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Title: Harvest Moon
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(Date Posted:02/19/2009 06:46 AM)
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Harvest Moon

The crops have grown abundant over the Summer, and the harvesting is near completeion. The sickles and the scythes have been worn dull from the wark of harvesting the crops and it is time to turn thoughts from outdoor activities, to the rest of the cold months. Intellectual activites are on the rise, as is time sepnt by the fire with the loved ones. The crops that have been harvested still need to be preserved for the lean months of winter, but the work of summer is nearing its end.

Some of the names that this moon have been known by are: Harvest Moon, Fruit Moon, Wine Moon, Blood Moon, Singing Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Haligmonath (Holy Month), Witumanoth (Wood Month), and Moon When the Deer Paw the Earth.

The Full Moon at September was not the only thing that had special names. According to the old Roman Calendar, this month was once called Septem and the Irish name for September is Mean Fomhair. Even Modern Asatru has a name for September…they call it, The Month of Shedding.

In India, the Feast of Gauri was held at the New Moon. And the Incas celebrated the Citua, or Feat of the Moon, at the New moon as it neared the Autumn Equinox. For this feast, everyone performs a ritual cleansing, then smeared their faces with a paste of ground maize. Followed by several days of feasting and dancing. This Moon festival was in honor of Mama Quilla, the Moon Goddess. These are not the only cultures that had feasts and activities at this time. The Festival of the Pig was held at the Full Moon to honor the Greek Goddess Demeter and the Norse goddess Freyja. In China, the annual Festival of Yue-ping was held from the New Moon to the Full Moon. During this festival, people made round cakes and painted figures of women or a hare and trees on them. These were called Yue-ping, or Moon Cakes. These cakes were presented to relatives and friends

The Chinese said that the Moon Mother had twenty-eight “houses (hsiu) and rested each night in a different one. In each “house,” she kept a warrior-hero consort who kept her company and did her bidding.

Correspondences for the Harvest Moon:
*Birth Stone: Sapphire
*Nature Spirit: Trooping Faeries
*Herbs: Copal, Fennel, Rye, Wheat, Valerian, Skullcap
*Colors: Brown, green, yellow-green, yellow
*Flowers: Narcissus, Lily
*Scents: Storax, Gardenia, Bergamont, Mastic
*Stones: Peridot, olivine, citrine, chrysolite
*Trees: Hazel, Larch, Bay
*Animals: Snake, Jackal
*Birds: Ibis, Sparrow
*Dieties: Demeter, Ceres, Isis, Nephthys, Thoth, Freyja, Ch’ang-o

*A time to rest after the labors of the last two months.
*A time of balance of light and dark.
*A time to clear up mental clutter and get thoughts back into perspective.
*The hard work of harvesting what has grown (plans, emotions, food) over the Summer is basically over. It is now time to rest after the labor.
*Work on getting organized along with cleaning out unwanted and unconstructive physical, emotional and spiritual “items.”

Old sayings:
*If it is fair the first day of September, it will remain so at least until the beginning of October.
*Sailors say that if the Moon, in the first or last quarter, lay in a nearly horizontal position with the horns upward, the weather will be fine.
*Country folk in the U.S. say that the same type of Moon means good weather for twenty-eight days.
*Rain is coming when the Moon has a halo around it, or when an outline can be seen between the horns of a waxing or waning moon.
*When the Moon is at the full; Mushrooms you can safely pull. But when the Moon is on the wane; wait ere you think to pluck again.
*A maiden born when the rustling leaves; are blowing in the September breeze; a sapphire on her brow should bind; ‘twill cure diseases of the mind.
That Moon

Bright white
Of full roundness;
A perfect cookie
Made of silver white chocolate.
The sky’s so black
It’s a light at the end
Of a long vast tunnel.
I want to run;
Pull myself through that hole in the sky;
Escape this dark world of confusion.
I will fly like a hawk;
Soar beyond the Earth;
Beyond the stars.
My past;
My future;
Will rush by like an explosive wind
I won’t stop flying;
Until I hear the sweet music of rest.
--Jennifer Wang
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