a half a cup of seasalts mixed with half a cup of baking soda is said to purify the aura of unwanted energies.

Kissing a kleenex and leaving the lipstick print of your mouth on the kleenex and tucking it into your boyfriend¹s pocket might be a good way to keep him faithful. If he has been using your hairbrush, pluck a few hairs out of the comb, twine it with your own and knot it nine times. This is a form of a binding spell, to keep his fleshly form always in sync and attached to your own.

Then there is the fine art of flushing your troubles away. Write your oppressor¹s name on a piece of toilet paper or kleenex, and while keeping your thoughts on the perpetrator, flush it down the toilet. If you want something more dramatic, follow it with a bit of baking soda mixed with vinegar effect so that the toilet temporarily represents a bubbling cauldron. Goodbye sorrows! Goodbye troublemaker. Goodbye bad ex boyfriend...FLUSH....

Spell to Banish Negative Energy from a House
Author Unknown
Take four black candles and put them at each of the cardinal points
of your house. Next to each candle put a piece of onyx or lodestone
or a piece of magnetized iron. Light the four candles and see them
sucking up all the negative energy in the house and channeling it
back into the earth through the stones.
Next take a stick of incense (frankincense or sandalwood is best)
and draw a banishing pentagram of Earth at each window, wall, door
and corner of your house. (To draw a banishing pentagram of Earth:
start at lower left then up to top then down to right then across to
upper left point and back to upper right point and finish at lower
left point.) Visualize the negative energy being pushed beyond the
pentagram and locked outside as you complete it.
After the candles have burned a bit and you feel that the have
absorbed the negative energies bury them outside around the house
(in the four directions). Leave the stones where they are, and
visualize them as a spiritual electric fence that keeps the negative
energy or pesky spirits from coming back in.

Blood Moon Wishing Powder
Each of the herbs, essential oils and colors listed in these recipes were chosen because they correspond to the Full Moon in October – also known as the Blood Moon. Use these powders to aid in your celebration!
* Herbs:
     * Angelica
     * Catnip
     * Strawberry
* Essential Oils:
     * Thyme
* Colors:
     * Blue
     * Green
All wishing powders consist of three main ingredients – Dried Herbs, Essential Oils, and colored Glitter or Confetti.
The glitter and confetti you choose to work with can be anything from tiny silver stars to large purple hearts, large bottles of standard crafting glitter to small pots of ultra-fine iridescent glittering powder, and even colored wood shavings. I have found that when looking for ways to incorporate color into your powders, there are literally hundreds of options. Try them all and find out what works best for you!
To create this powder, you will need to gather the following items:
* The herbs, Essential Oils, colors listed above
* A bowl for mixing (I recommend a plastic bowl with a lid since it is much easier to shake a powder together than to stir)
* Any measuring cups or spoons you prefer to use
* A mortar and pestle to help break up large chunks of herbs
Once you have all your equipment ready, measure each ingredient into the bowl. For your first few powders, I recommend using 1 Tablespoon of each herb, 1 teaspoon of each glitter and / or confetti, and 1 drop of each Essential Oil. You can easily customize your powders once you get the hang of making them!
Next, cover your bowl tightly with its lid and shake vigorously until the ingredients are well blended. To empower your magickal powder, visualize what you would like the powder to accomplish – money in your bank account, your perfect soul mate, or the excited face of your best friend when you present her with a special birthday wishing powder. Hold this image in your mind at least until you have finished shaking. Ideally, you will be thinking about this purpose throughout the whole creation process – from gather ingredients to packaging the finished powder – to give your magick as much energy as possible.
To package your finished powder, you may measure it into small plastic zipper bags, pour them into small glass vials or plastic tubes, or even store them in the bowl you used to create them. The possibilities are nearly endless! Just remember to label the powder once you've packaged it and include a list of ingredients and instructions for use.

Spell for Beautiful Hair

When to do this ritual: hag's hare moon, before Venus hour

Tools needed:

  • a brush
  • a pink candle
  • goddess oil
  • Venus incense
  • a mortar and pestle
  • a dash o lemon juice
  • three tablespoons of flaxseed oil
  • one brown egg
  • three tablespoons of maidenhair
  • a pinch of ground ginseng
  • plastic wrap
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • three gallons of rain water

Instructions: Bend over at the waist and brush your hair upside down for one hundred strokes ,making sure the scalp is stimulated and all residues of styling aids are gone.

