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Title: Kimbanda
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(Date Posted:01/08/2009 02:22 AM)
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Kimbanda is a real Brazilian Magick tradition. In spite of drawing upon a variety of influences it was the rich soil of Brazil that gave birth to this expression of formidable powers.

These varieties of influences are reflected within the variety of ritual expression and understanding found from house to house dedicated to the worship of Exu and Pomba Gira, creating a rich heterodoxy or variation over a given theme.
As such, the understanding of Kimbanda/Kiumbanda presented in this book is solely mine own and as such do not make claim to any provenance than what the spirit decided to reveal them selves, by the intervention of mundane men and what the spirits manifestations themselves, which opened the door to the kingdom of the Red Night.

Kimbanda was coined as such in the 1920s with the establishing of Umbanda. Today Kimbanda is largely understood to be the left side of Umbanda and much can be spoken in favor of such distinction and unity of opposition, both by religious logic resting upon a dualist theology and also by the linguistic root - both Kimbanda and Umbanda being linguistically of a kikongo Origin.
This gives an opening to the recognition of the African root of Kimbanda, largely based upon what are referred to as Congolese practices.

Which this means a modus of working that implies to meet the spirits head on, by use of trance states and a use of spirits reminiscent of the European use of familiar spirits amongst the witches of Europe. This proximity between the ways of the wise art in Africa and Europe and their consecutive meeting in Brazil either by slavery or exile created probably a somewhat nomadic spread and exchange of knowledge and what we today know as Kimbanda was created by an interrelation of European and African influences.
The European aspect has to some degree disappeared from the awareness of the practitioners, even if its memory lives on in the many songs or pontos cantados . As well as in the confessions given to the Holy Inquisition of Spain and Portugal in the 16th Century.
This constituted a great revelation for me and accordingly I asked for guidance in this matter and a rich material related to Pomba Gira and thus indirectly related to European witchcraft found its way into this book.
In addition, my many years as a palero made it natural to use the tools of Palo Mayombe in addition to the various other traditional approaches in my working with these spirits, rather than adopting a Yoruba or Spiritualist approach to congress with these spirits I attempted over the years to find a format of working with these spirits that would be true to their origin and not their later developments.
With this I mean, the direct meeting with spirits on their own accord and premises.
It is my belief that there are a variety of ways of working with these Spirits and aligning your self with them, they are a cultural conglomerate and this is evident in the richness found within these spirits.
As such, what you will find within these pages is not and can not be the ultimate truth, but the way of working with Exu and Pomba Gira as seen from a journeyman on the Dragons road. It is simply one way of approach.
A way I my self found useful and therefore in turn present to the Seeker in hope that it will bring some understanding of the nature and origin and ways of these wonderful and magnificent spirits.

I must also add a warning. The powers of kimbanda and kiumbanda are Real powers. It is the union of earth and fire and the spirits them selves possess a force and strength so massive that they can make the soul bleed and the astral anatomy be shaken into shreds and pieces in order to accomplish a solidification of mans true essence. It is accordingly not for the feebleminded or faint of heart, but a power of transformation that perhaps is one of the most majestic and intense powers one can encounter.
If you chose to stray within their kingdom without a guide you do so on your own accord and the steps taken is your own responsibility. This book contains also spells and charms for malefica that are highly effective in their ways of bringing harm. It can not be stressed enough that such workings always come with a price. So, if you feel tempted to execute any of the harmful workings, calculate the cost, keep your promise and be honest with your self in so far as your motivation for the act you are about to commit.
I take no responsibility for reckless and careless use of any of the material presented in this book. It all is presented in order to provide an understanding of these spirits not to agitate the reader's lower soul and corrupted beast within - rather the opposite is the truth. Where there is no control over the lower soul by the wise mediation of Nous, there will ever be progress and enlightenment  just decay and corruption.
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