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Title: Os/Ansuz
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Original meaning: Mouth
Seek advice from one in authority, or with the wisdom of experience. An examination or test is indicated, which should not present you with difficulties.

Os is the rune of the god Wáden (Odin), god of magic, death, and speech. It was Woden (Odin) who first won the runes for mankind when he hung on the World Tree for nine nights and nine days. It is therefore the rune of wisdom and esoteric secrets. It is the rune of knowledge and the power that knowledge can bring. It can been seen as the rune of the psychic death and the spiritual rebirth of the shaman or spell caster. This makes it the rune of "shamanic" ecstasy. In order to win the runes, (Wáden) Odin hung on the World Tree for nine nights and nine days without food or drink. From the "Hávamál" stanzas 138 and 139 of the Elder Edda.

Wit I that I hung--on that wind swept tree,
Nights all nine--wounded by a spear,
And given to Odin--myself to myself,
On that tree which no man knows--from whence its roots rise.
Given no bread--nor horn,
I looked down--I took up the runes
Screaming I took them up--I fell back from there.

It is linked to all powers of speech and the written word such as poetry, song, and prose. It also governs the words of the magic charm. It is the word well spoken, the ability to sway others, the rune of poetic inspiration. Being the rune of speech it is also connected to the word of power, the secret word spoken only in arcane circles. It is the rune of runes, esoteric secrets known only to the enlightened. Os is therefore linked to divine inspiration, the flash of enlightenment that comes out of the blue. It is also the `them or breath of life, as Odin was god of the winds was giver of divine breath to mankind.

In divination, Os can mean divine inspiration, enlightenment, or a time when words will flow easily and freely. In magic workings it can be used to draw up magic energy or to receive enlightenment on some issue

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