Anoint the candle with the oil. Light the candle and the incense. Place the lemon juice, flaxseed oil, egg, maidenhair and ginseng in the mortar, and grind with the pestle until the potion is gooey.

When Venus hour approaches, recite the incantation over the potion. Incantation:

Potion of witches with beautiful hair,
Adorn my head beyond compare.
Rich and thick the potion goes,
Absorb the sunshine and the glow.
Maidens weave the gorgeous threads,
That creates the hair upon my head.
Combine the the egg, magick, and grain,
And rise me beautiful with iris rain.
So mote it be

Work the potion into your hair until it is saturated. Place the plastic wrap over your hair and let it sit. Go outside and soak up the sun. Feel the potion tingling and revitalizing your hair. After a hour in the sun, shampoo and condition your hair, but before your final rinse of the conditioner thoroughly rinse your head in the rain water. Allow your hair to air dry naturally. You will see a improvement in your hair instantly

Burning Coffin Spell

Taken from Embracing the Moon by Yasmine Galenorn.

The burning coffin spell is essentially good when you are coming to the end of a major event in your life and need to let go of the emotional baggage that the cycle or trauma has left you with.
While this spell can provide you with closure, it will not work if you aren't absolutely certain that you are ready to let go of the negative "stuff" you are carrying.

You will need:
1 large sheet of white paper
a ruler
a black marker
a red pen
a heat-proof container, stainless steel or ceramic
Excalibur Oils (see end of ritual)
Scratch paper
Using the ruler, draw the shape of a coffin onto the large sheet of white paper. Set it aside. Now on the scratch paper, list those things in your life that you want to get rid of-those traits or qualities you don't like in yourself; those energies that aren't any good for you anymore; relationships you're ready to let go of.
Think carefully as you decide what energies to dismiss, you don't want to let go of something before it's time. Once you have completed your list, use the red pen to write each thing to be released in the middle of the outline of the coffin.
When you've finished, take the black marker and color in the coffin, so you can't see your words. Visualize closing the lid on the seethings in your life. Now, anoint the coffin with the oil and let dry. Destroy your scratch paper list-you can tear it up and throw it away. When the coffin is dry, place it in the heat-proof bowl (which should be large enough to contain the flames of the burning paper say: You have been a part of my life.

I now release you back into the Universe
To be changed and transformed,
Forever separated from me, I bid you go,
Leave my life and don't Come back.
You are dead to me.
So Mote It Be!

Now light the paper on fire and watch the coffin containing all of the unwanted energies burn away into ashes. Either flush the ashes away using running water or take them, once they are cold, away from your home and bury them deep in the ground. You can also sprinkle them in the ocean when the tide is going out.
If you are on a septic system, do not flush these ashes into it. It will be difficult to remove the negativity if it is still lingering in your water system.
Excalibur Oil 1/4 ounce
almond oil 15 drops
lemon oil 9 drops
orange oil 4 drops
thyme oil 2 drops
ginger oil 5 drops
rose geranium oil 1 drop
cinnamon oil 14 drops
lavender oil
flower: thyme
gem: clear quartz

Add a few pieces of the herb and a crystal chip to the vial of oil. These ingredients help to add energy and help the oils blend when I shake them. After mixing your blend, raise energy and charge the oil with your intent.

Balance of Light and Shadow Spell

One of the main concepts in witchcraft is that of the duality of the universe. Nothing is purely good or purely bad. All aspects reflect the duality of nature. People bear these aspects of duality. We have the "light" traits (kindness, intellect, generosity) that we readily acknowledge and present to others. We also have our "dark" side as well. These are the traits (such as jealousy, anger, and greed) that we hold from public view and many times neglect to acknowledge.

Again, nothing is purely good or bad. With that in mind, we can think of our dark traits as a power that balances our lives and promote positive change. Jealousy can be a motivator to strive for better. Anger can be the motivator to change or prevent bad

Situations. Light a black and a white candle, and say:

Goddess of darkness, Goddess of light,

Balance of duality I accept as my right.

