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Title: Aura's - Red
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Aura's - Red


Red personalities find great pleasure in expressing themselves through their sexuality and their physical body. They live their life in the Here and Now with strength, courage and confidence. Reality is tangible for them because they see, hear, feel and smell it. These personalities have a remarkably strong will power and they enjoy all physical aspects of life. Reds perceive life through physical reality and through action. Their primary motivation is to feel alive and strong. They are constantly looking for excitement and judge their own environment and success by how powerful and competitive they are. Reds strive to be successful and are born winners. They are passionate about life. They represent the fire element: physical love, passion, heat and desire. The more excitement they experience the more alive they will feel. Reds are practical, action-oriented, love to achieve results and be successful. They have an insatiable urge to win and create something valuable and important in their life. Their strong will power and intense, almost unlimited physical energy allows them to be extremely active, persistent and successful in virtually anything they do.

Reds love to live in an exciting and stimulating atmosphere at work or in their private lives, which other people might consider to be filled with stress or tension. They have a tendency of pushing and forcing themselves to the maximum. They need to prove, mostly to themselves, that they can do anything and everything they want. Reds are truly social people. While Reds may be open and communicative, they are not very effective when it comes to talking about their deep inner feelings. Reds experience the many emotions and feelings in their physical body. A Red's purpose in life is to completely experience the physical world with joy, courage and energy.

Reds need a high degree of independence and physical freedom. They love to explore all facets of physical reality. They also enjoy the power and the thrill of exploration and adventure. They generate so much passion and unconventional ways of expressing themselves that they sometimes have difficulty fitting into societies stereotyped picture of a normal citizen. Reds are curious, insistent and intrusive. They are passionately interested in all aspects of life. They have difficulty with exercising patience or waiting for projects to develop. They want everything immediately and are not afraid to insist that their ideas and goals are most important right now. Reds not only know how to get attention but also how to get what they want.

Reds can become impatient and frustrated easily if things do not go their way. They feel more comfortable in taking physical action on a given situation rather than exploring vague, mental concepts. Learning by actually doing is a concept they are much more familiar with. Because powerful, physical and emotional energies are constantly running through a Reds body, it is difficult for them to sit still and be passive. The only way to achieve balance and harmony is to move the physical body and find ways of balancing this power inside. If Reds find positive outlets for their physical-emotional energy, they will become very powerful and will be able to manifest their dreams. Sports that require physical stamina and strength are wonderful outlets for a Reds powerful, impulsive energy.

Reds are social personalities. They love people and love to be around people. Socializing and just hanging out with their friends, buddies, lovers or partners is a favorite activity of Reds. They will easily find friends and people to talk to wherever they go. They have a tendency of radiating an aura of attraction and excitement around themselves. At parties Reds are usually the center of attention. They enjoy being surrounded by beautiful men or women. Their vibrant, energetic and stimulate personality, combined with power and vitality, makes them fun to be with. Reds love to interact with their environment and are interested in hearing other people's opinions and thoughts. Reds can be eccentric and unique. Because of their strong physical and emotional creativeness, they often have difficulty in conforming to the norms of society. Reds are sensitive and easily hurt. But they don't ever want to show their sensitivity. They are also very emotional. They need to express their feelings and emotions to experience peace and harmony inside themselves.

Reds are sexual beings and have a strong appetite for life. They love to be physically and emotionally stimulated and equally love to stimulate others. If you ask a Red person, they will commit to thinking about sex a great deal of the time. They are driven by their desires. They also love to confront and shock their fellow people just to see their reactions and emotional response. Sex means life to Reds. It is the essential force in their universe. Reds have difficulties in going without sex for a long time. They need this exciting and alive feeling of sexual interaction.
It is a major challenge for a Red personality to live in a sensitive, long-lasting, emotional and open relationship. They often focus on short-term, exciting relationships and encounters. Reds have a lot of friends, but only a few are close and intimate. Reds love to go out with their friends, dance all night long and hang out in bars or clubs. They do not make perfect husbands or wives. If they have the courage to engage themselves in a close relationship they need physical freedom from their partners. If passion, sex and excitement are present in their relationship, Reds make very honest and loyal partners.

It is virtually impossible to stop a Red if they have decided to go for and achieve a goal. They are powerful in achieving and finishing projects. Reds can best solve their problems if they stay active and act powerful with positive expectations and ideas. They do not like sitting around discussing theories. Reds come up with creative, sometimes unusual ideas, but they also want to be physically involved in solving the problems at hand. Having both a positive outlook and positive expectations is very important for them.
Reds are not very patient when it comes to finding solutions or solving problems. If things don't go their way they might become impatient, angry or frustrated with themselves or close friends. Reds need to have things "their" way, which often creates frictions in a team environment. However, if they stay emotionally and mentally open, they can be very creative and powerful problem solvers. Reds are especially good in finishing projects. Once they have firmly decided on a direction, Reds need to learn to accept other options and solutions. Money is an important issue to Reds mainly because it represents power in our society. They know how to work and make a good income. Reds often own their own businesses or are found in leadership positions. Their motivation is the money they make and the action and the excitement they experience.
Reds are independent personalities. They do not like to be told what to do, when to do it or what to believe in. They often choose occupations, which allow them to be their own boss and express their own ideas as an individual. They want to control and be the master of their own life. Reds enjoy working for themselves, being alone and focusing on their work. Red personalities prefer physical work that allows them the opportunity to achieve their own goals and win. They have a deep seeded desire to be the best and will do "whatever it takes" to accomplish their goals. Competition and the excitement of interesting jobs are good motivational factors for Reds. Because of their will to achieve and to finish projects, Reds can be vitally important in any work environment. Typical "Red" occupations would include: Entrepreneur, sports professional, sales person, marketing executive, manager, surgeon, leader, athlete, dancer, model.

Reds have tremendous physical and emotional energies. If they learn how to find positive outlets for their powerful force and if also learn how to channel their life energy into creative projects and positive actions, they will be very successful and happy individuals. They must find positive avenues to express their powerful, explosive and intensive energy, such as sports, exercise, work or creativity. They must also learn to live their power in a creative way and release their intense physical and emotional energies without hurting themselves or others. If Reds can learn to be sensitive enough to feel their own and others peoples feelings they will experience much more love and acceptance in their lives. Reds cannot be told to relax, be passive or to just not do anything. They have too much power and energy. Physical activities and sports are wonderful ways to express their powerful energies. Jogging, swimming and dancing will help them to relax.

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