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Title: Crystal Ball Scrying
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 07:46 AM)
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Crystal Balls can be used as oracles of divination by those who are clairvoyant. They come in many sizes, shapes, colors, types of crystal, with varying inclusions that sometimes allow a psychic to see things within the images created by the crystal itself, or more to the point, use of a clear quartz crystal ball with few inclusions or imperfections, and watching holographic images appear within. "Within what?" you ask. Within the psychic's mind as guided by spirit or the client's soul imprint.

Psychics are generally attracted to the crystal ball they will use, based on the frequency of the crystal. As with any crystal, the larger the crystal ball, the stronger the energies and viewing area. Gazing into a clear crystal ball opens the third eye and allows the psychic to see images.

As with all crystals that come into your life, the right crystal ball just seems to call to you. There is something in the frequency of the crystal that feels right. It is best to see and hold the crystal ball before buying it, rather than shop it online. After selecting your crystal ball, take it home and clean it. I use mild soap and water then place it in the sunlight and moonlight to energize. Other psychics have their own methods for cleaning and clearing crystals.

Next, place the crystal ball on a stand on a table that has a clear surface. To begin the reading, some psychics have rituals, while others, such as myself, just gaze into the crystal ball and wait for images to appear. These images are produced by the third eye of the psychic. Images within the crystal ball may appear as stationary or move around as if viewing a hologram. Two people gazing into a crystal ball at the same time, may see different images.

As with all forms of divination, images often appear as archetypes, whose interpretation is left for the reader or the person having the reading. The larger the image appears in the crystal ball, the closer the timeline for it to manifest in third dimension, and the more significant the information. Images my appear stationary, or move about. They may appear two dimensional or holographic. If you cannot 'see' anything in the crystal ball at first, be patient and keep trying. At the very least a crystal ball will bring energies to the room in which it is placed.

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