Focus on your traits, both in the light and dark realms. Focus on the positive messages that both have for you

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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 00:43 AM)

To Break a Spell You've Cast
Purpose: To undo a spell
Best time to perform: After midnight any night
Direction to face to open the circle: East
Best moon phase to use: Waning
All below are optional

Incense to burn : benzoin
Herbs to use: angelica
Oils to use : anoint candles with rosemary oil
Candle colors: use white candles, as many as you like.
Supplies needed:

One bead from a necklace you own (preferably a pearl--faux or real)
A small patch of black cloth
Some string for tying
"I cast a spell asking    insert type of spell here   , I now ask the favor of having the spell removed. I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own to show my spirit is true and my intentions are good, I give this pearl/bead from a necklace I own. I transfer the spell into the   pearl or bead    and render the spell dormant. No harm may come from the cancellation of this spell. No further power shall it have. This is my will -so be it."
Place the pearl/bead in the black cloth - add your angelica herbs--tie up tightly in the string until you have wrapped the pearl/bead entirely in the cloth. Dribble a bit of wax from the candles on the final knot you tie. Then throw the small package away far from your home.
Close the circle and give thanks.

Blue Magic
by Jim Weaver,
copyright 1998

In a remote village near the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, a simple
adobe home stands on a dusty road.  Its only colorful detail is the
front door, which is painted a vivid royal blue.

In a small town in southern Spain, several cottages are accented with
window shutters painted in such a heavenly blue that they rival the
color of the Spanish sky.

To the casual observer the scenes described above are nothing more
than charming sights you may encounter while traveling abroad.  Those
who are familiar with folk magic, however, will realize that the blue
trim used on these dwellings isn't just there for decoration. 
Instead, they know that in certain parts of the world the use of blue
on the exterior of a structure has a deep mystical signifigance.

Welcome to the world of blue magic.  For centuries, many of the
world's oldest cultures have used the color blue as a simple but
powerful magical tool to protect homes and people against evil
spirits and negative magic of all kinds.

As is the case with many magical beliefs, exactly when and where blue
was first used for protection against evil may never be known for
sure.  My personal theory is that the belief in using blue as a
safeguard against curses and hostile energy probably began around the
shores of the eastern Mediterranean.  In this region, blue was most
likely associated with the aquamarine life-giving waters of the sea. 
Also, blue served as a reminder of the clear skies the region is
noted for, and thus, its link to the heavens.  Mysteriously, however,
a similar belief in blue being used as a color of protection also
exists in certain areas of the American Southwest and into Mexico as
well, proving how widespread this belief is.

One thing is certain--using blue in all its soothing shades around
your home, or in jewelry, is a time-honored method of protecting
yourself against any negative energy that may come your way.

Naturally, for many of us it isn't practical to paint our doors or
the trim around our windows blue.  No problem!  There are other easy
ways to bring this peaceful hue into our lives with the same magical
benefits.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Wear blue turquoise.  In Greece and Turkey, for example, wearing
small charms or pendants set with a blue turquoise bead or stone is
thought to repel bad luck, including the dreaded evil eye.  Any
turquoise jewelry will do, but it must be blue turquoise.  According
to personal taste, it may be set in either gold or silver.   If you
wish to make your own charm or necklace,you may even use blue beads
made of glass or plastic.  They will have the same magical effect. 
Remember, it's the brightness of the blue that matters.

The blue gazing globe, which has been used as a focal point in
gardens for years, also lends itself beautifully to blue magic.  It's
interesting to note that the original purpose of a gazing globe was
magical.  Their reflective surfaces were thought to attract friendly
garden spirits, while at the same time deflecting any negative energy
directed at a home by passers-by.  Recently, I've begun to see
miniature blue gazing globes that are small enough to be used
indoors, perhaps in front of a window if you wish.

Don't forget that blue flowers in the garden are highly prized by
gardeners, and can help surround your home with a protective curtain
during the warmer months.

Try blue flowers such as violas, delphinium, lobelia, and monkshood. 
You can continue your blue garden right up to hard frost with blue
asters and morning glory vines.

I'm sure that you can think of other ways to bring blue magic into
your life.  Remember, sometimes having the blues isn't such a bad
thing after all.

Boat Blessing
Source: Moon Magic by DJ Conway

If you have a boat, large or small, consider using this ritual to improve its safety and performance. If you don't have a boat, this ritual can be used to bless cars, bikes, motorcycles, or whatever you use for transportation.

Walk around the boat clockwise and sprinkle it with a mixture of water and a bit of blessed salt. If the boat is in the water, walk around the deck, or as much of it as possible.

When you have finished, stand on the prow of the boat, or in front of it, and say:

Sprits of this boat (call the boat by name if it has one), I aks the blessings of the gods upon you. May you guide this vessel safely in calm or in strom. Use your ppowers to protect both this vessel and those who journey in it. I thank you for your efforts in our behalf.

