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Title: Madame Pele: A Spell For Protection
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(Date Posted:02/05/2009 02:28 AM)
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Madame Pele: A Spell For Protection

The Materials

*Several small pieces of lava rock.

*Sea salt

*A small box, painted red and decorated as you wish, in which to keep the salt.

The Purpose

Within our mother’s wombs we are protected and secure. Sometimes I think we unconsciously spend much of our lives seeking that sense of security again. The world is often harsh and can be a scary place in which to try and make one’s way. On some level we remember how we felt while floating gently in the warmth of our mothers’ bodies, and long for that feeling again.

The need for protection encompasses many aspects of our lives. Personal protection, and protection for our possessions, our home, and our good name are all important to us. We desire protection for our children and those we love from the vagaries of life and ill health or ill luck. We strongly protect our feelings from those we feel we cannot trust, and just as strongly share them with those we can trust.

When one is protected one feels safe. A sense of security allows one to breathe and to pursue those things that are important to us: love, careers, material possessions, creative pursuits, creating a family, and seeking knowledge. Feeling protected frees up energy for these things, and though feeling protected is often a state of mind, practical steps may be taken to both physically and psychically promote protection. This spell will draw a mantle of protection around you and give you an ally during times of strife.

The Affirmation

“I am safe and protected at all times.”

The Stones

Lava is a product of volcanic activity. It is produced through the combination of fire and earth, and air and water. Thus, it contains the four elements. It is also infused with spirit, as it represents both dark and light, destruction and construction, and death and life. The stone is receptive and can absorb negative energies form the environment. Because of this it may be used in any protection spell.

Salt is a mineral associated with the earth. It was, and is, used in religious rituals. Besides its use for the purification of objects, people, and sacred spaces, it is also an excellent mineral to use for protection. A Circle of salt will keep psychic attack or entities at bay. Sprinkling blessed salt around your home will act as a repellant to any negativity. A packet of salt may be carried with you for the same purpose.

Used together, salt and lava are excellent to use in a spell for protection.

The Goddess

Madame Pele is said to have come from Tahiti to Hawaii by canoe. Once there, She proceeded to create all of the landmasses of Hawaii through volcanic activity in order to create a home for Herself and the growing numbers of Her worshippers. She is still actively acknowledged, if not worshipped, in that island state. She appears either as a very old woman, or a younger one dressed all in red dancing on the rim of a volcano. Her temper if fiery, and She can release the hidden fires within Her mountains for destructive purposes if She is riled. But in the end, even Her acts of destruction allow for new growth in the dark rich soil formed from the molten rocks and ash. She is so protective of Her home that people who take away souvenirs of it without first asking are beset with bad luck, and for this reason careless tourists send rocks and pieces of lave back to Hawaii every year! Pele is a good goddess to call upon for protection. Just be sure you offer a gift as a thank you. Suitable ones include cigarettes (tobacco), coins, strawberries, flowers, and any strong alcoholic drinks.

The Meditation (To Be Done In Circle)

You find yourself upon the side of a mountain. It is bleak, ashy, barren. The scent of sulfur assaults you, and the heat curls around your feet. You wonder what you are doing here. You move forward on a barely discernable path to reach the summit. Upon the rim you stand, buffeted by hot clouds of air. Spread our before you is an inverted cone, red embers against glassy black rock. You are standing at the edge of a volcano’s maw, and you can see a pool of molten lava heaving beneath your feet. Strangely, you feel no fear, only a growing curiosity. As you watch the glowing panorama before you, it seems to part. Raising from the depths is a goddess, for who else could possibly survive in this place? She is dressed all in red and has black hair and eyes that glitter like obsidian. She comes to stand before you. Her skin seems to glow with inner heat. She welcomes you to Her home, and with a motion of Her hand, opens out before you a shining vista. You see Her mantle of protection flowing out from Her shoulder to cover the land. Though fiery of temper, Her first duty is to protect what is Hers. You have a sense of peace and security knowing the Pele is watching out for you. As a reminder of Her security and as a bond for it Pele gifts you with pieces of Her mountain home, lava rocks that hold a memory of the earth’s fire. You return home, cherishing this gift of Pele’s heart.

The Spell

Go to your ritual place. Set up your altar, cast your Circle, and request the presence of the Guardians. Invoke the goddess Pele, and in the presence of All, bless your stones by air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. Sit quietly before your altar and, with stones in hand, engage in the meditation. Keep your affirmation, that you are always safe and protected, clearly before you. At the conclusion of the meditation, when it feels right to you, stand before your altar and intone the spell, directing energy into you stones as you do so;

Pele’s fire, a molten flow,

To use for destruction, or help new life grow.

She lives in the earth’s depths so far below

But stirs in anger at sight of foe.

Pele’s fire, a gentle flame,

Peace and protection are yours to attain.

By calling upon Her, by saying Her name,

Fears without and within you’ll be able to tame.

So Mote It Be.

When ready, give thanks to All present for Their assistance. Open the Circle and close the Temple.

Be sure to off the fire goddess a gift of thanks. Set out a bowl of strawberries; crumble a cigarette into the fire or the earth; toss some coins over your left shoulder; pour strong spirits onto the earth (never in fire!?; or make a lei of flowers to set upon your altar. Pele will bless you for it.

Scatter the lava rocks before your front door, symbolically setting up a barrier to negative energy. Sprinkle the salt around the inside of your home and place some in a small bowl to set upon your altar. Put some in a small bag to put in your car or carry with you for protection away from home. Renew the salt periodically and keep it in your box in case of need.

The Timing

This spell is best worked on a Sunday at around noon, when the fire of the sun is at it’s most fierce. It should be during a time of the moon’s waxing.

The Incense

Allspice, hyssop, or tobacco.

The Candles

White for protection; and red for the goddess Pele, for strength and for passion.

The Practical Steps

*Practice the meditation regularly until you can bring Pele’s protection to you at thought. Being filled with a sense of inner confidence about your personal safety will alleviate many anxieties.

*Take reasonable precautions for your home, personal possessions, and car. Make sure locks are good and use them. If you wish, install alarms in home and car. Take out insurance against loss, in case the worst does happen. These activities may add to your peace of mind.

*Hone your awareness of what goes on around you by becoming aware. Do not place yourself in questionable situations. Don’t become a victim.

*Take a self defense class and practice the moves regularly. Don’t hesitate to protect yourself when you need to.

*Start a neighborhood watch. Get to know your neighbors. They are the ones who will watch out for your home when you’re not around.

*Ward your home against psychic incursions. Use a house blessing ritual.

*Don’t let your fears get the better of you. If you are unreasonably afraid all the time, seek counseling.

The Priestess Speaks

The acolyte was anxiously setting wards around her cell. She was very conscious of her personal safety because prior to coming to Goddess House she had suffered from some unfortunate experiences. Her anxiety kept her from sleeping. The Priestess, noticing this, went to the acolyte’s cell and spoke with her soothingly. She then gave her a token, charged with her own personal energy, for the acolyte to keep with her always. The acolyte gratefully placed it in the pocket of her robe, releasing a long pent-up sigh. The Priestess quietly left, knowing that with the sense of psychological safety, the acolyte would sleep well tonight.

Bibliography: Stones Of The Goddess
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