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Title: Fire Scrying
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 07:47 AM)
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fire0dw.gif picture by gemsylb
The fire of the spindal...
Fire Gazing

Scrying the flames is an ancient practice. Fire is used to alter one's state
of consciousness, stilling the mind, focusing the attention, while freeing
In ancient times, at the start of the day, as the housewife kindled the fire
by lifting the peats so that the flame smothered the night before might
spring again into life, she prayed that the fire would be blessed to her and to the household and to the glory of God who gave it.
To such a housewife, fire was never taken for granted but rather regarded as a miracle of divine power, provided not only to warm their bodies and cook their food, but to remind them that they too, like fire, need constant renewal mentally and physically.
The ceremony of smothering the fire at night would be performed symbolically and with loving care. The embers would be spread evenly on the hearth in the middle of the floor, and formed into a circle, which would then be divided into three equal sections around a boss in the center. A peat was laid between each section, the first laid down in the name of Dana of all life, the second in the name of the God of peace, the third in the name of the Goddess of Grace. The circle would then be covered over with ashes sufficient to subdue but not extinguish the fire in the name of the three of light. When this was done the woman would stretch out her hand and quietly intoned a prayer, such as:

The sacred Three
To save,
To shield,
To surround
The hearth,
The house,
The household,
This eve,
This night,
Oh! This eve,
This night,
And every night,
Each single night.

To rekindle the fire before the Four Great Festivals (Book One) is a holy
and sacred act, for in doing so, the conjuration of the sacred heart-flame of the primal land, as well as the Ancient Ones, is enacted as the flame is
re-kindled fire has the uncanny ability to enchant anyone who looks upon its vitality dance. The onlooker is drawn into the flickering flames, elongating and contracting, reaching out to touch and pulling back, so quickly that the flame-spirit can be considered the prototype or origin of hypnotism.
Fire gazing is used to receive information about will, Spirit, vitality or
Lack thereof, passion, desire, anger, healing, and excesses. Within the flames
Images can, and often do, appear and when they do the message conveyed is a blazingly clear.
To fire gaze is very simply, one must be able to quiet the mind and body for extended periods of time. (Again, we see how the practice of the "no mind" meditation is vitally important in the success of other aspects of the seer's magickal arts.)
When fire gazing, the room must be completely darkened, and the only light that of the candle flame. Sit before the candle, focus all attention onto the flame and recite:

Power flame dancing boldly in the night
Power flame spreading mystical light
Bring to me the images I need to see
For added clarity.

Quite, settling into a state of "no-mind." Once such a mental state has been achieved, the diviner awaits the presentation of an image. Holding a crystal in one's hand, during fire gazing does increase reception ability, as it sets-up a psycho-magnetic field between the diviner and the flame-spirit, allowing easier communication to exist.
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