Hang a garland of flowers on the boat as an offering.

If you don't personally own a boat, but want to send your blessings of safety to all boats everywhere, choose a river that runs into the sea. Select flowers that are light enough to float on the water. Go to the river bank or a dock and gently breathe your good wishes on each flower-head before dropping them one by one into the water. Say:

Spirits of all boats everywhere. I ask the blessings of the gods upon you. I ask that you bless and guide all vessesl and mariners whoe journey upon water, Those that sail for pleasure, Those that ply their trades upon the waves, bringing food and supplies to needy people. Let neither wind nor wave harm them. Help them to avoid any disaster that threatens. I thank you for your efforts.

It doesn't matter whether or not the flowers actually reach the ocean. Any vessel that passes these blessing-flowers will carry the message on to other boats. The effect will ripple outward, like a stone dropped into a pond.

The Rite of Balance  
by Jim Garrison, © 1998

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) is probably one of the most common techniques for preparing sacred space that you'll encounter.   Often in the course of magical working or day-to-day life we have use for methods of grounding and centering.  While many of us learn the LBRP as a traditional technique for this, as well as many other purposes, the LBRP is not exactly the most obvious statement of Wiccan theology or philosophy.  It
is compatible, but why not use something that is derived directly from a Wiccan outlook and expresses a distinctly Wiccan philosophy?  Here is one alternative technique that is based on a Wiccan approach to the same task.   

Below is the basic form of this rite, which can easily be adapted to suit your particular tradition or style.

The Rite of Balance (Basic Form)

Face north.  Reach upward and feel yourself making contact with a powerful, brilliant source of light beyond the Sun, Moon, and stars.  Say:

"From the heavens above I call down the light. Cleanse me and purify my soul that I might enter the circle."

Pause.  Feel.  Reach down to the Earth below and extend yourself into the core of the world to touch the heart of the planet.  Say:

"From the depths below I call upon the spirit of the land.  Fill me with vitality and strength that I might serve the old gods."

Close your eyes and look deep within.  Extend your right hand toward the east.  Say:

"With my right hand I reach out to the new dawn and welcome the wind to walk with me, that I might know the Mysteries."

Extend your left hand toward the west. Say:

"And on the left, I reach out to the crashing waves of the sea, mother of all life, that I might dare to dance with life's tides."

Pause.  Feel.  Breathe.  Say:

"Behind me, I acknowledge the flames of my passions and drives, the forces of ecstasy and creativity, of rage and chaos that have shaped my life.  Now I begin to shape their influence upon me, as I will."

Pause.  Feel.  Breathe.  Say:

"Before me is the dark, fertile soil of my future.  I stand upon a foundation built by my ancestry.  I am a child of the ancient ones, and I would bring life, light, and love into the world whether through my words, my deeds, or my silence."

Pause.  Feel.  Breathe.  Say:

"I stand between wisdom and understanding, that I might pursue truth.  I share the gifts of compassion and discipline, that I might respect myself and others.  I embrace sensuality even as I pursue knowledge, that I might truly taste and partake of life in its fullest.  In my heart I seek beauty and glory, that I might create balance and harmony in all that I do."

Pause.  Feel.  Breathe.  Open your eyes and proceed.

Simple, yet effective, the Rite of Balance is useful for grounding and centering in a group context, preparing for ritual work, or even after driving home in rush-hour traffic.  The words can easily be replaced with others of similar intent.  Ideally, you should modify this rite to be more appropriate to the way you do magic.  Think of it as a framework on which to
create your own, unique structure.

Once this basic form has been mastered, you might consider adjusting and elaborating on it to create a wide range of special versions specifically for self-purification, consecrating tools, performing spell-work, or in healing.  

Use your intuition and imagination.  More advanced forms of this Rite could be used in initiations and special observances such as eldering.  Again, take what works and run with it--an it harm none, do as you will!

Butterfly Magic

Color of the day: Indigo
Incense of the day: Magnolia

A birth, a death, a parting of ways or a coming together—these are
milestones in our lives that deserve to be acknowledged in a sacred way.
Why not create a butterfly garden to honor a significant event? The
butterfly is a magical totem for inspiration in times of transformation.
Their beautiful rainbow colors and lofty dance reflect our ability to
transcend and fly free. Pick an open, sunny area and begin by planting a
buddleia (a butterfly bush) at the back border of your garden plot.
Trail a fragrant honeysuckle vine along the fence or a trellis. For an
instant garden buy two-gallon perennials such as bee balm, lobelia,
black-eyed Susans, and purple cone flower. Bright annuals like zinnias
and cosmos will delight butterflies, and anything bright red will also
attract hummingbirds, who are harbingers of joy.

