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Title: Lammas Children Activities
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(Date Posted:02/17/2009 21:52 PM)
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After Ritual Sprout Necklace
Materials: Small screw eye or a piece of wire, Small plastic jar
with cap (spice, vitamins, cake decorations), 3 1-yard long lengths
of colored string or yarn, 3 cotton balls, 3-4 seeds from the fruits
or vegetables used in the Lammas Ritual or 3-4 dried beans
Carefully twist the screw eye into the center of the jar lid (hole
can be started with a pushpin or needle). Have the child braid the
colored string, thread it through the screw eye, and tie ends. If
using wire, create 2 holes in the center of the lid, thread ends of
through the holes, twist together in underside of cap, and thread
string through loop left on top side. Make sure the string easily
fits over and off from child's head. Moisten cotton balls until they
are wet, but not dripping. Place them at bottom of jar. Press the
seeds or beans down between the jar and the cotton balls, so that
they a visible from the outside. Screw on the cap. Wear the necklace
during the day, avoiding direct sunlight and overheating. Store in a
warm place at night. Sprouts should appear in about 5 days. When jar
becomes crowded, transplant seedlings to a flowerpot, and start
again, if desired. Check cotton occasionally for dryness. Add water
if necessary.
Walnut Wish Boats
Materials: Boxed birthday candles, Halved walnut shells, Pond or
large bowl of water, matches
This is where the children can join into the Lammas Ritual. After
you have gotten to the part when you count your blessings by taking
bites of the cornbread (memories), have the children symbolize the
on-going circle, both by being present and by casting the wishes of
prosperity at the next planting and the harvest yet to come. Adults,
cut the birthday candles in half and melt the bottoms of each candle
with a lit match. Place in the center inside the halved walnut
shell. Allow the child to verbalize wishes of good 2nd harvest,
prosperity, and fruitful planting next spring. While the child is
doing this, take a couple seeds from the fruits, vegetables, and
grain adorning the alter, and hand to the child to put around the
candle inside the walnut shell. Light the candle, and let the child
set the walnut shell in the water to float like a boat. Once all the
little boats are floating, everybody hold hands and make a wish.
Have the child blow out all the candles, for their smoke will carry
the wishes to the God/dess.
Shrunken Apple Dolls
Materials: An apple, Colored yarn, An empty 16oz plastic bottle,
Fabric scraps, A rubber band, A piece of lace, A bottle cork,
Colored markers, Potato peeler
This is for the older child who can handle a potato peeler. Remember
that the finished head will be about 2/3 the original size of the
fresh apple, so start big. Peel and core, (adults only, please)
apple. Show the child how to carve a face on one side, using potato
peeler for deep set eyes and a paring knife for smile or frown. Nose
can be made by incising a triangle that extends from between the
eyes to above the mouth. Additional facial features can be created
by various cuts. Store the carved apple head in a dry place for
about 2 weeks until it dries. A food dehydrator can quicken this
process. Once the apple is dry, the face can be accented with
colored markers and water-based paints. Apple dollies have bad hair
days, every day. Have child cut 10 strands of yarn, twice the
desired end length plus 2". Gather the strands together, fold in
half, and tie with another strand of yarn 1" away from fold, to make
a loop to stuff into the top of the head. Let the child braid or
trim the wig as desired.
Cut the round base off the 16oz bottle with scissors. Plug the top
with a cork (available at most craft stores) to make the neck. Cut a
10"x16" rectangle of cloth to wrap around bottle for clothes. Wrap
around the bottle, with 2½" excess at both top and bottom. Use a
rubber band to secure the fabric around the bottle neck, then fold
the material down over the rubber band. Tie or glue on a piece of
lace for a collar. Tuck excess cloth at bottom into the bottle. For
a shawl, cut a 3"x12" strip of different designed fabric and wrap
loosely around the neck. Gently push dried apple head down on cork
for finished Shrunken Apple Doll. The seeds from the apple can be
used for making the Sprout Necklace, and this aids in explaining to
the children about the birth, death, and rebirth cycle.
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