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Title: Introduction to Crystalline Reiki Grids
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Many Reiki practitioners and Energy Workers add the subtle vibrations of stone energy as a complement to their healing sessions or daily lives. Usually this includes the laying on of the appropriate colored stones to coordinate with the Chakra centers, meditating with a particular stone, or wearing the stones as jewelry when the inspiration hits. There are, however, even more uses when stones are set up in a 'Grid' and are properly 'activated'.

A 'Grid' is more simply put, a way to arrange the stones in a sacred geometric pattern. They are then consciously 'activated' by connecting a 'line of Light' between the stones so that they radiate an energy field in the immediate environment in which they are constructed. Can I prove this? Nope... but I can certainly feel it. Those of you who are sensitive to energy will be able to tell immediately that there is a shift of energy in the room where you construct a Grid. Depending on which stones you choose, there will either be a gentle shift... or a very tangible one.

Grids are also able to be used for many purposes:

  • Creating a Sacred Space
  • Facilitating Distance Energy Work
  • Manifesting

Creating a Sacred Space:

We live and work in a variety of environments. Many of these environments have a specific function to fulfill that can be consciously and energetically supported. The current attention on Feng Shui and similar 'getting the energy in the room just right' techniques have shown that we, as a society, are becoming more aware of how our immediate spaces can either be harmonious or disharmonious to our goals. Constructing a Crystalline Grid in an environment that supports the function of the room is yet another way to contribute to the overall energy flow.

Most people wish to create a Sacred Space in personal rooms; such as, Healing, Meditation, and even Bedrooms. Healing rooms should be warm, inviting, supportive, loving, and full of Light (Selenite, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Crystal Points, etc.). Meditation rooms should be soothing with an added emphasis on reaching high vibrational states of consciousness (Amethyst, Azurite, Moldavite, Angelite, Celestite, Selenite, Crystal Points). Bedrooms are the alchemical combination of dreamtime, regeneration, and (hopefully) intimate bliss (Herkimer Diamond, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Lapis, Azurite, etc.). These are all examples of rooms one might wish to support with appropriate Crystalline Grids... but certainly not the only kind.

There are other spaces that can be supported by a general 'vibe'... such as living rooms, children's spaces, offices and workspaces, etc. In a living room, one may wish to add a Grid that supports harmony of a group or general feelings of Love and Comfort (Crystal Clusters, Rose Quartz). A Grid in a Child's space might include nurturing, creative, and joyful energies (Moonstone, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Kyanite). An office Grid might include harmony of a group, calmness, grounding, and shielding from others 'stuff' (Crystal Clusters, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, etc.).

There are no right and wrongs.... you choose the space, you choose the Crystalline Grid to support it the way your intuition guides you. Familiarizing yourself with the various metaphysical properties of the Mineral Clan can be very helpful to you as you make your choices. You can get a nice list of stones you may want to use and then use a pendulum to figure out which ones would be the most effective for you.

Constructing a Grid:

There are many configurations that can be used to create a Crystalline Grid. I prefer the 7 stone, 'Star of David' configuration. To me, this has the biggest 'kick' with the least 'complication'. In other words, it's easy.... and it works.

You will need:

  • 7 same similar sized stones of your choice
  • 1 Crystal Point or Selenite Wand

Steps in constructing and activating the Grid:

1) Arrange 6 of the 7 stones in a 6-pointed star (Star of David) configuration. It can be small or large, depending on your desire.

1a)Run your most energy sensitive hand over the top of this arrangement so that you can compare it to the sensations after the Grid is activated.

2) Place the 7th stone in the center of the Star you just laid out.

3) Pick up the Crystal Point or Selenite Wand and choose an outer stone of the Star to 'begin'. I like using the bottom-most stone, but it doesn't matter which you pick... as long as you know when you are done.

4) Begin tracing an imaginary, unbroken 'line of Light' with the Crystal Point or Selenite Wand from the 1st outer stone to the center stone and back again. (you don't have to touch the stones...but you can if you care to)

5) Going clockwise (to the left) trace to the next outer stone... then up and back to the center from that stone.... then left again to the next outer stone, etc... until you are all the way back at the 1st stone.

Sometimes it helps to say "Up-Back-Over" as you are tracing the line of Light. If you were to be able to 'see' this Grid take shape, it would look like the wheel of a bike, with the spokes going to the middle.... or perhaps even flower petals with geometric edges (instead of rounded).

6) Make sure to end your Grid 'activation' with the same stone you chose to begin.

7) Now use the same energy sensitive hand to feel the 'after activation' energies...

