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Title: Ing/Ingwaz
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Original meaning: Good outcome
Your efforts bear fruit. Good results are expected. A child may be conceived, a love affair may begin. Good fortune is yours at this time.

The name of the rune Ing is also the name of the Norse god Frey. Therefore the rune Ing is a rune of fertility, peace, and plenty. Many runesters see it as the "castrated male," but in truth, it is the virile father. Ing is the principal of male virility and along with Beorc is the rune of the start of new life. While Beorc is the nurturing of motherhood, Ing is the protectiveness of the father. Ing was protector of the frith, the peace that surrounded a community along with the prosperity that kept it safe. Frith guilds in Anglo-Saxon England kept the peace, and Ing is a good rune for policemen and other "officers of the peace." Wars and strife broke the peace necessary for the care of crops and animals. Ing therefore symbolizes a provider, protector, and leader.

Ing is also tied to the hero who shows up out of nowhere to save a kingdom and then returns whence he came. This motiff is common throughout Northern European mythology and may give the rune added meanings. Ing may indicate the knight in shining armor, the one that shows up suddenly to set things to right and then leaves as quickly as they came. In this sense Ing may indicate unexpected gifts from the gods, the sudden happy surprise.

In divination Ing can indicate a prosperous period of peace, sometimes romantic love. In spellwork, it can be used to promote fertility and peacefulness

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