By: Igraine

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(Date Posted:02/04/2009 00:45 AM)

Birdfeeder Blessing
September 27th, 2008

Color of the day: Blue
Incense of the day: Patchouli

With autumn comes harvest, especially of grains and seeds. Autumn is
also the time when people start putting out birdfeeders to help wildlife
get through the cold, hungry time to come. By leaving food for other
creatures, we create an exchange of energy that strengthens the web of
life and magic. Here is a blessing to say as you fill your feeder for
the first time this season:

Autumn comes calling,
The winds of the fall
Stir up a hunger
In one and in all.
Fill up the feeder
With every good seed,
Those who are hungry
May find what they need.
Millet and sunflower,
Thistle and wheat,
Lay out a feast
For the winged ones to eat.
As I have given,
So let me receive,
Bounty in balance
For all that I leave.

By: Elizabeth Barrette

Spell for Balance

Color of the day: Lavender
Incense of the day: Lily

Today celebrates Vishnu, the Hindu protector of creation and preserver
of the cosmic order. It is said that Vishnu sleeps on the coils of the
serpent-headed god, the universe unfolding from Vishnu’s dream. When
there’s disorder in the universe, Vishnu awakens and battles the forces
of chaos. Light a blue candle for Vishnu on your altar. Think about what
is out of balance in your life. Perhaps you have too little time for
creative pursuits or perhaps you need more money. Write your need on a
slip of paper, then hollow out an unripe pumpkin and put your wish
inside. This is the traditional means of asking a boon of Vishnu. When
the pumpkin turns soft, thank the god and bury the pumpkin in the ground.

Bad Luck Banishing

Color of the day: Topaz
Incense of the day: Bay laurel

Sometimes, it seems that in spite of our best intentions and efforts,
things just are not running in a positive manner. Often we attribute
this to a run of bad luck—but the cycle can be broken. In a small
draw-string pouch, place a couple of pinches of each of the following:
angelica root, African ginger, fennel seed, holy thistle, clove, and
basil. Add a small piece of citrine and secure the bag. Place the bag on
your altar before a white candle. Light the candle and repeat three times:

As these words are spoken, Bad luck is broken.
Bad luck will now flee;
From its influence I am free.
Bad luck goes out the door And troubles me no more.

Leave the bag on the altar until the candle burns out naturally, then
carry the bag near your heart for seven days.

By: Winter Wren

Bad Luck Banishing Spell

Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Honeysuckle

In the French Republic calendar, today is Pomme or Apple Day. This
is a day to appreciate the harvest. The apple in particular is a
magically useful fruit: when sliced cross-wise, the seed pattern forms a
natural pentacle, each point representing an element, the fifth element
being spirit or akasha. If you want to ensure that bad luck from this
year does not follow you into next year, slice an apple cross-wise and
see all of your bad luck going into the fruit. Take the fruit and throw
it in a compost heap or bury it at the corner points of your property.
As it rots, your bad luck rots away and is recycled into the ground. You
may also take the seeds and plant them, each seed representing a wish
you have for the coming year.

By: Diana Rajchel

Bills and More Spell

Color of the day: Black
Incense of the day: Cedar

Gather together a green votive candle in a glass holder, a paid bill, a
jar of honey, a dime, and a small bowl. Do this in a happy, joyful frame
of mind—do not do this spell when you’re feeling upset about finances.
Place the dime in the glass bowl and place the votive candle atop it.
Light the candle with a deep breath, visualizing sufficient funds. Take
your paid bill and rip it into tiny, tiny pieces, while cheering and
applauding yourself for ending this debt. Put the pieces in the bowl and
pour honey over it while chanting, “Money, money, sweet as honey, in my
life please flow.” Have fun with it and keep chanting and stirring until
you are done, and end with, “As I will it, so mote it be.” Bury the
honey mixture in Mother Earth, asking her to bless this wish. Place the
candle on your altar, and when it is burned down, replace with another
green candle for continued prosperity.