Some rules to remember:

1) Once the stones are moved... you need to retrace/reactivate the Grid.
2) You can construct and activate the Grid out of traffic so that it isn't disturbed....on a shelf is fine. It doesn't have to be at any specific level to create the energy field in the room.
3) You can clease the stones prior to use with White Sage or by soaking them in sea salted water.
4) Once you cannot feel the energies as intensely as you desire...simply reactivate the Grid.
5) You can use any stone you wish.... have fun with it.
6) You don't have to be a Reiki practitioner to create an effective Grid... but Reiki practitioners will tend to have a stronger Grid... and need to reactivate it less often.
7) Reiki Masters can attune their stones before setting up a Grid... which will help them stayed charged for longer periods of time...AND, they will also channel Reiki along with the Crystalline energy.

Using Crystalline Reiki Grids to Facilitate Distance Energy Work:

Many Healers are called to facilitate 'distance' energy sessions for people that do not have access to in-person care. Often, this includes seriously ill clients/friends/family that could use a good dose of Reiki or healing energy each and every day. Unfortunately, it requires a great deal of time on the part of a Healer to keep up with these kinds of demands.... and, many of us don't feel that the distance work is as effective or as powerful as in-person, hands-on healing sessions.

Distance energy work is the same as sending a 'prayer'. A prayer is energy that transcends time/space to interact with a situation/person/event. The requirement for any distance energy to be effective is a strong, concentrated intent from the person sending the energy/prayer. This includes Reiki work and all other forms of 'sending energy' across a distance.

There are many props that can be used to assist us in 'sending' our healing energy in a coherent and concentrated manner. First, we must adequately establish a connection with the receiving person. Photo's, personal items, or a previous meeting with the receiving person (ie, someone we already know) are usually the best ways to connect. Second, many Healers find it very useful to facilitate a full session on a proxy... like a stuffed animal, with the other items (if they are available) close by. Sometimes, however, we are called to send distance healing to a person that is unfamiliar to us. This provides a challenge to many Healers who don't feel confident that a strong 'connection' has taken place to send the energy with integrity.

Crystalline Reiki Grids can be helpful in facilitating Distance Energy Sessions in two ways:

A) Construct a Grid to sit within to amplify your intentions, connection, and healing energy to the receiving person.

B) Construct a Grid with the intention of sending healing energy to the receiving person on a continual basis.

Amplifying Sent Energy

Grids can be constructed in any size. Small ones that are placed out of the way can do much to sweeten the vibration of a selected room, but BIG ones can be constructed to amplify the energy YOU send/channel out. The stones required for this will be the ones that 'direct' energy effectively... for example, Crystal Points and Selenite. To a lesser degree, Tourmaline and Kyanite are also 'senders'. It's possible to set up smaller, specific stone Grids within the BIG Grid... but these stones are not 'senders'... they can, however, sweeten the energy being 'sent'.

Let me give you an example:

Aunt Sarah is feeling poorly. She has cancer and feels depressed, ill, tired, and hopeless. She is also half a country away. You want to do a distance healing on her, and you want it to be a knock'em-sock'em session because she feeling so poorly and you love her so much. Time is not an issue....

You wait until you have an hour or two alone.... and you begin to set up your space for the session. You grab 7 Crystal Points, 7 pieces of Rose Quartz (love), 7 Garnets (vitality), 7 Turquoise(healing), and 7 Citrine (joy)... and a Selenite Wand. You place the stones in a pile in your meditation room and head back out to retrieve a photo of Aunt Sarah, the sweater that she knitted for you 2 winters back, your favorite stuffed animal, and a dish full of White Sage. If you don't know where the cardinal directions are in your healing room... you also grab a compass.

Now you've got everything you need... and what a pile it is... you feel confident that you will be able to send Aunt Sarah all the good energy she may need for her Highest Good.

These are the steps you take to set up the session:

1) You take the White Sage and smudge all the items you gathered... and then smudge yourself.

2) You call your circle of Light and Guides (if you work with Guides) and state your intention to send Aunt Sarah healing energy.

3) You take 6 of your Crystal Points (point facing OUT) and set the top point to face North....... the bottom point to face South... and the side crystals to face NE and NW and SE and SW. It's the Star of David configuration... large enough to spread out across the whole room. Now you and everything that you gathered together are INSIDE this star configuration. Good... onto the next step.

4) You take the other sets of stones, 4 sets in all......... and set up mini Grids of the same configuration at the Cardinal directions. You choose the Rose Quartz Grid to head the North Position, the Garnet Grid to head up the South position..... the Turquoise Grid at true West.... and Citrine Grid at true East. You plop the center stones in the mini grids (which you haven't done with the BIG Grid yet).

You step back and notice that you've created what looks like a large Star of David with a Cross inside of it. It's presence already feels like a 'portal'...

