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Title: Water Scrying
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 07:44 AM)
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You will need a large, deep bowl made from glass, brass or silver. It must have a smooth and even rim.

You must set your base on some sort of tripod for best results. A tripod made of laural boughs is the best.

You will need to do your own testing to find out which bowl works best for you and how much water you should use. Do not use water from a tap. Get clean, fresh water from a stream.

The ancient Greeks believed that nature spirits dwelled in fresh water. The water may be stored in a vessel and used again.

However it is a good idea to replace your water once a month. Never collect the water of a day time. Water should only be collected at night preferably on a full moon.

To make your wand use a branch from a bay tree, hazel tree or the laural. The end of the wand should be covered in dry tree sap or resin.

Dip the end of the wand into the water until it becomes wet. Wet the rims of the bowl.

The best time to scy is at night when it is quite. By gently drawing the rim of the wand around the bowl it will cause it to resonate.

The action of the resonating basin will cause circular ripples to form in the basin. The water seems to breathe with the sounds.

It is the harmonics that seem to whisper forth predictions of the future. These are interpreted with the help of a gaurdian angel.

You may also recieve visual impressions which Nostradamus likened to that of a "burning mirror".

Water Scrying

This technique is a very ancient one, and common among Shamanistic traditions. Divination is the ability to see what patterns are forming toward manifestation. What you "see" is actually what is likely to occur if nothing changes the pattern being woven. here is a technique which I teach in beginning classes.

Pour some bottled water into a soup bowl. Mix either blue or a green food color into the water, so that the liquid is dark enough to obscure the bottom of the bowl. At this point you should have a reflective surface. Position two candles, as your source of light, so that the light does not reflect upon the liquid (off a foot to two, in front of you should do it). next make a series of hand passes over the liquid, slowly and deliberately. Magickally speaking, the right hand is of an electrical nature/active charge, and the left hand is of a magnetic/receptive charge. Right-handed passes will strengthen the image and left-handed passes will attract the image to form. Begin by making left-handed passes over the bowl, in a clockwise circle, just a few inches above the water (palms open and facing down). Stop and gaze into the dark liquid - not at the liquid, but into the liquid. you will need to repeat these passes occasionally as you work. Alternate between the left hand and the right hand. this requires patience and time. Use your intuition as you sit before the bowl. Make sure the area where you are working is quiet and there are no distractions.

Drinking herbal tea prior to divination can aid in your work

In ancient times dark pools of liquid were used to divine the future. This represented the look within, the assessment of the past, and its gift to the future. The old term for this type of divination is "scrying." Scrying is a very ancient technique common among shamanistic traditions. Divination itself is the ability to discern patterns that are forming and moving towards manifestation. What you "see" is actually what is likely to occur if nothing changes the divinatory images perceived.
The Scrying Bowl

This is a very basic method employing the dark liquid formula. Pour some bottled water into a medium-sized bowl such as a soup bowl. Add a few drops of blue or green food color to the water, enough to ensure that the liquid is dark and obscures the bottom of the bowl. At this point you should have a dark reflective surface to gaze into. Use two candles as your source of light, making sure that the light does not reflect upon the liquid. Setting them a foot or two in front of you, a candle off to each side should work.

Next, perform a series of hand passes over the liquid in the bowl, slowly and deliberately. In the magickal arts, the right hand generates an electrical charge and the left a magnetic charge. Left-handed passes attract and draw images, forming in the liquid. Right-handed passes will strengthen the images appearing there, and focus them more clearly.

Begin scrying by making left-handed passes over the bowl, in a clockwise circle, just a few inches above the water (palms open and facing down).

Stop, and gaze into the liquid, not at its surface, but deep into the bowl.

Usually several repeated passes of the hands are required during the scrying process.

Alternate between the left hand and the right hand. This requires patience and time. Use your intuition as you sit before the bowl. With practice, images will begin to form within the liquid. Sometimes they will be symbolic or suggestive images. At other times they may form as faces, objects, or places that you are already familiar with. It is important to simply allow the images to form. Do not rush them or become anxious when they appear. Try to remain calm and receptive. Watch the images until they fade away. At first, interpreting the meaning of what you see is often like trying to find meaning within a dream. With time, you will begin to understand the symbols, their meaning, and the importance of their appearance.

