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Title: Law Twelve - Law of Gender - Last and Final Law
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(Date Posted:02/19/2009 07:57 AM)
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Law of Gender
The Law of Gender is referred in terms used in a much larger context to refer to creation or production, it is not just the male or female context of physical differences.

Gender refers to a division of labor or effort which is required for all creativity. Gender is found in organic as well as inorganic matter, it is found everywhere, heat, light, electricity, magnetism, attraction, repulsion, etc....the masculine energy directs itself to the feminine energy, thereby initiating the creative process. The feminine energy is the one doing the active creative work, and this is true on all planes.

Both male and female energies must be present in the creation process, and both sexes need to develop these skills.

Male brain usually emphasizes left brain thinking, which appears to be suited for analytical functions. Female brains appear to demonstrate more right brain activity and suited for synthetic functions. Both men and women can perform both functions, but in different ways.

* The masculine and feminine energies are the foundation for creation in every part of the universe.

* Creation requires that we have balanced the yin and the yang, or the ability to dream dreams and bring them to reality.

* When we balance our masculine and feminine energies we move to a state of androgyny that aligns us with the Higher Self.

* The Seventh Golden Age will be a time for the restoration of feminine energy on the planet.

* When we are able to master the balance of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions we unite the Higher Self with the lower 8 bodies. This is necessary in order for ascension to occur.

A Joyous person abounds with energy and feels buoyant because he or she is running a higher-frequency current of energy through his or her system. Gary Zukav

I hope all that have read the Twelve Universal Laws gleam the appropriate pieces needed from each to live peaceful and productive lives.

Blessings to All.....
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