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Title: Law Two - Law of Vibration
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(Date Posted:02/19/2009 08:19 AM)
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Law of Vibration
Everything in the universe is in motion, whether solid, liquid, or gas. All things move, vibrate, and travel in circular patterns. Each thing that exists has its own vibrational frequency. No two things in the universe are truly identical because each has its unique vibrational pattern.

The principles of vibration also apply to our physical world, our thoughts, feelings, desires, and will. We each have our own unique sound, and that perfect sound is who we really are. If we could become still long enough to connect with this sound, we would discover our true, perfect self.

Disruptions in our lives, our life-styles, television, radio, people and noises in general all serve to keep us from hearing that perfect sound within and from becoming it.

Vibrations not only affect us, but also impact the people around us. Positive or negative vibrations may resonate in others and create similar vibrations. If we send out thoughts of envy, criticism, hatred, or jealousy, then the same thought-forms are aroused and sent back by others.

The goal to keep our vibrations as positive and high as possible. This means that we must not let another's negative attitudes penetrate our feelings or mental state. One of the ways to accomplish this is to learn to keep from becoming over involved in the problems of others. We need to listen carefully, but we must keep ourselves from taking on the lower vibrations emitted by others.

Understanding the Law of Vibration assists us to get in touch with our feelings every moment of the day. Since each thought, feeling word, and behavior resides on its own frequency, we need to learn to assess how we feel and to choose behaviors and attitudes that only help us evolve. EVOLUTION is whey we are here.

A few points:

* Everything in the universe is in motion.
* Our thoughts, emotions, desires and wills give off vibrations which affect us and those around us.
* When humans embrace a higher consciousness, their auras increase to a frequency closer to the speed of Light.
* Higher vibrations consume and change lower vibrations.
* What is willed with strong emotion will be created and become reality.
* Once and individual moves to a higher level of vibration, that which was experienced on a lower level is never experienced again.!!!!
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