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Title: The Little White Cloud - A Child's Meditation
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(Date Posted:02/17/2009 20:57 PM)
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The Little White Cloud

Your guardian angel is closing the gate behind you, and your garden is beautiful. The colors are so rich and luxuriant, with that deep blue sky and the sun a radiant golden ball. And there are perky white clouds floating by. 

As you go down your garden path, you will find that one of the white clouds has come down from the sky to take you for a ride. I want you to climb onto this cloud. It is lovely and fluffy-perhaps its made of cotton wool? Or is it made out of cotton candy? Look, there is a little seat with a set of leather reins. You don't have to tell this cloud where to go as it floats off into the wide blue sky. Your cloud knows where it is going. 

Now you are leaving the planet Earth behind. I want you to look below. You will see Earth like a gigantic ball with many different patterns. You can see that these are the forests, the rivers, and the mountains. The clusters of buildings are the cities, and they are tightly packed in, but where the sheep, horses, and cattle graze, there are only a few buildings and barns. If you look very closely you can see your home way, way below you. 

And off you go, up and up, floating very peacefully on your soft downy cloud. The higher you go, the smaller Earth will appear to you, until it becomes just a speck in the distance. Have a good look around. You will see other small clouds that have children just like you who have been brought from their gardens to feel the freedom of floating in the heavens. 

These little clouds are now stopping at a very large cloud. You can step off now and go for a walk on this big cloud. The other children are getting off too. You will find there are people there who like living in the clouds. They are called the Cloud People, and they wear flowing white robes with fluffy shoes and hats. The Cloud People love showing off there land of clouds to children-grown ups are only sometimes invited, and then only if they have the right kind of imagination. 

There is so much to do on this cloud. You certainly won't fall off, even if you hang over the side by the tips of your toes, because they have a different law of gravity in Cloud Land. There are slippery dips and swings and round a bouts to ride. You can even go swimming in the cloud pool, which is all white and foamy. 

What fun you can have here, so I think I will leave you now...... 

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