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Title: Reiki with Animals
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(Date Posted:02/19/2009 23:58 PM)
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Reiki with Animals

Author: Penelope Quest, REIKI On Line Newsletter, September 03

Many people are very fond of animals, so if you are attuned to Reiki, it can be especially delightful and satisfying to extend your gift of healing energy to your pets. I have had some interesting experiences using Reiki with animals, and I can give you some ideas for the best and easiest ways to channel Reiki for the benefit of animals and other creatures. Of course Reiki is a wonderful healing tool for every living thing, and most types of animals respond to it very well, in such an unquestioning and trustful way that it can be quite a humbling experience. It does seem that animals are very much more in tune with their own health and energy needs than humans, and they are also much more intuitive and can detect healing energies more easily than we can. Because of this, they are often drawn to people whose energies they know will help them, so as a Reiki channel, you may well find yourself like the "pied piper" in the well-known fairytale-although hopefully you won't attract just rats!

The Basics of Treating Animals
First let's look at the basic methods for using Reiki with animals. The way you treat a particular animal will obviously depend upon its size and temperament, and whilst with some you can follow a similar format of hand positions to those you would use on humans, with others you may need to use different methods depending upon specific circumstances. The six main approaches I have found useful are as follows:
1. Placing the hands directly on the animal whenever it is safe and practical to do so.
2. Placing the hands on the cage or tank in which the animal is housed if the animal is too small or too dangerous to touch, or if direct touch would disadvantage the creature (e.g., a fish).
3. Holding a small animal in your hands if this is safe to do and won't frighten the creature too much.
4. Sending Reiki through the aura to an animal, either holding your hands directly above the animal or from several meters away.
5. Using the Reiki symbols to direct Reiki to an animal, which can be even more effective than method 4 above.
6. Sending a full distant treatment to an animal, once, or as a regular thing in the case of severe illness. A stuffed animal can also be used as a surrogate to send distant Reiki to the animal.

Treating through the aura
Most of the methods above will be familiar to you, but perhaps I had better explain about sending Reiki through your aura to an animal. You probably know that the energy field around your body can extend as much as 60 feet (9.2 metres) in front of you, and the same distance behind you (see my article "Sensing Auras and Chakras" in Reiki News Volume One, Issue Three), although 20 to 30 feet (3 to 4.5 metres) is probably more usual. This means that if you are standing up to 20 feet away from an animal, it is probably encompassed in your aura, so all you need to do is think and intend that Reiki is filling your aura, and it will do so, and then the animal will be surrounded by Reiki. You can then intend that the Reiki flows into the animal for its greatest and highest good, and if the animal is happy to receive it, that is what will happen. Even if an animal is much further away, you can still connect to it in this way because it is possible to consciously push your aura out as far as you need it to go - even 500 metres
or more - by visualising the edge of your aura expanding until it is large enough for the animal to be inside it, and then letting your aura fill with Reiki, as before, allowing the Reiki to flow into the animal's aura and from there into its body, if the animal is willing to receive it. (It is unlikelythat the Reiki will be rejected, but there will be no harm done either way, because the Reiki will just work with your own aura if this happens, which is fine.) This method is an alternative to using the Reiki symbols to send Reiki, so it is a good way for people to work if they haven't done Reiki 2.

This is just a small part of this great article which is 6 pages long.


Most sick animals will instinctively come to you for healing because they sense you can benefit them. When treating animals, remember not to excite it by forcing it to accept a particular hand position. Instead, allow the animal to become comfortable and work around it, or ease it gently into a position where your hands can reach the areas needing treatment. In emergency situations, calm the animal first by using a reassuring voice combined with gentle stroking over the head . Covering the head helps to calm.

Animals tend to respond faster to Reiki than humans. They generally have a more dynamic energy system and their powers of recuperation tend to be superior. They also have less accumulated stress, emotional blockages and self-sabotage tendencies. It also appears that the more domesticated the animal, the slower it's recovery time. Domestic animals tend to take on the stress and emotional traits of their owners. Those of us who have pets are all too aware of how much they can be a reflection of their owners. When you see a neurotic, tense dog you can usually assume that to obtain lasting results you will need to treat the owner with Reiki .

Plants also respond to Reiki because they are also living energy fields that can be out of balance and will respond to the harmonizing effects of Reiki.

By the fact that Reiki works on animals and plants we are able to discount any suggestion that the effects of Reiki are psychosomatic. It is very effective to use second degree Reiki on animals ,sometimes it can be difficult to give a hands on Reiki to an Elephant or a Tiger for instance.

