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Title: Rune Casting
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(Date Posted:02/10/2009 01:44 AM)
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Rune Casting

One thing that I would like to mention is to remember that you are not getting your fortune told. Casting and reading the runes is not an absolute answer to the question you are asking. What has happened in the past reflects on the present, and what the situation is in the present determines the future.

Simply put, if you have never had money, but you are willing to work hard to get it, then you will get what you need (notice I said need not want). If you are just sitting around and complaining that you have no money and are not doing anything to change that….then do not expect to have wealth in the future. The runes give you the information and you decide what to do with it. You are in control of your own future, your own Wyrd.

There are many types of rune casts. Find the cast(s) that is right for you. I have listed (so far) one cast and how to read certain aspects. If this information does not seem right for you, I suggest that you take a look at the sources listing at the bottom of the page. The books listed have many casting methods.

The Nornic Runecast

Cast the lots onto a white cloth, and with his or her eyes closed, blindly pick three lots which you lay out in order 1-2-3 as in the diagram above.

    (1) is the stead of Urd "That which was", the past
    (2) is the stead of Verdhandi "That which is becoming", the present
    (3) is the stead of Skuld "That which shall be", the future

For casting runes lots on a cloth or the ground.

Runecasting Aspects from Runecaster's Handbook - The Well of Wyrd by Edred Thorsson

"One matter crucial to rune reading is determining what aspect of a rune is to be interpreted. Should a lot be read as a bright-stave (positive) or as a murk-stave (negative)? That the negative aspects of the runes were used in magic is beyond question. Some of the "positive" manifestations of the runes can be said to often have detrimental or dangerous consequences, especially the TH, H, N ,I and Z runes. There is no shortage of dark aspects in the rune row. Remember, the runes are your inner advisors, and they must be able to warn you - before it becomes too late to overcome the force of Wyrd.

"Aspects are determined in essentially two ways: (1) by the position a runelot falls in a casting (e.g., face up or face down; inside or outside a certain field), and (2) by the angle at which one runelot is juxtaposed to another.

"The second method deserves some remarks. For the most part the runestaves are constructed with acute or obtuse angle combinations, and there are very few right angles in the shapes. Obtuse angles are known to have a dynamizing effect on the mind, while right angles generally have the opposite effect. In any event it is clear that the runic tradition obtuse or acute angles promote active, positive interaction between and among runes. Right angles create static, negative interaction or they can block the flow of runic force altogether. They actually cross it.

Angles of Aspects

"(1) In casting, if a rune lands face up it is to be read as a bright-stave; if it lands face down it may either be disregarded in the reading or read as a murk-stave. The decision on how these lots are to be interpreted must be made before every casting. Also, each runester is encouraged to be consistent in this regard. The usual practice is to disregard them, however. In some casting, runes that fall outside the fields of meaning or off the white cloth also may be read as murk-staves. Again, you must determine how these are to be read beforehand."

"(2) When using angular aspects in castings, the runester must measure (at least approximately) the angle at which any two lots in question are juxtaposed. This is done by mentally drawing lines from the two lots through the center point of the cloth, then determining the angle at which they are juxtaposed. See Angles for casting Aspects diagram. If the result is between 5° and 45°(clearly acute), or between 135° and 360° (clearly obtuse) they are read as bright staves. If they fall between 45° and 135° (an approximation of a 90° right angle) they are read as murk-staves. Exact measurements are unnecessary."

"Probably the easiest way to see the angle aspects is by imagining a circle over the cloth that is divided into quarters and bisected by a third line that you will use to orient the rune in question to the others. Runes falling the same quarter or in the quarter directly opposite are brightly aspected, while those in the quadrants on either side tend to be murky.

"The closer a lot is to the bright angle, the more positively it is to be read. Only those close to a 90° relationship should be read as "blockages". Juxtapositions approaching 180° also have a dark aspect, but one which will lead eventually to a positive outcome. In castings these aspects only refine what is already apparent in the reading of the rune and its field.

Ætt Aspects

"Aspects of this kind are much more useful and easier to determine when using a rune layout method. To determine the relationship among runes in a layout, the runester can refer to this diagram which works on the same principals as the Angles for casting Aspects diagram.

"Using Fehu: Runes belonging to the same triad (e.g., Fehu, Hagalaz, Tiwaz ), or to triads on either side, or to the triads on the same axes as those adjacent to the "home triad" of Fehu are to be read as bright-staves. Those in the opposite triad are read as murk-staves, but with a positive ultimate outcome. Those runes in triads at a 90° angle, those that cross the axis of the triad in question, are read as murk-staves, usually of a blocking variety."

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