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Title: Break a Stick - Crush a Stone
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(Date Posted:02/17/2009 06:25 AM)
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This might be a little sad, but it the feelings of those I have seen.
Break a Stick - Crush a Stone
Break a stick - crush a stone,
You can not hurt what's not,
Build a home - Plant a seed,
Life with meaning is what I sought.
 I walked alone.
Now my tears are shed in vain.
I sit and hold my head,
With hope of working through this pain.
As I walk along this earth,
A ghost for none to see,
My feelings never heard,
Belonging was all I did seek.
Windows show a pleasant world,
One I do not know,
I stopped to peer at joyous families,
At least that what their faces show.
In agony, loneliness and fear of being lost,
My voice screams out to the silence,
Tears now stream, as I raise my hands,
And ask in defiance...
See me, Hear me,
I'm here, can't you see I exist?
Shun me not - you have no right,
My words call out - closed fist.
For what I do or believe,
How I look or I speak,
There is not excuse,
for how you treat me you see.
Abandon not this worthy being,
There's much that I can share,
I love like you, I want like you,
Do you have a moment you could share?
My scarlet letter be now gone,
Let stones fly no more.
I'll walk in love, would you please accept.
Let ill will be no more.
I glared at the crowded street,
Still backs are turned from me,
What could be wrong, what did I do?
Then a tiny voice does speak.
Nothing Sir, it like this you see,
Your not of this world anymore,
They can not see, they can not hear,
It's time for you to find that golden door.
First confused in what she says,
I manage to find a few words.
Then why my dear
are you the only one to confer?
A gift my friend that what they say,
To talk with the dead
I'm sorry to say,
That is why we have met this day.
One thing good, you have to know
I heard the place you go is great.
But I would hurry now
Before it is to late.
Look right ahead and concentrate
ask the light to guide your way.
Follow now, blessing dear friend
Goodbye, for now I'll see you another day.
As I walked toward this light
The glories of my life were seen.
I was loved, I was heard, I was a man complete
I was a good human being.
As I moved toward this new place,
My steps were growing strong.
I turned for one more loving jest,
I smiled and waved, then onward to where I belonged
Break a stick - crush a stone
Build a home - Plant a seed
You can not hurt what's not
I understand now what life was all about.
Written by WyneRavynne
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