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Title: General Plant Divination
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 08:00 AM)
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General Plant Divination

Fill five flower pots with the same kind of dirt. Plant in each pot a seed of the same type of flower, on the same day and at the same time. Ensure that they have the same exposure to sunlight. For best results, do this on the day of the full moon.

On a small piece of tape, write an expected or hope-for future and apply this to the side of one pot. Continue until all five pots have been designated with five different features. (Small signs attached to sticks or twigs may also be used, thrust into the earth near the pot's side.) Water as usual. The seed that first germinates determines the event that will most likely occur in the near future.

The Apple

Using a silver knife, peel an apple so that it comes off the fruit in one unbroken strip. (If the peel breaks while paring, try again at a later time and eat the apple.)

When you've been successful, ask your question and throw the peel over your left shoulder. It will produce a shape on the floor behind you. If this shape is anything other than an O or U, the answer is yes.

Another apple divination is related to the daisy rite described below. It exists in many variants; here is one of the most popular. Find an apple that still has stem end attached. Ask your question. Hold the apple in your left hand and, with your right, begin twisting the stem. With each twist, say yes or no. The word that you say when the stem twists off (or directly prior to this occurrence) signifies the answer to your question.

The Daisy

This is perhaps the best known of all plant divinations. As you probably know, it consists of removing each petal from the daisy while saying "she loves me, she loves me not." (The masculine pronoun is used where appropriate.) The sentence stated as the last petal removed reveals the truth. Any daisy-like flower can be used for this technique.

A second form of daisy divination isn't limited to matters of love. Ask a binary question. As you pluck each petal, say yes or no. As the last petal falls, the answer has been given.

This type of procedure represents a genuine form of divination, proven effective during many centuries of practice. However, few persons today (especially the children who constitute its usual practitioners) are probably aware of this technique's great antiquity.

The Dandelion

Use this technique to discover whether a wish will come true and how soon. Find a dandelion that has gone to seed. Ask whether some desired wish will come true. Blow hard against the seeds. If all the seeds fly off, your wish will be shortly granted. If a few of the seeds remain, a bit of time will be necessary for this to occur. If many of the seeds are left, your desire will not be granted.

An alternate method consists of thinking of your husband, wife, or mate, while blowing on the dandelion. If all of the seeds fly away, the relationship is stable. If not, problems may be on their way.

A third method: blow away the winged seeds, while asking a yes or no question. If they immediately fall to the ground, the answer is no. If they float away on the wind, yes.


Find a suitable leaf. Write a question upon the leaf. Place it in a safe spot. If it quickly withers and dries, the prospects aren't rosy. However, if it remains fresh and dries slowly, the sign are favorable.

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