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Title: The Holy Wells and Water Scrying
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 07:48 AM)
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The Holy Wells and Water Scrying

The strongest belief in Ireland is a belief in the curative power of the
Holy Wells that are scattered about the country. Fountains of health and
healing, which at one time were either blessed by one of the Irish goddesses or by which some goddess had dwelt in the far-off ancient times, or by which, in the more current history, some saint had either blessed or had dwelt.
The Holy Wells have become the focus of devout pilgrimages. On such a pilgrimage, the Pilgrim goes round the Well a certain number of times, either three or nine, creeping on hands and knees, but always from east to west, following the motion of the moon, while reciting a prayer to Dana. At the close of each round The pilgrim builds-up a small cairn for Dana to reckon the stones as a reminder of their prayer. The pilgrim then descends the steps to the Well, and kneeling down, bathes their forehead and hands in the water in the act of purification, health and healing.
 At some Wells there are often rude stone monuments of the ancient times and the eyes of the pilgrim must remain fixed on it while praying. Whenever a White-thorn or an Ash tree shadows the place, the Well
is held to be peculiarly sacred, and on leaving, having first drunk of the
water, the pilgrim ties a votive offering to the branches. The votive offering
Is generally a colored handkerchief, a bright red strip cut from a garment
Or a ribbon tied around a lock of the pilgrims' own hair. These offerings are never removed. They remain for years fluttering in the wind and the rain, Just as travelers have described the votive offerings on the sacred trees that shadow the Holy Wells of other countries. They are signs and tokens of gratitude to the 'Patron of the Well'.
Some of the most Holy Wells to be found in Ireland are: Tober Gobnath, now St. John's Well in County Cork. Most of the Stones found at this well are pure quartz. Tober Fionn Ma-Coul, the Well of Fionn, in County Cork, where the grave of the great Fionn was laid. Tober Seenan, St. Seenan's Well, on the shore of Scattery Island, which is a secret place with miraculous curative powers. Tober Kil-n-Greina, the Well of the
Fountain of the Sun, in County Cork, where an ancient stone circle was found with writing on the stones and strange carvings. The ancient tradition of the Well was that it was the temple of Ban-na-Naomha, a prophetess, and the stones found at this Well were pure white, about the size of a pigeon's egg. Tober Mire, the Well of the Field, is located in County Cork, where many pagan monuments are in the vicinity; and, perhaps the most important, is Tober Dana, now Tober Breda or the Holy Well of St. Bridget, where a stone oratory is found of
fabulous antiquity, with a doorway fashioned after the Egyptian model,
Sloping towards the top. An ancient white-thorn covered with votive offerings, amongst which one may see many long locks of hair is also found here.
Tober Breda is now considered of the highest sanctity, being under the special Patronage of St. Briget. Because water is the symbol of the gateway into the Land of Faery, the divination of water scrying is used in Faery Seership.
Water scrying and mirror scrying is very similar, both require a black surface upon which one focus, allowing their eyes to move into soft-sight. The best time to water scry is during the full moon and outdoors. It is best to have a black bowl without design or other colors inside the bowl. When water is placed in the bowl, the surface will naturally be black. At the very bottom of the bowl a crystal is placed, or a silver coin can be used.
After the scrying bowl is prepared, position yourself where the moonlight
catches on the surface of the water. Use both the scrying incense and scrying oil to enhance your abilities.
 Perform the Grounding and Centering Format, achieving soft-sight, remembering to naturally blink as needed. When soft-sight has been obtained, chant:

By moon magic, by Faery spell, By the mysteries of the ancient dell, dreams, desires, mystery might Borne on the moonbeam's silvery light, come now to My Sacred Well.

Once the moonlight begins to reflect off the crystal or silver coin in the
bottom of the bowl, images will begin to surface through your creative
imagination. Open to the images being filtered through the water, for more often then not this type of divination will take on the characteristic of a movie.
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