5) Now you take up your Selenite Wand and head to the Rose Quartz Grid at the North position. You activate the Grid as described in part one of Crystallline Grids... Feels good... you move onto the East Grid (Citrine) and activate that Grid... you move to the South Grid (Garnet) and activate that....... you move to the West Grid (Turquoise) and activate that. Whew.... the energy is building, your legs are tingling...

6) Now... you pick up the 7th Crystal Point for the center of the BIG Grid. You chose one that stands up on it's own so that it's facing UP. (or you dragged in your large Crystal Hugger at the start to face it UP with help) You place the 7th Crystal Point directly in the center of this BIG configuration and arrange your other items in an easy to reach place near the center. Wow.... this is looking mighty mighty.

7) You pick your Selenite Wand back up and stand facing North...... you begin to activate the BIG Grid from a standing position... from outer crystal to center and back... over to the NE Crystal... up to the center and back... over to the SE Crystal... up to the Center and back... over to the South Crystal... up to the center crystal and back, and so on until you are facing North again. (you don't have to connect the mini Grids to the BIG one... the energies from these will naturally flow to the points if they are inside of the BIG Grid)

Holy freholies.... you have now activated this huge sacred geometric pattern in the middle of your meditation room and it feels like the Earth is moving beneath you. Whew........................

8) You sit down as close to the center as you can get without disturbing the UP pointing Crystal. You choose to face the general direction in which you know Aunt Sarah is located... she's roughly NW of your location. It's entirely too warm to wear that sweater, so you choose to sit on it for cushion. You place her picture gently to your right so that you can look at it from time to time when you wish.
You grab your stuffed animal onto your lap and go through the process of anchoring in a distant subject into the proxy. Since you don't want any of your tools to suffer neglect, you place the Selenite Wand under the stuffed animal where her 'spine' would be. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... now everything is ready.

9) Begin sending the distance healing energy... prayers... well wishes.... etc.....

-----end of example-----

The 'Aunt Sarah' example is one that can be simplified by removing the Mini Grids from the configuration. However, if you got em... you might as well use em. If you happen to be sending distance healing to someone you DON'T know... do your best get their full name, and physical location (at least the city)... so you can at least visualize where the energy is going. Yes? If you can score a picture of them before the session... that much better. If not, you have to be very intent on the goal and ask for lots and lots of help.

Okay, now onto the next way you can use a Crystalline Grid for Distance Energy work... (you all still with me??)

 Sending Continual Energy to Distant Subjects

So, you called Aunt Sarah right? To find out if she is back on planet Earth, or if she is somewhere floating around the ethers on all the energy you just blasted her direction. She reports back that she was taking a nap during the time of your session (with funky dreams no doubt), but that she woke up feeling the best she has in months. Okay... she DID have a bad case of the ~runs~ to report, but you expected this and instructed her to drink lots and lots of water... to bathe in sea salted water... and to otherwise relax for the next few days.

Aunt Sarah doesn't know what the heck you did, but she wants MORE of it...(and she furthermore apologizes for all the times she thought you were a whacko.) *wink*

Egads....... you just ~can't~ offer 2 hours of concentrated distance energy work each day... you'd like to... but the kids, your spouse, work, clients, cats!!! No one has that much time to devote to distance energy work.... you pretty much give em a blast and hope it carries them through for a little while, right?

Well... Crystalline Grids to the rescue again!!

Somewhere in your healing room... on a shelf or table out of the way of the cats and kids (who both absolutely love to play with the Grids).... you construct another Grid. You use the same crystal points as you did for the BIG Grid, but now you construct a weeny, tiny, small grid..... just large enough to place Aunt Sarahs picture within.

1) You distance anchor Aunt Sarah into the picture of Aunt Sarah....
2) You activate the Crystal Point Grid
3) You state your intention (prayer) that Aunt Sarah should receive a continual and gentle flow of healing energy/Reiki
4) You leave the room and go and do the dishes.
5) You check on your Grid from time to time... and reactivate it when it feels less than charged. Just trace the light lines again and restate your intention. You may wish to smudge it now and then while it is up and running.

Easy, eh?

Now Aunt Sarah has a good flow of healing energy being sent to her on a continual basis... and you can still have a life. All is well... you feel ever grateful and blessed to be a part of such a loving connection from Source to Soul. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... now maybe a nice sea salt bath for you......

Crystalline Grids and Manifesting

Manifesting is the term used to define the act of holding a goal in your mind-heart-spirit and having the faith that what you wish to achieve or bring into your reality will be gifted to you from the universe. Right? Okay, another way of saying it is... 'ask and you shall receive'.... 'creating your own reality'.... etc. Manifesting, Prayer, and even what is considered 'magic' is basically the same thing on an energetic level. You have to be resonating at the same frequency as your 'goal' to attract it/create it into your reality. You also have to send out a clear signal, something that you can readily define, something literal, and normally, worded in the present tense and in a positive way.