Reiki is safe to use for any living life-form. This includes all species.....plants, animals, and humans. Since everything is composed of energy molecules, and the joining of molecules make up all levels of matter, then simply stated, Reiki is the energy that animates all living things. When all life-forms are first "created", they have a maximum amount of life-sustaining energy; but as they begin to age, there is a cycle of deterioration that begins. The body is de-stablizing as an object and there is an on-going loss of vital energy. So all of life is a "temporary" experience in a solid, form-body; and as this cycle plays itself out, all objects begin to loose their stability.... their ability to hold a full charge of life-sustaining energy. By giving any object a Reiki treatment(s), that object is filled with the maximum quantity of energy that it is capable of holding, at its present stage/cycle of reverting back to an energy-state. So you see that anything that is in solid form can use a shot of energy; a Reiki treatment. Depending on the state of balance of any object (i.e., loss of life-giving energy), some objects can use more energy than other objects. This is why some life-forms (plants, animals, humans) may receive more energy than other similar life-forms. And this is why some life-forms require more energy one treatment time than another.

Back to animals, because of the size of their bodies, small animals do not need as much energy as do larger animals; and animals that are imbalanced, need more than healthy animals (regardless of size). So if you have a small animal (i.e., newborn, miniature, rodent, bird, etc.) they can most often be held in the palm of one hand, and the other hand held "loosely" above its body, and treatment time will usually be short - less that 15 minutes. For moderate-sized animals (i.e., most dogs, domestic cats, fowl, rodents, etc.), you would only place your hands over most of their body. This may take more than one hand placement, but it would not take too much to cover the entire body; treatment usually lasts for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour. And for large domesticated animals (large breed dogs, ponies, big-cats, monkeys, etc.) you would place your hands over each area of their bodies; similar to hands position of humans, but more closely related to their organs and/or areas of malaise. Treatment may last from 15 minutes to one hour or more. Lastly, for the very "large" animals (i.e., tame zoo animals, livestock, work animals, etc.), you would want to gather several of your Reiki friends to come over and place their hands wherever they can, for as long as they can. Treatment usually lasts for 15 minutes to an hour. For all other animals, mostly of wild species, I only recommend "distance/absentee" treatments. For un-tamed birds in a cage, fish in a tank, poisonous animals in aquariums, etc., it is recommended to place the hands on either side (or top and bottom) of their container/home; Reiki will just go through the material and be received by the animals. One more point, animals are usually much more sensitive than humans, and as such, they may shy away from the energy at first. But they will grow accustomed to the feeling of the Reiki, realizing that it is good for them, and they will eventually allow much longer times of treatment, as time goes on. It is perfectly fine and useful to attune your animals to Reiki (teacher level technique), although it may be a bit of challenge to get them to sit in a chair while you move around them waving your hands in all manners of expression. So when they are lying down, sleeping/resting, you might be lucky enough to complete the attunement that way, or you could always do an "absentee attunement". When the initiatory attunements are done on their owners, many animals will come around the attuning chair, sometimes sitting in the lap of the attunee, or sitting under the chair. When the attunement is over, very often you will see the animal get up and walk away; they seem to sense the energy and know when the energy has ceased to flow. Even when you are doing treatments, on yourself or others, animals may climb up and sit in the receiver's lap, or on the solar plexus, or somewhere nearby, in the auric field. When we/they are feeling "out-of-sorts", animals will sometimes sense that something is wrong, and want to be nearby, until the crisis is over. With Reiki-attuned animals, there are many reports of animals, especially dogs and cats, that will lie down with their "imbalanced" owners, and their paws will actually become warm, as Reiki flows through their bodies.

Reiki creates a deeper bonding between all species of life, when it is given freely, and without any expectations.

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RE:Reiki with Animals
(Date Posted:02/19/2009 23:58 PM)

The Orphaned Squirrel
by William Lee Rand

This is Homer. He was only 2" long when he found me

While doing some yard work in front of my house, I noticed a very small baby squirrel on the drive way. I looked closely at him, but he didn't run away which seemed strange. So, wanting to gain a rapport with him, I got down on all fours and slowly moved around him, letting him know I was a friend. He continued to remain in the same spot, but I could tell he was trying to communicate with me. He seemed to almost be crying and it seemed like he was trying to tell me that something really bad had happened. Then I stood up and began sending him Reiki. He immediately ran over to my foot. As I reached down he jumped right into my gloved hand. As I brought him up, he still seemed really scared, but calmed down as I gave him more Reiki.

I would have liked to take care of him, but because I travel so much I knew I wouldn't be able to. So, I went next door to my neighbors who have two children and showed them the baby squirrel. They were excited and their mother came out and said that she had seen a mother squirrel in the road that had been killed by a car just yesterday. So we thought that perhaps this had been the mother of this baby and that's what the little squirrel had been trying to tell me. That it needed help - some one to take care of it because it's just a little baby and its mother had been killed. So we got a box and placed him in it which seemed to make him feel happy - like he knew we were going to help him.

The two neighbor children took care of the baby squirrel and made a small hole in the screen door so it could go outside. The baby squirrel would go out and come back and would often play with the chipmunks in front of the house. He stayed out longer and longer until finally he didn't come back, but could be seen from time to time playing in the front yard and climbing in the trees

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