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Title: The Universal Law of Vibration
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(Date Posted:02/19/2009 08:27 AM)
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The Universal Law of Vibration

The law of vibration says that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. Everything, whether solid, liquid or gas is made up of energy and all forms of energy are constantly moving and vibrating. A rock, a person or a car may appear to be still but they are in fact slowly vibrating at the sub atomic level. Other forms of energy like heat, light and sound are also vibrating but at a much faster rate than objects that appear to be solid.

Vibrations emanate sounds, imagine the strings of a guitar vibrating, the different thickness and tension of the string the different the sounds. As we have learnt, all things vibrate but solid objects appear to not to give off any sound, however as vibrations increase we can start to hear low pitched sounds and the higher the vibration the higher pitched are the sounds. Vibrations can increase to the point where they become so high they are inaudible to the human ear. The same principle also applies to our ability to see colors. We can only see the colors within the spectrum of the rainbow. However there are other colors like ultra-violet that exist but are vibrating at such a high frequency we are unable to see them.

In the universe, there are no two things exactly the same. This is due to the fact that everything is vibrating at a different rate. Considering the principles of the law of attraction, like is attracted to like, we can understand how vibrations are attracted to other vibrations of an identical frequency. Your thoughts are a form of energy with their own unique frequency and as your thoughts are sent out into the universe they gather energy vibrating at the identical frequency and bring to you circumstances and people who reside on the same frequency. The higher the vibration the more positive the events or people you attract and likewise, the lower the vibration more negative will be the people and events you attract. This means it is important to raise your core vibration rate and in turn the thoughts you send out will be of a higher vibration.

Creative visualization techniques and the repetitive use of positive affirmations are one of the most effective ways to raise your vibration. To effectively raise your core vibration you need to change your system of beliefs at the deepest level. Using affirmations for example will not work unless you successfully plant the seeds of whatever it is you want to change into your subconscious mind. If your affirmations penetrate no deeper than your conscious mind you would barely notice any changes in your reality. However, if by the constant saturation of positive affirmations and the regular use of creative visualization you do manage to impregnate your subconscious mind with a new positive direction you will most definitely increase your core vibration to a higher level. This higher state of vibration will bring new people and new experiences that also exist on a higher level and you will then begin to see positive changes occurring in your life.

To begin the process of raising your vibration and attracting more positive people and events into your life you must be willing to make a change. Sometimes the road to change appears to be a difficult path to take. At this point you need to make a decision and stick to it. Life is forever changing, everything in the universe as mentioned before is made of energy. All forms of energy are always moving. Nothing is ever still. This is the nature of the universe so it is pointless to try and fight it. Embrace it and move forward just like you know you want to.

Making positive changes for the better may involve avoiding negative people. Avoid watching television and reading newspapers, most of the news media keeps us in a negative state of mind filling our heads with images of violence, poverty and general feelings of discontent. This in turn might help you from feeling negative. Don't buy into the negative attitudes of others and know that a negative thought can be replaced with a positive thought. This is entirely up to you. Set a simple goal and work towards it with right thoughts, words and actions. Replace the constant chatter in the back of your mind with a positive affirmation and repeat it as often as possible. Imagine the positive outcome of your desires with as much emotion as possible. See the picture of what you want in your mind and focus on this often, especially for a few minutes when you wake up and when you go to bed. Imagine how you will feel when your desires manifest in your life. Raising your vibration and therefore improving your life all begins with a desire to change. With a little bit of discipline and by saturating your mind with positive words and thoughts, you have the ability to alter the direction of your life. Any thought held firmly in your subconscious mind will materialize in your reality.


NOTE: As we raise our vibration, it is like an old piece of farm equipment; as things vibrate when they get older they fall off.
Which allows us to repair them as if new.
So as things in our life go through the sifter and come up where we can heal or acknowlege them so they inturn fall off.

Therefore as we shift and vibrate at higher resonance the old stuff weakens and comes up or healing and releases.This inturn enables us to get rid of the old energies and raise our own vibrations and consciousness.



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