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Title: The Wonderful World of Scrying
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The Wonderful World of Scrying

Also called crystallomancy, scrying is a technique used by seers, psychics, and sorcerers. Using crystals and gemstones in the divination of one's past, present, and future traditionally played a key role in the decision-making process of many powerful leaders throughout history, including such notables as King Arthur, who sought out the advice and prophecies of Merlin the Magician, and Queen Elizabeth I, who at times consulted the famous seventeenth century scryer, Dr. Dee, on matters of state.

One of the earliest and most well-known forms of divination, scrying originated from people using reflective surfaces to gain knowledge about the future. One of the earliest uses of crystals and gemstones in scrying comes form the Druids, who used beryl for scrying. Scottish Highlanders termed these objects "stones of power." From this, the early crystal balls were made from beryl, later replaced by spheres made from rock crystal. Prominent in the middle ages, scryers revered their crystal balls, and often passed them on to their apprentices.

Many other cultures around the world traditionally used crystals and gemstones as tools for various forms of scrying. Examples include the diviners of the Yucatan, who placed great reverence on clear stones such as quartz, and Apache medicine men, who used crystals for inducing visions.

Divination, by virtue of its name, is a tool for reaching and communicating with the divine, which means, in a sense, crystals have always been used in communications, just as they are today in radios, telephones and computers. The reason crystals in particular became important tools for scrying is because of their inherent characteristics of transparency and regularity of patterns, called symmetry. Additionally, the energetic fields of crystals and gemstones influence what the scryer sees on a very subtle and often esoteric level.

The following is a basic technique for crystal scrying. Use this as a guide for your own crystal scrying, adapting the procedure where needed. Remember to trust your intuition.

Begin by selecting a stone which refracts light well, and feels physically and psychically comfortable to you. Once you've chosen a stone for scrying, clear it out by using the cleaning steps outlined in Chapter Three. Once cleared, the crystal can be used as is or charged with energy, before using it to scry. Traditionally, scrying stones and spheres were never exposed to sunlight because this was thought to hinder their ability to connect and communicate with the psychic mind, and in turn, the divine. However, moonlight was often used with the full moon being a perfect time to charge your scrying crystal with the energy of moon. Chapter Five provides a complete explanation and step-by-step instructions for charging stones with moonlight.

Seven Steps for Crystal Scrying:

1. Scrying is best when done at night because traditionally night rules the psychic mind. Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, and place the crystal on a stand, table or hold it in your hands.

2. Candles are conducive to scrying. If you find yourself distracted by the reflections and movements of the flame, then experiment by using other light sources, or try moving the candle until you find what works for you.

3. Now relax by breathing deeply for a few moments with your eyes closed.

4. Upon opening your eyes, hold the crystal in your hands until it is warm. Many scryers say this is important because this step connects your energy to that of the stone. Heating the stone also activates it.

5. While holding the stone, think about what your intentions are for scrying. Examples of intention might be information regarding your career, relationship, or future. Be clear about your intention.

6. Next, place the stone back in its resting place or continue holding in your hands, and then begin gazing into the crystal.

7. As you gaze deeply into the crystal, move your mind beyond the physical structure of the stone, merging into the light within. The idea is not so much to see physical images, but instead to use the crystal and the light reflecting in it as a tool to connect to the divine energy within yourself and all things. When connected, you will begin getting impressions and insights. Practice this technique, particularly merging with the crystal, until everything flows and feels comfortable to you.

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