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Title: Mann/Mannaz
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Original meaning: Humanity
Someone knows more than you do. Seek them out - ask their advice. You must work with others if your endeavors are to bear fruit.

Mann in the ancient Northern European tongues meant both sexes not just the male. The word for male in Anglo-Saxon was wer while in Old Norse it was ver. Mann represents all humans can be, it is a rune of mortality, of happiness and betrayal. The moral of the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem is clear, when things are going good it is easy for humans to be kind and loyal, but when death is near, personal survival takes over. One noted runester takes Mann to indicate the perfect man, the sort found in Plato's philosophy. However, the "Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem" verse seems to indicate something much different; a typical human with all their flaws.

Mann is the rune of Mankind's mortality. We are quick to act and behave with honor and dignity when the going is good, but when our worlds begin to crumble around us, the survival instinct kicks in, and we betray even those whom we love. Even so, Mann also represents all of Mann's noble qualities, though these are better represented by other runes such as Tír. Mann is neither a negative or positive rune, but one of reality. For all we are, we are still mere mortals questing to comprehend what we often cannot.

In divination, Mann can mean many things, but it usually indicates to beware of betrayal, to watch ones self and others. In spellwork, it can be used to reinforce one's own mortality

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