There are a few things of which to remain aware when considering Manifesting on a conscious level. You are ~responsible~ for your actions/thoughts/wishes... always. You should respect the right for others to maintain their free will choices. You should always leave room for 'this, or whatever is in my highest good at this point in my development'. Definitely, and without question, you should never consider placing your energy into something that would cause harm to anything or anyone. For example... manifesting that 'someone should love you'... or that 'someone should have misfortune' of any kind is an abuse of your power as a co-creator with the universe. It's akin to disrespecting the Divinity of others, and is definitely something that I wouldn't want on my karmic plate. 3-D life is tough enough already without adding more junk on the long list of things to learn.

In other words... be wise, loving, thoughtful, and considerate when deciding to put forth your energy into something you wish to be made manifest in your life. Really question 'why' you wish to manifest something... and at least consider that your life is going exactly the way it should be, even without doing anything 'proactive' about it. There is something to be said for going with the flow as well.

But, with that aside.... certainly there are times that you wish to bring something into your life that is specific, right? Something that wouldn't hurt another living soul if it happened... something that would perhaps bring you (and others) joy or more resources... or opportunities. Well then... you ARE a co-creator, it's only natural that you will want to bring these things into your reality.

Everytime I head to the Mall during the Christmas rush, I darn well manifest a parking spot... 8 out of 10 times, it works without a hitch. The other times I figure that someone snatched that front row park before I got there... my fault, I wasn't clear about the arrival time, right? *laughing*

Many of us would like to manifest more abundance. Yes, that's about as true as it gets. Or perhaps a new job... new apartment... that perfect outfit in the department store. It could be anything...

You may be asking what the heck a Crystalline Grid has to do with any of this stuff, and you'd be founded in that you don't need any Grid to manifest. No one does. You could manifest all that you desire using just your heart-mind-spirit, and many of you probably already do. The thing is... we humans have a penchant for raising our energy levels using tools of some sort or another. The tools can be crystals, candles, incense... a ritual of wearing the same jersey without washing it to the next 4 football games. Some tools don't actually amplify the energy, but will still help us to focus our intentions, and therefore, make the process more powerful because it keeps us on target of our goal. Does that make sense to you? I hope so.... ;)

Crystalline Grids fall into the category of both being a tool to focus our intentions AND an amplifier of our energy... basically, it's a double whammy in your favor. If you take the time to properly construct, activate, and empower your wishes with the Grid... just think of how much more 'umph' is generated by you to the creation of your goal. It's still up to you, of course. You will still only bring into your space that which is harmonious to you... or that with which you resonate at the same rate. In other words, if deep inside you don't think you can be spiritual and abundant at the same time... guess what? You will have to go through the normal speil in dealing with that belief system before you send out clear enough signals to get what you 'think' you want.

Onto the use of the Grids...

You will want to use a Grid that has 'sending' stones... again, this is typically Crystal Points, Selenite... and to a lesser degree, Tourmaline and Kyanite.

1) Clearly define your goal... make sure that you have thought of all the pro's and con's... the consequences.... the wisdom in the asking. Write it down in a clear one statement sentence. Instead of saying "I want", use "I desire"... or, even better... chose a present tense statement, "I am..", as if you already are/have/enjoy whatever it is that you want.

2) Set up your Crystalline Grid (I'd choose Crystal Points or Selenite) as described in the #1 installment of Crystalline Grids sent on 7/29. (If anyone needs this, just hollar.)

3) Place your piece of paper within the Grid and imagine a bright colored light beaming itself upward into the heavens from the Center Crystal (which should be propped upward, or a free standing crystal to begin with). This 'beam of light' contains your desire. Some people prefer to imagine that a beautiful balloon is set free from the Grid... slowly floating upward in the arms of Angels until it is out of sight... or burts into a shower of sparkly confetti.

4) THANK the universe for granting your wish 'or that which serves your highest good at this point in your development'. Thank the universe like you KNOW it's going to happen... without a DOUBT you KNOW this is going to happen. This is the important part... this is where the "Faith can move mountains' part comes in. If you don't really 'believe' it can happen... what kind of energy are you really sending out? What are your beliefs about your ability to create your own reality? See what I mean, this manifesting stuff isn't going to work the way you want it to unless you are an empowered person. Co-creating requires that you believe that you are a Co-creator...

5) Forget about it. Yep, that's right... leave that piece of paper in the Grid and go and have some fun. Live in your NOW... and forget about the whole thing. Think of it this way, when you are in a restaurant and you order your meal... you put in the order, right? And then you forget about it until it comes to you... you don't feel fear that the waiter will never bring you your dinner... you KNOW he is going to bring you your dinner. Consider the 'waiting time' as the same kind of time period as when you are having wonderful conversation at the table. Order and forget it, enjoy yourself... it will be along shortly

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