The Scrying Glass

The scrying glass is a dark concave surface of reflective material. One can easily be constructed by using the curved glass face of a clock and painting the convex side with a glossy black paint. Once the paint has thoroughly dried, bathe the mirror in an herbal brew of rosemary, fennel, rue, vervain, ivy, and walnut leaves (or bark.) If you want to be truly traditional, pour some sea foam into the mixture.

To charge the glass, take a deep breath and then slowly exhale outward upon the potion. Do this three times, remove the mirror from the potion and dry it off thoroughly. Prop the mirror up vertically, supported by two sturdy books or book ends to hold it in place. Hold your right hand out in front of you so that your palm is facing the convex side, about three inches away from the glass surface. You are now ready to magnetize the mirror.

With the left hand begin making a circular clockwise motion across the surface of the mirror. Do this for a few minutes and then repeat this on the convex side of the mirror with the right hand. The opposite hand is always held still while the moving hand circulates. To use the scrying glass simply employ the same techniques as described for the scrying bowl.
Water Scrying

Water represents the collective unconscious - the continuum - the flow of all things in the universe back to one source.

Water is in itself a symbol of the subconscious and of emotional depths. It triggers the imagination in a way that no other element can. In it lie dreams and possibilities. All by itself, it is the perfect scrying tool. While you may use almost anything as a container, I advise a non reflective bowl. You can easily make your own by using one of these two methods. You can take a crystal bowl and add a few drops of black India ink to the water inside, or you can take any inexpensive bowl that you don't need for daily use and spray paint the inside flat black.

Water scrying is very similar in nature to mirror scrying with the exception of the fact that like fire, water moves. Even when you are sitting very still, it is subject to the surrounding vibrations and air currents. For me at least, the water scrying tend to be of a gentler nature than that of the mirror as well. Dreamier for lack of a better description. Another method that can be used when working with water is to allow a few drops of candle wax (my grandmother and great grandmother used olive oil) to drip into the bowl and examining the results.

Sit in a comfortably warm room that is well ventilated. No bright colors, glittering objects or any kind of distracting objects in your range of vision.

Place the bowl on a table in front of you.

Feel relaxed - reduce noise level and bright lights. You may want to use soft music in the background.

Close your eyes and breath take two long slow breaths - breathing in through your nose - hold the breath for several seconds - then release it slowly through the mouth. Feel your mind and body relaxed and read to see with more than the normal sense.

Now open your eyes and gaze down into the bowl at the dark water.
You may ask a question in your head first, and wait for an answer. You may also just gaze into the bowl and watch for random images. They will appear - perhaps as shadows at first - but they will be there. You may see images that are larger - which means they will occur sooner. Smaller images in the background will take longer to manifest - if you are seeking personal information.

If you are working alongside another person - you may both see different things - your reality does vary with each of us.

You will be shown what you need to see - and hear what you need to hear (in your thoughts) that day.

You should not attempt to scry shortly after a meal since you might end up sleepy. Close your eyes for two to three minutes, then open them and look calmly into your scrying bowl. Be completely relaxed. Blink normally. If you're feeling any strain, look away from the bowl. Exactly what type of images, if any you'll see really depends on your innate pyschic sense.
You shouldn't become scared or surprised with the anything you see. If you are not calm the vision can be broken. You should become oblivious to your surroundings. If the vision becomes broken, stop. If possible, go to sleep and try again the next day. When clear images can no longer be seen and the water seems filled only with cloud wisps and drifting shadows or a confused play of lights you can ask a direct question. Your questions must be clear and precise. Continue looking. Gradually the shadows will clear and a vision will be presented, but occasionally there will be no answer, this should be respected.

Some suggested intereptations:  put these here with some trepidation. Your images and associations take precedence over anything anyone else says.

Light colors = Good omen
Dark colors = Inauspicious
Clouds of white, green & blue = Good signs, joy
Green = Hope, increases with the depth of the tint
Black = Negative, inauspicious, evil
Red, orange, yellow = Unfavorable signs
Red, orange = Hatred, passion, danger, violent emotions, trouble
Yellow = Envy, malice, jealousy
Rising clouds = affirmative
Sinking clouds = negative
Visions far in the background = Distant past or future
Visions near the middle = Near past or future
Visions near the front = Present, immediate future

Symbolic visions usually have the normal symbolic meanings

Flaming torch = Enlightenment and progress
Serpent = Astuteness, cunning
Ship = Commerce and travel
Sun = Prosperity, success, honor and preferment
Waxing moon = Growth, increase of prosperity
Waning moon = Ill luck, bad health, loss

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