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Title: Gods with Similar Purposes
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The Blue God


Of great importance among the deities of Feri is the Blue God, who is, in fact, not always blue. He is the consort of the Star Goddess, and the parallel of the Corn Maiden. He is called by many names:

  • Dia-na-Glas; Dian-na-Glas; Dia-ny-Glas; Dian-y-Glas = Blue or Blue-Grey God (Welsh)
    He is visualized as silvery blue or sky blue.
    My teachers have spelled it all of the above ways.
    I'd love to know the correct Welsh form.
  • Malik Taus, Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel (Yezidi)
  • Sugaar, Wing'ed Serpent (Basque)
  • the Nine Spotted Serpent in the Well
  • Living Rainbow
  • Lord of the Painted Fan
  • The True Bird of Paradise
  • the Flower King
  • the Singer in the Wood
  • the Light of the World
  • Lucifer, the Light Bringer
  • El Shaitan, Self-Fire
  • Lemba; Lembé; the Green Boy, the Gentle One
  • Tammuz (Mesopotamian)
  • Okin Oba Aye (Yoruba)
  • Hyakinthos (Greek); the Blue Boy
  • Vishnu with his Cobra; Krishna (Hindu)
He is associated with Spring, Youth, and Potency, and our personal Divine Spirit. He is sometimes called the Bird Spirit and is actually embodied in our God-Self. We send energy through our God-Self to work our magic.

For visualization purposes he is described as youthful and androgynous with the breasts of a barely adolescent girl and an erect penis. He has a light voice, like a boy's before it changes, but he is fully potent. Around his neck is a serpent and in his hair are peacock eye-feathers.

His symbol is a golden peacock with a silver star on its breast.


Meet the Blue God

You are in a forest at dawn. It is spring. The trees are a tender green, rustling gently with new leaves. Birds are beginning to sing and fly about the tree tops. You smell the fresh scent of the young plants.

Before you is a gently trickling spring, surrounded by delicate flowers. Hyacinths, narcissus, and lilies nod their heads over the pool. Breathe deeply of their sweet hypnotic fragrance.

Gaze into the rippling waters and chant repeatedly, until the presence of the Dia-na-glas manifests:

Blue God
Winged Serpent,
Living Rainbow,
Lord of the Painted Fan

Invocation to the Peacock Lord

Victor Anderson

Malik Taus,
We call to You,
our Lord of the Painted Fan,
At whose joyous cry the Sun rises in Paradise.
You, who shake Your tail,
and fill all Seven Heavens with Thunder!
Come and shine Your many-colored lights within us!

The Harvest Lord

He is the Spirit of Light and Heat, the ripeness of Summer, and the fullness of Manhood. There is nothing androgynous about him. He is often considered the consort of and parallel of the goddess Mari. At the same time, He, too, is a reflection in a dark mirror of the Star Goddess.
  • Twr (Welsh) = tower = oak
  • Lugh (Irish)
  • Krom; Chrom, the many-colored one
  • The Corn King (where corn=primary grain of the culture)
  • Lord of the Sun
  • Hu the Mighty
  • The Antlered One
  • Crainonis, Karanos, Karayos, Cernunnos, Krana, Kronos (in a variety of Near Eastern and European languages)
He is visualized as a man with the head of a horned stag, although he may also have the head of an antelope or another horned animal common to one's region. He is entirely golden, in shades of gold, his body, his hair, his horns. About his neck is a garland of beautiful colored flowers and fresh green leaves.

His symbol is the Sun.


The Winter King

He is the Spirit of Winter and Death. He may well embody what we fear. He is the Guardian of the Crossroads of the Path of the Living and the Path of the Spirits. All devils are derived from Him. His partner or parallel is The Crone.

  • Arddu = Royal Darkness = The Black One (Welsh, pronounced either "ard-thee" or "ar-zee")
  • Ankou (Breton)
  • The Dark Lord
  • Bringer of Death
  • King of the Dead
  • Shepherd of Souls
  • The Great Teacher
  • Giver of Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Guardian of the Mysteries
  • Myrddin = Merlin (Welsh)
  • Shiva, the Destroyer (Hindu)
Once again, the divine moves toward androgyny. This god is visualized with the drooping breasts of an old woman on a human torso. He has a goat's head and lower body, and big black bat wings. On his forehead glows a large red jewel and between his horns is a flaming torch.

His symbol is the Skull and Crossbones


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