By: Gail Wood

The Beauty Meditation

Color of the day: Ivory
Incense of the day: Rosemary

We are most beautiful when we are happy. Light a pink candle and burn
lilac incense. Take a deep breath and go into a meditative state. You
are standing in your favorite place in the world. You look around and
breathe in all that makes you so happy. Breathe in the harmony and
rhythm of that place. As you come to feel the heartbeat of that place,
smile. And as you smile, you notice a bright beautiful light close by
you. The light approaches you and surrounds you. You feel stillness,
joy, and gladness there in the middle of that light. As you breathe in,
the light moves inside you. Continue to stay with that light until you
feel it’s time to leave. Whisper your thanks and allow the images to
recede. Come back to your space and the here and now. Whenever you want
to feel beautiful, visualize that bright light surrounding you and smile!

By: Gail Wood

Barbecue Magic

Color of the day: Silver
Incense of the day: Rosemary

First celebrated in 1882, Labor Day is a national tribute to the contributions of workers in the strength and prosperity of the United States. Most American workers have the day off today and are enjoying the day with friends and family. And this is a great day for barbecue magic. Before laying your coals, have everyone present write down all that they are thankful for about their work. For some it may take some thought, but just having a job can be a blessing. Encourage them to jot down ways that they might be more productive or happier in their work and any goals for future work they would like to do. Crunch up these papers and lay them beneath the coals. Light the papers first with everyone watching. As they burn, visualize those thanks and wishes transforming and being released to the universe.

By: Kristin Madden

Banishing Old Memories Spell

Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Yarrow

Get a white cord or ribbon, a green fluorite bead, a cup of water, and
an empty bowl. Pour the water into the bowl, saying “River of
forgetfulness, wash me clean and bless me. Take away [name the specific
memory] and leave my mind strong and clear.” Dip the cord into the
water, saying, “White of purity and innocence, renew me.” Dip the bead
into the water, saying, “Stone of perspective, clear my mind.” Now
concentrate on the memory, pouring it into the cord. The memory is gone
from your mind and is now in the cord. Pour the water out on the ground.
Put the bead on the cord. Wear the cord around your ankle or wrist until
it falls off on its own. When the cord falls away, the memory will be
completely gone.

By: Deborah Lipp

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From: USA

(Date Posted:02/04/2009 00:46 AM)

Breaking Bonds

Color of the day: Indigo
Incense of the day: Rue

This is a spell for release. You may desire freedom from a
particular attachment, a broken heart or bad relationship, financial
burdens, a job, or even a bad habit. You will need a piece of twine or
string, scissors, and a black or purple candle. Tie the ends of the cord
together. As you tie the knot, visualize this bond as the controlling
force from which you wish to break free. Name the bond aloud. Next, pick
up the scissors. Imagine them as a sword you carry into battle. Pass
them through the candle flame, envisioning the fire as your passion to
be free, empowering the blades. Then, say the following:

As the Moon wanes,
Release this bond.
As the candle expires,
Release this bond.
As I cut the cord,
Release this bond.
I am free.

Cut the cord, then bury it. Allow the candle to burn out.

By: Ember

A Breath of Fresh Air Spell

Color of the day: Turquoise
Incense of the day: Carnation

To cleanse yourself or a space and to bring a fresh perspective, perform
this spell to bring relief from the “same old, same old.” You will need
a fresh lemon, a knife, a shallow bowl, and a fan. This will work to
clear your brain and aura, or you can do it to clear the energy in your
living and working space. Burn incense with mint in it and light a white
candle. Cut the lemon into fourths and squeeze the juice into the bowl.
Sprinkle some drops of lemon juice around you or in the space you wish
to freshen, breathing deeply of the scent. Hold the bowl up while
fanning the cleaning power of lemon juice around you, and envision
everything taking on a fresh, clear glow. Chant, “Clear awareness
everywhere, sparkle and freshness in the air.” Afterward, make the
remaining juice into lemonade, drinking mindfully, imbibing the
sweetness of a new vision.

By: Gail Wood

Balancing Act

Color of the day: Red
Incense of the day: Cedar

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the balance between our inner and outer
selves. While there are no quick fixes for feeling imbalanced, this
little spell should help. You will need a piece of obsidian and blue,
black, and white candles (or gold and silver). Find a quiet time when
you can sit and concentrate. Light the candles, with the blue one in the
middle representing the balance between light and dark, inner and outer.
Sit quietly for a moment, watching the candle flame and allowing
yourself to grow quiet. Picture the balance that is your existence. When
you feel ready, pour that image and your current stillness into the
obsidian. Extinguish the candles and carry the obsidian with you for
times of need.

