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Title: The Star Goddess
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The Star Goddess

Foremost among the deities of Feri is the Star Goddess who is the Source of All. She is not purely feminine, but is pansexual, and all the Feri deities are aspects of Her. She is called by many names, among them:

Sugmad; Sugma'ad; Sugmati
Dryghtyn; Drychtyn
The Great Infinite Darkness
The Black Virgin of the Outer Dark
Mother Night
The Womb of the Universe

So that we may get to know Her better, visualize Her as:

a completely black lionness-headed woman with great wings, her hair sprinkled with a million stars. She is seated on a throne of onyx with a silver egg in her lap. She is surrounded by a halo of blue flames.

She does not take only this one form, however.

We may feel her within ourselves by visualizing her symbol, an orobouros, that is, a serpent with its tail in its mouth.

***twinkling star bar***

Meet the Star Goddess

Close your eyes.

Slow your breathing to a steady and comfortable rhythm and perform your basic relaxation exercise.

You are in a vast cavern, whose walls of polished black stone glow with a bluish radiance, and whose farthest limits are lost in the distance. At the center of the wall you are facing, nine steps carved of the black stone surround a dais. On the dais, carved from the wall, stands a great empty throne.

Repeat three times:

I invoke Dryghtyn, the ancient providence,
which was from the beginning and is for all time,
one, androgynous, the source of all things:
all-knowing, all-pervading, all-powerful,
changeless, eternal, forever unending.

--derived from Gardnerian Wicca

The throne is no longer empty.

On it sits the Star Goddess appearing as a lioness-headed woman with great wings. Her whole body is jet black. Her hair is sprinkled with a million stars. On Her lap is a silver egg, and She is surrounded by a halo of black flames.

All around you, great divine figures dance, singing and whirling in eternal ecstasy. Join in their dance and feel yourself filled with the power She radiates.

***twinkling star bar***

The Name

by Gwydion Pendderwen

She is the howling of the many winds;
Her name is the five seasons of the year.
Lover of the first Lord,
Mother of the Dozen Gods who walk the starry way;
Sister and Wife to the Bearer of Light.
Woman She is, of the Proud Passionate Power,
White and Blue at once, Yet of the Rainbow,
Black as the Void of Blackest Dreaming.
***twinkling star bar***


by Victor Anderson

from Thorns of the Blood Rose Copyright 1970
You Whom all saints revile and sages name
Mother of harlots and iniquities,
Fro Whom the faithful bore the wrack and flame
Confessing vilest deeds and blasphemies:
By Earth, Your fertile body, blessed be,
And by the Living Waters of Your womb,
With Air, Your breath that moves upon the sea
And summons life green-springing from the tomb,
By Fire, Your spirit, blessed be with power
The children of Your love born unto wrath:
May light and cleansing in the unclean hour
Shine from Your moon-white brow upon their path,
Each unto each, eternal in love's way,
All blessed and illumined, Evo-He.
The Star Goddess
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