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Title: Moonstone
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(Date Posted:02/22/2009 12:36 PM)
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by Stephanie Pflumm ©Copyright 2009

Moonstone is a member of the Feldspar
crystal family. This unique crystal
group seems to have been growing over
the last couple of hundred years. My
oldest geology reference book (the
first English copyright is dated 1904,
could not find the original German
copyright) recognizes six different
Feldspars. One of the more recent
references I found on the internet
notes over 40 different varieties,
many have only been identified in
the last 150 years or less. I find
this intriguing. It's one of the
reasons I decided to write a new
Moonstone article and begin
researching Feldspars for a future

Moonstone is likely the most well known
of the Feldspar family. Its luminous
sheen has captured the eyes of humans
for a few thousand years. This
shimmering play of light across the
surface of the gemstone is call the
schiller effect or adularescence (after
the Adularia Moonstone). It is caused
when layers of Feldspar with differing
refractive indexes grow into each other
and become compressed under pressure.

In Moonstone, layers of Orthoclase and
Albite Feldspar are woven together in
such a way that the crystal structure
interferes with light's attempt to
penetrate the crystal. Thus creating the
effect of light skimming along the
surface. Clear to white Moonstones that
flash blue are the most popular and
rare of the crystals.

Not all Feldspars exhibit the schiller
effect, but the most popular ones used
in jewelry do; Moonstone, Labradorite,
Sunstone and Amazonite.

Moonstone is the most colorful member
of this family. Specimens can be clear
to white with a blue flash, peach, pink
and smoky colors that flash a silvery

Chemically, Moonstone is composed of
aluminum, silicate (Quartz) and potassium.
It grows in pegmatites or is found in
massive formations in igneous stones.
Huge chunks the size of a man's fist and
larger, are pulled from gooey deposits of
kaolin (a clay like substance that is the
weathered by-product of some Feldspars).
The quality of Adularia or Rainbow
Moonstone that comes from the Ceylonese
deposits and mines is unrivaled.

Moonstone found in the Swiss Alps often
occurs as thin barrel like crystals.
They frequently form four separate crystals
that grow into each other, creating very
unique twins. Brazil, India, Madagascar,
North America, Tanzania and Europe all
have some gemstone quality Moonstone

India has held the Moonstone sacred since
ancient times. It is considered an especially
powerful tool for lovers. Wearing the crystals
will arouse tender passions and make the heart
receptive to receive romantic intentions.
Lovers who placed a Moonstone under their
tongues during a full Moon may see their
future together. To reconcile after a bitter
fight, the couple would each take a Moonstone,
place it over their heart and empower it with
their love. They would then exchange the
gemstone with each other and their discord
would dissolve.

Moonstones for sale in India are only
displayed on a yellow cloth, a sacred
color for a sacred gemstone.

The Moonstone Temple of Anuradhapura was
built on Ceylon around 100 BC. According
to legend, the steps of the temple were
decorated with a mosaic of Moonstones. Ruins
are the only thing left to see of the antique
temple and its fabled steps.

Antoine Mizauld wrote in 1531 of a friend
that owned a Moonstone whose refractive
qualities would wane and wax in sync with
the Moon. Borrowing the gemstone, Mizauld
observed the crystal over the course of a
month and noted that the appearance of the
Moonstone did change as the Moon moved
through her phases. Pope Leo X was also said
to be in possession on a Moonstone that
behaved in a similar fashion, but I could
not find a reference linking the stones.

Romans believed the crystal was created by
the Moon's light. It was frequently used in
ceremonies to honor Diana, their Moon Goddess.
Her image was said to be enclosed by the stone
and whomever possessed it would would receive
her blessings of love, wealth, wisdom and

This connection to the lunar cycle and energies
have given the Moonstone a reputation as a
powerful intuitive tool. Many traditions and
spells call for using the crystal for
divination during either the full or void
phase of Grandmother. Or use its Lunar energies
to regulate your sleeping cycles.

You can use your Moonstone as a wishing tool.
While holding or meditating with your Moonstone
visualize your wish, see your life as it can be
when your wish is fulfilled. Be strong and sure
of what your wish for, your intensity and passion
are what will drive the crystal's power. The
gemstone will absorb the energy of your intent
to accomplish this wish and charge or empower
the cycles around you to bring your wish to

Lovers may wish to exchange Moonstones. Test
its powers to arouse passion, to promote
tenderness and romance. Try the Indian
tradition of placing the gems under your
tongues during the full Moon and see what
the future may hold for your love.

Use the reflective qualities of this gemstone
to make dramatic changes in your life. During
a meditation with the stone, the Moonstone
becomes your mirror and see it reflecting back
those habits or behaviors you'd like to change.
Examine them in a critical light, recognize
without mercy the real impact they have on your
life and health. Then just as Grandmother Moon
withers into the new or void Moon, see your
unwanted habits wither away until they disappear.
Just before or at new Moon bury your Moonstone
or toss it away along the roadside, believing
the unwanted aspects of your life are behind

Women wishing to become pregnant or during their
pregnancy may want to adopt a Moonstone as a
companion crystal. They are said to lighten the
burden of your pregnancy and ease the pain and
fear of labor. Some traditions encourage the use
of the crystal to promote fertility and it may
help relief menstrual pain. It should help your
body's cycle become more balanced with nature's
rhythms making the hormonal variations of a woman's
chemistry less traumatic.

The crystal may be useful in alleviating allergic
reactions to bee stings or insect bites. It was
once thought to help eliminate toxins from the

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