By: Laurel Reufner

Banish Harm from the Garden

Color of the day: Purple
Incense of the day: Yarrow

Where I live, late May is planting season, but in a waning Moon planting
is not ideal. Instead, use this spell to drive away harmful plants,
insects, and fungi from your garden. (Of course, you’ll still have to
weed and water and so on.) You’ll need five cloves of garlic, peeled.
Visualize the strong protective power of garlic. See it glowing with a
bright energy that drives away all harm. With your athame, wand, or
hand, send this power into the garlic, saying, “Harm be gone, harm be
gone, harm be gone!” Place the garlic into the soil around your garden
so that the five cloves form the points of a pentagram (a protective
symbol). Say, “Harm be gone! So mote it be!” as you place each clove.
Immediately water or pull a weed or otherwise tend the garden to seal
the spell.

By: Deborah Lipp

Bury the Hatchet Spell

Color of the day: Black
Incense of the day: Cinnamon

Choose today to bury the hatchet with someone from your past. It’s best
if you can get a real hatchet for this, but one carved from balsa wood
or made of paper will work too. Take as much time as you need to sit
with this hatchet. Fill it with all the memories, judgments, and
feelings that you associate with this person. Write all that on the
hatchet, along with both your names. If you feel this person took power
from you, then imagine yourself taking that back. Feel the power filling
you. Use the hatchet to cut away any remaining cords that tie you to
this person. Then take it outside and bury it. Place some sagebrush,
pine, or cedar in the hole for additional purification. Ask the Earth to
ground out these feelings and transform the energies.

By: Kristin Madden

Beltane Eve Fairy Spell

Color of the day: Brown
Incense of the day: Marjoram

Tis the eve of Beltane and the fairies are out in force. Here is a fairy
spell to work in your own garden or backyard. Gather together violets,
St. John’s wort, and clover. The violets are a fairy favorite. The St.
John’s wort will protect you from becoming fairy-led or tricked, and the
clover is for prosperity and good luck. Gather these plants together,
forming a little posy, and then tie it up with green ribbons. Blow the
fairies a kiss and leave the posy as a gift. Now go and sit in the
garden and try to meditate or to communicate with the fairies.

Fairies from far and wide,
I offer you a gift,
Tied up in green for luck,
And sealed with a kiss.
I can sense you
If I’m pure of heart,
Bless me with good luck
To boost my Witch’s art.

By: Ellen Dugan

Banishing Roadblocks

Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Frankincense

Sunday is the day of the week to promote
wealth, fame, and success. Since we are
in the darkest phase of the Moon, let's
banish any roadblocks that may be hampering
your achievements. Burn a gold candle to
promote prosperity and success. Burn a
black candle to remove any blockage or
troubles while on your journey. Light the
candles and then repeat the spell verse.

"It is true that Sunday brings
Success, wealth, and fame.
A dark Moon removes
Any blocks you'd care to name.
Bring me change and joy to
All facets of my life,
As the candles burn away,
On this darkest night."

By: Ellen Dugan

Bird Divination

Color of the day: Blue
Incense of the day: Pine

May 10 begins Bird Week in Japan. Many people bird-watch and build
new habitats for birds, while others practice a system of divination
using the sighting of birds or bird-calls. One way to perform this
divination is to cast your magical circle outdoors. If you sight birds
in the east, the matter concerns knowledge, new ventures, or
communication. If you sight birds in the south, the matter concerns
change, passion, or inspiration. In the west, the portent has to do with
relationships or your emotions regarding an issue. Birds sighted in the
north pertain to health, money matters, or property. As to the bird
sighted, the following is a brief summary of what a bird symbolizes: a
rooster means good fortune; wrens symbolize happiness; crows can mean
change; doves portend love and peace; ducks represent union and beauty;
eagles and hawks symbolize authority; geese symbolize inspiration or
love; hummingbirds represent joy; jays represent trickster energies;
owls symbolize wisdom or death; robins represent resurrection.

