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Title: Aura's
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(Date Posted:02/19/2009 22:54 PM)
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Things that will weaken the aura are...
1. Not eating a well-balanced diet.
2. Lack of or no exercise in the daily routine above and beyond the daily regiment of activities.
3. Not enough rest and/or sleep.
4. Stress is a definite factor that can be alleviated through use of meditation, exercise, or leisure activities.
5. The use of drugs and/or alcohol. (This includes prescription medications.)
6. The use of tobacco or anything else in excess.
7. Not enough fresh air.
8. Participation in negative psychic activities that upset or stress the inner person.

To enhance your ability to see auras, you must remember these things.
1. Everyone's aura is unique.
2. The aura of one person will interact with the energies of others, as well as those of other animals and plants.
3. When a person's aura changes, this is a sign of changes within that person's self. It can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or even psychological.
4. The longer a person is around another person, the more their auric fields will exchange energy.

You can see Bird auras ..
The sky should be mostly clear .. not too many clouds.
Find a bird that is flying slowly or sitting on a telephone line with the sky as the only background.
You should stare or gaze at the bird, letting your eyes go a little out of focus.
Don’t strain your eyes or try to hard .. you may not be able to see the aura on your first try.
When you see the aura for the first time, you may get excited and the aura will disappear.
Just relax and try again.

See auras around trees and plants ..
Look at the top of a tree with the sky as a background.
You should look a little past the tips of the limbs or leaves of the tree/plant.
Let your eyes go a little out of focus and just relax while doing this.
You will see a cloud [almost glowing] like ~~~~~ that moves in and out from the tree/plant.

You can also see your own aura ...
Do not have bright lights on ... or be in total darkness... a soft light from the hallway or a little light from the window is okay.
Sit facing a mirror with a light or white background [wall] behind you. Patterns or bright colors are not good because you will have trouble seeing an aura or not be able to see one at all.
Relax and look into the mirror at your head and shoulder area.
Let your eyes look beyond yourself in the mirror... not directly at yourself. [you will be looking at the wall behind you].
You will start to see a glowing energy that comes off your head area ...You may not see colors, but a transparent/white or light color moving in and out near the top of your head or from the sides of your head. This is your aura. You may even see a glowing around other things that may be viewed while looking in the mirror [like a picture on the wall behind you or a bureau and the objects on it]. Everything has an aura or energy field ... your eyes are not playing tricks on you .. just relax and get comfortable with what you are seeing. Again, the excitement you get when this happens, will cause the aura to disappear ... just re-focus and try again .. the aura will return.

How to see your aura coming off your fingertips ...
The room should not be too bright ...[example] you could stand in a doorway with the hallway in total darkness, the room you are in should have light. Stand with your hands toward the hallway and your back toward the lighted room].
Take your two hands and have the tips of your fingers [both hands] touch each other ..
Place your hands [with fingertips touching] about 8 to 10 inches away from your face.
Your eyes should look directly at your fingertips while move your hands slowly away from each other [about 6 inches apart] ... as if in slow motion.
You will see a whitish band between your fingertips. It almost looks like rubber bands.
Move your fingerstips back to original position [touching] and slowly move back and forth, touching and moving the fingertips [hands] away from each other about 6 inches ...

Other Aura Colors
Black: While visiting with friends recently about auras, I was surprised when one jumped to a complete, negative conclusion that black in a person's aura meant 'death'. Yes, black is very confusing of colors in the aura. When I generally see black within ones aura, I know that this individual is shielding him/herself from outside energies. There is nothing wrong with black in the aura unless it is to extreme. And with all colors, being all one color is an indication of being unbalanced. Black can also show that one is hiding something and keeping secrets. Children who are abused usually have a black ring around their aura, while event the adults who haven't come to terms of their abuse will continue to carry that burden of the black ring until they have therapeutically dealt with the past.
Brown: I've heard some individuals express the brown in an aura is an indication of dirtiness or that one's soul needs cleansing. That is seldom true. Brown can indicate that a person is growing. For example, if there's some brown within the aura around the head area, and with the combination of the rest of the colors in the aura, this can indicate that the person is growing mentally and organizing within one's inner self. As with all colors, brown can indicate a lack of many things. It can indicate lack of energy or balance, and importantly, can show that one has become stagnant within his/her own energy.
Gold: A brighter than yellow color sometimes within one's aura will indicate that the person has a lot of spiritual energy, and is in tuned with him/herself. The muddier gold coloration can indicate that one hasn't come to terms with the higher inspriational side of him/herself.
Gray: Gray can indicate intuition and creative imagination. The silvery gray color shows femininity while the darker gray indicates physical imbalance and secretiveness. Male friends of mine who are gay have all had a lot of gray within their auras. My reasoning is that this comes from their innate sexual needs compiled with societies view of the homosexual male, therefore the need for them to keep it a secret shows within their aura.
Orange: Depending on how clear orange is, one can tell when someone is growing paranormally and/or emotionally. If it becomes unclear, this can show that the person is having a difficult time due to the imbalance and that other emotions are affecting their inner person. When an individual has to much pride, the muddier orange coloration will over-power their aura.
Pink: Love is shown with the pink color, and generally indicates that someone is being totally honest. When that pink becomes dull though, look out! They're lying! Also pink show the quieter personality of an individual who is artisitic and creative within the arts. Depending on the darkness, pink can so immaturity and new changes within one's love life.
Purple: This color can indicate that an individual has a tendency of being intuitive. The deeper the purple hue, the more passionate and strong willed the person is. Purple also can reflect intense erotic imagination, and a tendency of being overbearing.
White: Rarely seen by itself, white reflects truth and purity. Babies tend to have total white auras while those who are at peace with death. I feel this is due to one being honest within one's self, and feeling that the soul is in acceptable fashion to move on to the "Otherplane".

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