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Title: Scrying
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The Word Scrying, comes from the Anglo Saxon 'descry' which today is taken to mean 'reveal'.  Practitioners of the art use a transparent glove or a reflective surface which acts as a focus for the viewing of visions.  Just what they see varies, for some, the images are as realistic as film, for others, they are much more abstract.  Many objects can b used as a focus, most commonly mirrors, crystals, incense, flames or liquids.  However, a magnifying glass or the back of a watch are said to yield good results too.

One of the most famous people to use this technique was the French visionary Nostradamus, whose images were seen in a mirror and were the inspiration for his prophetic verses.

When most people think of scrying, they immediately imagine crystal balls which certainly have a magical appeal.  Naturally, anyone can pay for their fortune to be told, but with a little practice it is far more interesting to do it yourself.  After selecting what you wish to use to see your vision in, take some time to relax and unwind.  Concentrate all your energies on the focus and after a while you may see a mist forming.  For most people this takes several attempts.  Any clouding of your focus is a sign that you are doing well.  With more practice you may see images or patterns in the mist.  Different people see different things so do not worry if others' visions are unlike your own.

Reading the signs which appear in a focus is very much a question of individual interpretation.  Before a vision appears, the focus usually becomes foggy and opaque, and often the resulting mist is colored in some way.  Quite a few crystal gazers never get past this misty stage, but fortunately the colors of the clouds have specific meanings.

White - predict happy times are on the way

Black - may point to some misfortune

Green & Blue - indicate positive developments connected with the relationships or money and work

Red - may herald an argument

Yellow - relationship difficulties

Orange - possible health problems

Scryers can always ask the mists a direct question, one that can be answered by 'yes' or 'no'.  If the clouds rise, the answer is 'yes', and if they descend, 'no'.  Should scryers begin to see distinct images, they often find that the clarity of the pictures varies according to their mood, the happier and more positive they feel, the clearer the shapes that appear.  The images are like Tarot cards, in that they can have two meanings depending on how they are aspected.  Intuition usually helps the crystal gazer decide whether their vision is positive or negative


globe travel stagnation
shell wisdom death
star success warning
eye good luck impending trouble
bird a message running away
dog trust friends beware deceitful friends
cat good luck bad trouble
house well being financial problems
snake learning betrayal
tree settling down loss of someone or something close to you
wheel travel injury
moon success and growth failure and misery

An interesting way to scry is using liquids as your focus.  All you need is a clear glass bowl, filled three quarters full with water, a container of black ink and a dropper.  Drip the ink into the water for on to two seconds and watch the sifting shapes which appear.  At first you may see only meaningless blobs, but with practice and concentration, shapes, perhaps like those in the above chart, will form in the ink.  As they spread through the


Scrying is the ancient art of looking into a surface or structure, then receiving messages or images. The imgage can be either literal images or symbols, which must then be interpreted. The word scrying itself means "seeing."

Scrying in History

The great French Prophet Michel de Nostradame, known as simply Nostradamus, used scrying for his famed quatrains in the 1500s. Gifted with prophecy,. Nostradamus was a highly educated doctor and healer, and he was extensively studied and skilled in the occult arts and astrology. His intensive study led to use a fourth century method of scrying for his prophecies and divination. Nostradamus recorded this method, which includes privacy, evening time and gazing into a bowl of water with candlelight reflected into its depths. Nostradamus would touch the water with a wand and then the hem of his robe, acknowledge the presence of a deity and gaze into the bowl until the prophesies came to him.

In the Villa of Mysteries at Pompeii, one of the scenes depicted in the frescoes around the walls of the Initiation Room shows the neophyte scrying. Vittorio Macchiora, in The Villa of Mysteries, says: "The neophyte is born again the Zagreus; she has begun to live the life of the god, but terrible tests await her. Silenus seated on a double plinth shows her a hemispherical silver case on which a youth gazes in ecstasy while his companion hold on high behind him a Dionysiac mask...The hemispherical case at which the youth gazes ecstatically is a magickal mirror; [he is seeing] in the mirror a series of visions that have their center and starting point in the mask and life of Dionysus...he gazes on the mirror as Dionysus did, so as to become one with him."

Mediums for Scrying

Scrying is usually done in one of several mediums that relate to the elements of  fire, water, air and earth, but one can use any reflective surface, including polished copper and other metals, a mirror or even an ink blot.

Although it is not absolutely necessary, it is best to scry on a night when the moon is within the influence of an astrological sign matching the element of the scrying you intend to perform.

Do fire scrying (staring into the fire or a candle fire) when the moon is either in Aries, Sagittarius or Leo; do water scrying when the moon is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces; air scrying (which is done with incense or smoke) when the moon is Gemini, Libra or Aquarius; and earth scrying (using a crystal ball) during Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

The Mayans used a variety of polished, coloured stones. Native American Cherokee and Apache use crystals, as do the tribes of Borneo and New Guinea, and the Australian Aborigines.

Some of the old books of Ceremonial Magick, or Grimoires, give detailed instructions for the stand that should hold a crystal used for scrying. They prescribe intricate sigils and words of power to be engraved on the stand. Some even suggest periods of fasting, prayer and the summoning of particular spirits. Today, however, a simple form of water scrying is one of the most popular forms of scrying among Wiccans, and many Pagans.

Water Scrying

You will need a dark-coloured bowl or small cauldron; water to fill the vessel; mugwort; a candle; blessing oil; a purple cord or ribbon (approximately 50 inches long), large enough to form a circle around the bowl of water and the candle; three crystals that have only one point each; and a match.

Create a circle on a table with the purple cord or ribbon. Take the mugwort in your left hand, covering it with your right, and bless it. To bless the mugwort, close your eyes and visualise white light moving from the universe of the Goddess through your head, down your arm, and into the mugwort. Visualise that are inhaling this white, purifying light, and sending the newly received energy into the mugwort. Bless the mugwort with words similar to: "I do bless this sacred mugwort and thank it for its use in empowering my scrying. This be done with the power of the Lord and of the Lady, harming none, and for the good of all." Sprinkle the mugwort within the circle.

Anoint and bless the candle with oil that is beneficial to scrying to psychic awareness. Use words such as: "I do bless this candle to illuminate the way to the future. This be done with the power of the Lord and of the Lady..." Place the candle within the circle on the table toward the back edge doge of the circle.

Bless the water and crystals in the same way you blessed the oil and mugwort.

Close your eyes and move within yourself to a meditative state. Inhale and become aware of your breath filling your lungs. As you exhale, allow the muscles in your body to relax. When you have achieved a deep level of relaxation, visualise a deep blue light growing within yourself. Allow the blue light to move outside yourself, escaping through your pores. Encompass yourself and the table within a great protective bubble of the blue light. It is a perfect sphere. Take several breaths, seeing the protective light becoming stronger and stronger. At this time, focus on the Goddess or God energy. Invite this energy to fill the protected area. Now, begin to concentrate on the purpose for your scrying work. Is it for your future?, Is it for a friend's future?, etc. Allow yourself to go more deeply within yourself until you know you will achieve results. When you have reached that deep level of focus, open your eyes and light the candle.

Touch a finger into the water, and then dab your forehead in the sixth chakra or third eye area, As you do this mentally note that you are joining your psychic center with spiritual waters that can tell you what you wish to know.

With your eyes open, move again to that deep state of relaxation, empty your mind, and use your breathing to move yourself to that meditative place. Gaze into the water that you have blessed. Expect no outcome. Divest yourself of any results. It is time to simply let go, forget about time, and become receptive to the visions or symbols or even disassociated thoughts you will see in the water.

water they may evolve into new patterns. 

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