By: Lily Gardner

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From: USA

(Date Posted:02/04/2009 00:47 AM)

Spell to Banish Jealousy

Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Nutmeg

Jealousy plagues relationships. Working with your partner or by
yourself, you’ll create that green-eyed monster and then banish it. The
energy you put into making a doll is part of your magic. You’ll make a
monster; however you imagine that. Just make sure it has green eyes!
While making the doll, think about jealousy. Think how unpleasant it
feels, and how it harms your relationship. Think about jealous fights,
and how you’d prefer not to have them. In a circle, consecrate and name
the finished doll: “You are jealousy, the green-eyed monster. You are
my/our feelings of jealousy and pain.” Greet the doll. Talk to it. Tell
it about jealousy. Pour your deepest feelings of jealousy into the doll.
Say: “I/we banish you. Leave here and return no more!” Throw the doll
out of the circle. Close the circle. Take the doll to a dumpster or
landfill. Repeat: “Leave and return no more!”

By: Deborah Lipp

Breaking the Code Spell

Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Magnolia

The first Morse code message was sent on this day in 1884, going from
Washington, D.C., to Baltimore, MD. There are times when we can’t seem
to fit in and we really want to find the knack or code for being part of
a group. Find an old unused key and perform this small ritual as you get
ready to join a gathering. Smudge yourself with sage. Holding the key in
both hands, take a deep breath and connect to Mother Earth. Hold the key
to your solar plexus, and as you breathe deeply say, “Key my power and
energy to the vitality of the Sun.” Hold the key to your heart and say,
“Key my understanding to the wisdom of the heart,” and hold the key to
your throat and say, “Key my voice to speaking well.” Hold the key to
your third eye between your eyebrows and say, “Key my intuition to
understanding rightly.” Then breathe all this wisdom into the key. Keep
the key in your pocket or around your person, and touch it if you need
reminding of your own power to get what you need.

By: Gail Wood

Bodhi Day
Color of the day: White
Incense of the day: Rosemary
Today is the Buddhist Bodhi Day, the day of awakening. “Bodhi” is often
translated as “enlightenment.” In 596 BCE, Prince Siddhartha Gautama sat
under a Bo tree for seven days, meditating. On the eighth morning he
awoke enlightened, and knowing the Four Noble Truths. He became the
Buddha, the Enlightened One. Bodhi Day celebrates this awakening. Bodhi
Day is an excellent day to meditate, especially under a tree. It is also
celebrated by drinking tea, eating cake, and doing readings
(divination). Today would also be a good day to try the I Ching.
By: Deborah Lipp

Budget Talisman

Color of the day: Green
Incense of the day: Jasmine

By now, spending for the holidays has kicked into high gear. Try
this to help you curb your spending and help yourself stay on a
reasonable budget. Light an orange candle on your altar (for control)
and ring it with white shells. Dress the candle with the scent of
mulberries to help you focus and maintain your will to avoid spending
more than you can afford. When you go out to do your holiday shopping,
take a shell along to remind you of your goals. If you need extra
strength, anoint the shell with mulberry oil before leaving your home.

By: Laurel Reufner

Banishing Spell
Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Honeysuckle
The Tibetans celebrate a festival on this day dedicated to Agni Tara,
the Hindu goddess of fire. Use the energies of fire and the waning Moon
to banish negative energies in your life. This spell uses highly
flammable spirits, so please be careful. Place your cauldron on a
fireproof surface. Pour an eighth of a cup of 151 proof rum into the
cauldron. Hold your dominant hand over the spirits and push the causes
of your problem into the cauldron. Think about the thoughts you’ve been
feeding the problem and push them into the cauldron as well. When you
feel emptied of the negative energy, stand clear and light the rum. Say:
Blazing force of Agni Tara,
Transform me with your light.
Hearken for my need is dire,
Consume it with this rite.
Thank the goddess. Act as if the problem is truly gone.
By: Lily Gardner

Be Here Now Spell
Color of the day: Black
Incense of the day: Ivy
On this day in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in
Dallas, Texas. Most Americans alive at the time can say where they were
when they heard the announcement. When it is important to pay attention
and be fully present in your life every moment, place sandalwood
incense, patchouli oil, a brown or white candle, and a small bowl of
soil from a garden or natural outdoor space on your altar.
Call in your deities and light the incense while grounding your energies
with Mother Earth. Light the candle and focus your attention on the
flame, asking for focus. Take the bowl of soil and lift it up to the
universe and chant:
By the wisdom
Of this dark soil,
When distracted
By my life of toil,
Freedom from distraction
Is my vow.
I will be here now!
I will be here now!
Anoint your body in a star shape, saying “be here now” with each step:
left foot, right hand, left hand, right foot and forehead. Extinguish
the candle and thank spirit. Later, when you feel yourself distracted,
whisper “I will be here now” to yourself.
By: Gail Wood

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